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The reputed English weekly, Addis Fortune, shaded some light on the health of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, in its gossip column – dubbed The Fine Line.
In its Sunday July 8 issue, Fortune claimed that:
No doubt that [Meles] has been outside of the country much of last week; whether that was for recovery due to exhaustion – and for skipping couple of checks up last year – or something else, gossip disclosed. Nonetheless, some at the diplomatic corridor claim that he is now in a very good health, expected to have been back to Addis Abeba on Saturday night.
Fortune also indicate that the PM had a routine check-up when he was in London last year for an official visit.
Read below:
Not surprisingly, and for obvious reasons, the health and wellbeing of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has been the subject of intense discussion among members of the public. This came following photos released recently while he was in Mexico, where he was attending a summit by leaders of the group of 20 major economies (G20), and subsequent TV footage showing him receiving Sharif Sheikh Ahmed of Somalia’s transitional government.
In both images that the public was exposed to, it was clear that the Prime Minister had lost weight and visibly. With speculations wide and persistent, the source of his weight loss was thought by many to be due to ailing health.
Such a public perception was only fed by his absence from the public’s view over the past two weeks and was intensified because Parliament has still not gone on recess for the summer, even although the country’s official fiscal year came to an end on Saturday, July 8, 2012. What Parliament was, rather, scheduled to discuss on this day was issues such as approving the minutes from its 43rd session, ratifying a bill on national IDs, and giving recognition to a team of surgeons who successfully conducted an unusual surgery on a child.
MPs have yet to accomplish two of the most important tasks in the year. Listening to the Prime Minister’s address to Parliament on the state of the federation during the just-concluded fiscal year and voting on his report as well as ratifying the federal budget’s bill for the fiscal year that just began, which was approved by the Council of Ministers four weeks ago. Gossip sees that neither of these can take place in the absence of the Prime Minister, indeed, unless, of course, there is a situation that dictates otherwise.
At the heart of all of this lies the issue of whether there is a health challenge that Meles is facing that prohibits him from conducting his official duties. The administration, through its spokesperson, Shimelis Kemal, state minister for the Government Communications Affairs Office, vehemently denied rumours that the Prime Minister has been ill. Some close to the Prime Minister have similar views and attribute his recent loss of weight to a diet that he might have started lately.
Coincidentally, it was at a time of such uncertainty that senior officials at the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development (MoFED) instructed, last week, a recall of letters copied to various federal offices in relation to settling medical bills paid on behalf of the Prime Minister, gossip claims. Meles was in London last year for an official visit, where he had a routine check-up, claims gossip.
The way that such bills get settled through the bureaucratic paper trail is for the Prime Minister’s Office to write a letter of request to the MoFED, upon which the latter transfers the funds to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), which actually undertakes the payment, according to gossip. Such was what the Prime Minister’s Office did to see that the medical bills for the London check-up were settled almost a year after, gossip claims. Accordingly, the guys at the MoFED have already transferred the money to the foreign office, disclosed gossip.
Nonetheless, for reasons not explained, the paper trails circulating within the various federal agencies in order to process the request have been recalled, claims gossip. A couple of days last week were spent on such an effort, fuelling a new cycle of speculations on the wellbeing of the Prime Minister, according to gossip.
It looks like there is a lot more that the administration’s spin-doctors need to do on the public relations front to reassure an otherwise alarmed bureaucracy and public, before the grapevine spins things out of control, those at the gossip corridors agree.
No doubt that he has been outside of the country much of last week; whether that was for recovery due to exhaustion – and for skipping couple of checks up last year – or something else, gossip disclosed. Nonetheless, some at the diplomatic corridor claim that he is now in a very good health, expected to have been back to Addis Abeba on Saturday night.
If, indeed, the Prime Minister was sick and is now recovering, there should be no reason to keep the public in the dark about the health of their leader, many at the gossip corridor agree.
Source: Addis Fortune – June 8, 201


  1. I don’t understand why an individual is such a big issue! If The prime minister (Meles)is to go, there are many others ready to replace him and lead the country forward on the same track. Take it easy folks. There are dozen of comrades in the circle who are talented as Meles!

    • What is talent? meles is not talented rather he is simply a khat addicted dictator in the poorest cauntry in the world!There is no single persone in weyane to be appreciated for his talent unless your talent diffinition includes brutality, dictatorship, long stay in power, lying….Meles and his gang groups never full fill the definition of health!

    • Mebratu July 11, 2012

      Tesfa, Name one person that you think is going to replace dear leader?

  2. Gobenna July 10, 2012

    When will we learn that we are mortalxc

  3. I don’t think that there are more to replace him and that is the reasone that puts him since then both as the head of his party and the country at large.

  4. peterson July 10, 2012

    Hi, Mr. Daviloni

    You are Mosoloni’s solder. When people are hoping Meles Dies, you raise him from Ashes and reincarnate him with other devils within TPLF. Your mission in this camp is very clear keeping the status qua. YOu think you have managed to obscure yourself, with som oposition talks and tricks of being imprisoned. By dear, you don’t really know about true Ethiopians. We are watching you!! Stop stablising the mafia network, by talking about Meles’s health that never been since he was born. He was created sick and spritually weaked. He never lived like normal human being. He does not know love, country, black-ethiopian-pride. He jus used tribalism to impress people like you, who are tribalist at heart to use you impliment the white-man’s agenda. Why because, you are poor people who always think white man is feeder. As you are located in geographically cursed area. Now Oromija will rise, Afar will rise, Sidama will rise, South will rise against Tigre occupiers and foreing agents. Obviously you will pay the price like Alwis, or Gadafis Tribes. Today, you build Mekele, but tomorrow it will be like Berut, because it is built by stolen money from ethiopia.
    Any Meles never lived like human bieng and he will never be living. Whether is is moving on two leged flesh. He is stinking human being who whishes to be gole like True Etiopian. He cannot be gold altough he wishes and self declairs it. NO one except himself and his affilates call him gold. Crazy Meles,

    I know you will not post it like you did to your ideologists above, but I am sure you will read it. Because, you don’t have gut.

  5. Name (required) July 11, 2012

    It is the time for all of us(ethiopians) to pray for GOD to take him very sooner. His death will bring something positive for the country. Tribal and religious conflicts may end up in getting some perpetual solution.

  6. Meles is cancer
    Cancer will take him to hell where he belong

  7. Tenkiri July 11, 2012

    Meles is in love with the super model Liya Kebede. He can not eat , he can not sleep , he even do not see his wife or spend time his family members as usual. Liya Kebede is his only cure. His visit to the G-8 summit few weeks ago had given him a chance to continue his love affair he started in 2009 in USA during the G-8 summit and he is really emotionally disturbed by him having to go back his wife Azeb Mesfin rather than spend time in USA with Liya Kebede.


  8. It is not about an individual It is rather about a leader of a country Please have respect at least for the office -the Peoples government- office – no matter what you think (if you ever think ?)about Meles

  9. victim July 11, 2012

    GOD,b ur will,and cure 4sicks….but we suffer alot here in broken ethiopia..we fonder 2b stateless rzr zan being eth. .when we may get relief.? from oppression,un fair treatment,missery,xtrm poverity,bias,hopelessness,and selfish gov’t?

  10. So what? u can do nothing. Whether u believe or not he is the most talented one.

  11. Name (required) July 17, 2012

    Come on guys you can’t get a leader like Pm MELES. GOD bless him. Amen.

  12. We need u much..wish u all the best…oh CUM ON pls God – save ma country ,save our prime minster..AMEN


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