First 60 days of Dr. Abiy’s premiership: From Releasing Prisoners to Amending Terrifying Laws


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  1. Tolosa habtessa says:


  2. Tolosa habtessa says:

    First Awramba times thank you. It is good article. but I still have some question on the Eritrean based armed opposition groups motive and ambition. Yes EPRDF was not a trusted organization to bring peace and security for Ethiopian people in most part at the time of Zenawi as a leader. But since his hellish exit his successor did a lot to improve that Image hoe ever, the Eritrean led opposition group leaders, eg. Birhanu Nega was pardoned and he never took the opportunity to form to see what is coming but run to foreign land and and and declared to be commander in chief of his newly formed anti Ethiopian government militia. His general secretary was snatched by Ethiopian security and thrown to jail. PM Abei granted him his freedom, pardoned by the President of the nation. That is not only good but it is the right thing to do if both parties agreed to bring peace to this poor nation. The PM extended hands not only to the leaders of Egypt financed Eritrea hosted armed group leaders he granted all their members amnesty and even proposed their inflating propaganda medias to relocate within Ethiopia. But what did they do, for this grand gesture NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. We have to remember some of this armed group are still engaged in their armed activity. They never announced even symbolic truce. One thing for sure Without Ethiopia’s Strong army build by PM Abei’s successor’s this opposition Eritrean supported armed group would have brought the Ethiopian Pride GERD dam to destruction by now to the delight of Egypt. Just like Egyptian Boutros Boutros Ghali then UN secretary was general went estatic when THE TPLF hand over Eritrea to Egypt’s Anti Ethiopian Architects and made Ethiopia land locked. The EPRDF did amazing economic miracle but that benefited few that is why its corrupt leaders now in a state shock from public induced enema. For The EThiopian Prime minister effort to reach out to the foreign base opposition groups or as he called them by his coined name political competitors. What is their response trying to deny him even talking to Diaspora Ethiopians in their turf. We all have to remember that this minion dictators shame full action is conducted none other than G7 leaders. The good thing is There is one great man I admire Al. Mariam who called, basically pleaded The Ethiopian PM not to cancel his trip to US this July, and he will be waited with open arms by thousands of young Ethiopians (cheetahs as he called them (or future leaders), I for one will answer Al. Mariam call will be their to welcome you, most importantly to make sure this G7 headed minion dictators wont sneak to have their devils hand reach yours Ethiopiawinet blessed hand. Ethiopia does not have time to be contaminated by this Hodam, Kersam Minions like Birhanu Nega. Well done Mr. writer, We all wish PM. Abei a heart felt good luck in Unifying true Ethiopians.
    God bless Ethiopia and True Ethiopians.

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