Dawit Gebregziabher on President Isaias Afeworki’s Surprising Announcement to accept Ethiopia’s peace offering call


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6 Responses

  1. Saionara Mekele. says:

    He looks happy and enthusiastic despite I have no Idea whether he is about to puck or fighting to clear a bone chocked throat. What is he murmuring about? It sounds like either he is shit scared or farting elated. what ever his talk is it is not about Ethiopia’s interest. I hope the meeting will result in a swap of the whole Tigrai with Afar Assab port in peaceful manner except Adwa (which Ethiopian by victory). Ethiopia will get its port without a war and Eritrea will get back its deserved to get back its post Italian colonialism territory.
    Ethiopians will be happy so dose their brother and sisters Eritreans and live in peace and security.
    I just want to see my dear Azeb Golla to be present on this historical peaceful swap of territory, her dead husband may approve Assab being given for Ethiopia but She knows well tat without Sea port for Ethiopia their will be no peace till Ethiopia takes Affar Assab, including Massawa by military might. Eritrea must Better give Assab now with a face saving brotherly gesture and Ethiopia must return the whole Tigrai except Adwa in a same brotherly manner live in peace.
    Peace for the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  2. Michael Tadele Tedla says:

    . There might be more reasons also but it is evident Abiy’s popularity took a dive recently.At the rally in Addis Ababa on 6/23/2018 I think Abiy was upset not many people cheered for his speech . Abiy’s bodyguards themselves might have created the chaos to cover up the silence of the people, to cover up his sudden loss of popularity among Ethiopians due to his intention of selling governmental enterprises . Abiy got cheers allover before he announced his intentions to sell those enterprises , nowadays not so much to even recognize as cheers. Also now Ethiopians are against his dealings with SHABIYA that might be another huge reason they expressed their disaproval towards Dr. Abiy with a silence in Addis today , many claim after his speech his supporters covered up the silence by creating chaos right away. Many felt the not cheering of Addis Ababaians to his speech today was to show their contempt for his dealings with SHABIYA in regards to Badme , also the dis-continuation of Andargachew Tsige’s trial and also his decision to sell some governmental business enterprises .

  3. Awot tg says:

    ዳዊት አብ ናይ የዋሃት ሕልሚ ዓለም ዝነብር ጥረ ሰብ ዩ ዝመስለኒ:: ባድመ ሂብካ አስመራ ብሰላም ትነግድ እንተመሲሉካ ብጣዕሚ ደንቆሮ ኢኻ ማለት ዩ:: ስለዚ አስተውዕል: ትግራይ እናተቆርመመት ናበይ ትኸይድ ከምዘላ ክርደአካ አለዎ

  4. kaleb says:

    @Dawit, what an emotional old man, please take your time analyze the situation before you jump to any conclusion, Isias has never been peaceful and will never be, I know your mom is from Eritrea, are you real Ethiopian?

  5. Meried says:

    Hi Dave. You are hiding now. Didn’t we tell you this would happen. There is no place to hide for people like you. Come out and apologize in public. The vision of your dead leader is dead now.

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