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Meles!” this is how everyone (friend and foe) enclosed in every quarter of their privacy address our beloved brother-Meles Zenawi. I happen to be among those who advocate “anti-personal cultism”. A willing subjugation to individuals counts as idolatry (a sin); a forced subjugation to individuals counts as slavery. However, it is proper to admire individuals who embody distinction. It is our culture to bestow people who depict “relative merit” with praise. Indeed, compared with his peers (previous Ethiopian leaders), Meles is: “simply the best!”
Meles could be the best for a number of reasons. It is easy for most people to point at personal attributes such as intelligence, oratory, work ethic, reading habit (education), etc. Surely, these are desirable traits a leader should muster. However, when comparison is the criteria, a careful commentator would prefer to avoid them at the outset. This is because one lacks control variables. For example, nobody measured how many “ayale metshifit” (books) Col. Mengistu “magelabet” (has read) or how intelligent the “Imperial Majesties” were (Lets dare and compare Emperor Meiji with Tewodros/Yohannes, Minilik with Roosevelt, Haile Selassie with W. Wilson and/or Lenin, Mengistu with Deng Xiaoping or Lee Kuan Yeew ). Besides, no one can possibly compare “Meles” with living leaders like Obama, Singh, Putin or Mugabe for that matter (Let just say, they’re busy!). In short, personal qualities are neither valid nor reliable variables.

There are, however, other “control-friendly” variables that one might employ to compare “Meles” with other political leaders. The first pertains to “abdication”. All Ethiopian leaders (except perhaps for the “legendary” Kaleb and Lalibella) never declared they will step down from power. They were “forced” by rivals, by time and/or by accident to abdicate. This is, indeed, the “close to miracle” reality (besides the Great Dam) that the toxic opposition finds too hard to swallow. Political power is not the “holy grail”- it belongs to the people.

The second variable (attribute) is: “praxis”. In a nutshell this means: “theory and practice coordination”. No Ethiopian leader/leadership has defined the country’s political, economic and social bottlenecks as the party led by “Meles” (EPRDF). Ethiopia’s primary political bottleneck was “ethnic and religious inequality”, its economic problem is “rural farmer underestimation” and its major social problem was “cultural hegemony”. No Ethiopian leader/leadership has ever identified “ethnic federalism”, crafted “the ADLI” and “different cultural outlets” as a political, economic and social panacea that shackled the country. Above all, no leader (or leadership) has ever demonstrated/consolidated: “the FDRE”, “double digit economic growth” and “highest expression of cultural diversity” in Ethiopia. This will be the “historical legacy of the EPRDF-as led by Meles”. This is the “leadership record” subsequent generations are called for to outmaneuver.

Over the last 20 years Ethiopia was led by a party (led by Meles) who: “Know the problem, identify the solution and “do” something (the right thing) about it”. This is Praxis! Perhaps, the most distinctive feature of the EPRDF is ACTION. Other political parties (and leaders) talk but “never walk”; the EPRDF “climbs” steep mountains. But I’m not comparing “Meles” with failed parties but with those who ruled over Ethiopia. Some of the “past leaders” managed to identify “some” problems but failed in action. But most have failed to even identify the problem and waited until the problem (or natural causes) consume them. Haile Selassie knew what the youth wanted and what the military was conspiring upon. However, he failed to reform- hence, was toppled. Tewodros identified “backwardness” but failed in action. Mengistu’s failures were in both fronts-a schizophrenic “little Tewodros” who left for Zimbabwe when reality hit on May 1991.

Meles Zenawi

So, at least in two aspects, namely: “honorable abdication” and “effective praxis” distinguish Meles from his predecessors. Having said this, however, one must raise the classic nature-nurture controversy. Is “Meles” naturally “Meles” or did his environment shape him? This question should be addressed in the affirmative. It is the environment! A community that is “really” oppressed is sharpened by its predicament and admits “nothing” more than effective/efficient leadership. If “Meles” is the fish, the party is the lake and the people are the sea. In other words, “Meles” is the child of the sea. That is precisely why Legesee Asfaw tried to “dry the sea” and that is why the Derg tried to employ “the scorching sea technique”.

32 Responses to “The Legacy of Meles Zenawi: Aigaforum”

  1. It is a sad thing to hear about the final hours of Meles who changed the lives of so many. I am sure History will be fair to his legacy. Long term, even thous who hate him will get to see how he stood firm to face the great challenges of the country and navigated the great ship called Ethiopia to the direction of renascence.

    May God bless his soul!

    • Ya, he changed the lives of many to worst. No leader in the world gives away the land his country just because but meles did. So we are happy if this parasite is gone. This a great day if he is actually dead. I hope he burns in hell and hopefully he calls all the other remaining blood sucker bastards to his party in hell.
      God is great!

  2. derese July 16, 2012

    Terrorist Meles and his blind supporters are pathetic liar. No one in his/her right mind believes what terrorist Meles and his TPLF terrorist militia say. It is too late and the game is over. Wake up the terrorist TPLF group. The number of days you are terrorising the Ethiopian people is coming to an abrupt end. The whole of the Ethiopian people are uniting to chase you out of the country to your foxhall in dedbit. Go and bury your dead terrorist ringleader Meles instead of killing and terrorizing the Ethiopian people.

    • derese,
      ante dedeb, our prime minister is well and fine. he will yet give you a hard time. gena gena. Only God the Almighty inows who will die first. Antew dfit tl yhonal ahununu k meles befit. kushsha

      • dis-senu July 16, 2012

        ante kichamam weyane arfeh tekemet. Meles yemigebabet casket west megbateh slemayker afehen sebseb. Kimalam achafari. The turning point is yet to come soon and its not too far. so you better shut this gematam big-mouth of yours and stay where you are. komata lemagn tigre!

        • Anonymous September 9, 2012

          anta ahya dedeb ahun endazi yebalal betam new metastelut enanta ko ayet megedel matechelu fari weni enati eyalachu meterotu dedeboch ager memerat matechelu hwala ker nachu sela wayani demo anta letenager ayefekedelehim u r soo stupid like really y dont u do somthing about it insted of u crying about it on internet u fish head go and kill ur self thats it u guys had ur time when mengestu hilimariyam had his time wit eth he was amara he didnt know wat to do wit it lerasach enji enakafel atelum i hope ke meles temerehal lelelochem malet setejemiru yezane enelikalen but that will never happen coz u guys r VERY VERY SLOW

  3. beka lemeles July 16, 2012

    i do not understand why the writer compare meles with exleaders. even if he compare meles is the worst leader in ethiopian history. anyway to late now. he is on his way to death. stop comparing apple with lemon. your boss is about to die.

  4. Fekadu July 16, 2012

    The happiest day of most Ethiopian is approaching. The ruthless, devil Meles is going to the hell pretty soon. This guy has killed or imprisoned so many innocent lives. Merciless Meles deserve the worst possible kind of death, long suffering before his final destination. Devil Meles is getting it. GOD is patient, the pray of most Ethiopian Christians and Muslim have heard.

    • Shibru July 16, 2012

      This comment reminds me of a young Ethiopian pilot that I met in Germany in 1991 at the time when EPRDF took power. When asked about what next, he said, quote, “It can’t be worse [than Derg]“.
      HE PM Meles was, is and will be our history and our story. Whether he has been good or bad, we, as a people, got the type of leader we deserve! But what next? Can’t it be worse?!

  5. Bekele July 16, 2012

    Does Awramba Times have the same webadministrator as the Aigaforum that copy and paste articles from the latter to the former?

    The only message I get out of this is that the Awramba Times buys to this peronality cult story of Aigaforum agrandizing one of the worst dictators in the history of the world, while at the same time insulting the opposition as toxic, which is actually “Yabyen wede Emye”; i.e. the most super-toxic politics (filled with hate, ethnic and religious division, inferiority complex and a bid to establish personal idoltry and cult, etc.) has been born in the minds of and run for the last 21 years by the now terminally ill hate champion, Legesse Zenawi and his home party TPLF.

  6. Abera M. July 16, 2012

    I can’t understand why Awramba Times subjects us to this garbage. Meles has surrounded himself with many idiots and this must be one of them. I don’t think the majority of Ethiopians will miss Meles, his cadres and all who were looting the country under him might miss him, bad luck for them.

  7. Minilik July 16, 2012

    Can anyone tell me in English what this article is all about?

    • Yohannes July 16, 2012

      Minilik – Aiga is trying to coat the ‘bad’ news with honey. In a nut shell, what they are saying is Wedi Zenawi is now history: he is DEAD.

  8. Dear Author

    I have always room to others opinion. It is up to you to be with the truth. why you didn’t mention about his policy is racist and causing so many problems for the next generation,you can’t say that he is intelligent, he is the one come on TV and speak (ashmur),please think about how he is infected with racism in other word(how he hate Amhara).the dam is for us not for his dirty propaganda and it has to be build by us not him.and it is our right to support or not.His legacy is racism and unforgettable dictator ism history,this is hard for you to swallow, I ask you one thing who is toxic supporter? we have good reason to be opposition.

  9. This is the trash article of TPLF-shabbia agiforum.so what???? how could you compare meles with other exleaders like hailueselles, Menlike or the best of mangistu?
    meles dicrment Tigray in to adwa, axume, agam, endertea, Timben etc.
    - meles made ethiopia without port
    -meles sold fertile land to arabians and chaines
    -meles is responsibile for ethio-eri war for 100.000 lives
    etc.therefore, meles one lier, killer. looter adwa-shabia personality and its not leader to compare with other Ethiopia leaders!!!!!!!!!!

  10. No one don’t have any Bessnese with weyanes
    Now our time the Ethiopians time is on the way. Be ready. No dele no weyanes no Meles no tewdross no Samora you better scep I am telling you.

  11. silcila July 16, 2012

    This must have been simply presented as Eulogy at the funeral to all those blind supporters and believers to apease the emotional wound,or if it is considered as a miracle pill and would help zinawi to bring back to life,well the doctor who prescribe the above medicine must rush to zinawi’s bed and administer the doss.

    Zinawi is simply the most insecure person from among the worst of his likes.This man is simply a habitual liar and a stubborn coward with no positive personal attributes at all.The blind supporter and the worshiper who has been living for a peatance simply attempt to errect a shield to protect the crime that zinaw has been committed,and besides,knowing zinawi will not survive and will soon lick off bitter soil,it looks like the worshiper is begging his gods to bring back the already dead robber and a criminal.Well,one can only compare zinawi with the devil that is ready to take over zinawi.

  12. lets start off with a good conversation now. I think Meles was a smart leader indeed. I think he was a gifted politician. But I also think he missed so many opportunity to be inclusive and be great for all Ethnics in Ethiopia and that is a fact. I do understand that he is your hero but not everyone’s We have to start to be honest with each other and start a peaceful journey from now on. I don’t know if you can ever compare any leader at all. In my opinion every leader has contributed something. If it was not so great it was a learning experience. Articles like above will only deepen the division and hate. One can not compare Atse Tewdros and Meles or Wholesales. They were leaders that contributed and passed and the are heros for millions. Bashing them and calling out their negative contribution is like disfranchising millions or ethiopians. Its insulting their pride their history this type of mentality is exactly what got us here. Every leader has admirer every leader is a hero in some ways. I have noticed the writer failed to mention so many negative contributions Meles has brought to this country. This is simply wrong. He was not GOD he was a human being and he made so many mistakes that is to stay as a burden for the next generation. One area he failed is Ethiopian national interest. Ethiopian land was compromised for cheap political gain to stay in power. There is no point of mentioning so many bad things this guy committed but to let it go talk about it and learn from it to get a better ethiopia and uniting leader. Remember supporting blindly will drive you off the cliff. Most of Meles supporters praised him so high, they made him untouchable, they made him the only one that can do the job so it will be very difficult to have a figure that will fill his shoes. He was just human that made terrible mistakes and also did good things and passed. His story ends there. And to the oppositions its time to be bigger than you are. Be smarter and think of peaceful process including EPRDF. There is enormous amount of financial and eduction resources we can use and get a better Ethiopia. Its time to call each other and start dialogue. Let the best party win by vote not by gun. Let us see you sit and talk face to faces let us see you can lead. To the Eritrean bloggers that are always making hateful comment giving some fake Ethiopian names, you should know we wont be killing each other at all. You can say all you want sounding like supporter or the GOV or Opposition but we will be united we will work it out because we lived together and we will work things out. TO all TPLF supporters I am sorry your leader is sick and this is in good faith. I hope you guys think it through and come to your senses to open dialogue.

    • Great! I agree 100%
      That was Meles, he did shocking mistakes that will take long long time to heal, may be some irreversible (!). But he also did some good things, in short, he did what he did and gone, the rest is the job for historians.Time to sit together, learn from the long terrible past, and plan a better future!

  13. Let the people of Ethiopia judge who suffered with his racist ideology and his cruel& killer mafia group

  14. ethiopian July 16, 2012

    plz i am askink this qn to peoples who have wise mind ” if u were the one who miss ur family member on 97 election what is going to be ur wish to this killer ,dictator, i dont have to express him”

  15. Ato Dawit Kebede
    With all due respect if we Ethiopians want to read AigaForum misinformation which a TPLF propaganda machine we know how to find AugaForum.
    We don’t stupid AigaForum we need trusted aethiopians like you


  16. Yeneger Tariku July 16, 2012

    If there is anything to be remembered as the leagacy of Legesse Zenawi is that he is a pathetic liar, deceptive, treasonous, arrogant, full of hatred, fearful, inferiority complex corruption to the neck, and all evil things in the world.

    What the person writing this garbage is an attempt cover-up crimes perpetrated against Ethiopia and Ethiopians by his/her dying boss in the name of the people of Tigray. He will be remembered as one of the cruellest person of the world. His evil-doings may be excelled only by master of his mindset, the devil itself.

  17. Anbesie July 16, 2012

    The comparision of meles with other ethiopian or foreign leaders seems really nonsense and incomplete.
    Meles could have gone in history as a great leader if he had resigned earlier, specially after the 2005 election defeat.

    Do not forget the evils he did and passed to our generation. A culture of schrewedness, a no-more-trusting citizen against politics, beuraucracy spoilt with corruption, increasing loss of love for our country among the young generation (patriotism)and in general uprooted the seedlings of democracy in ethiopia.
    All the seemingly positive aspects he did are to be interpreted as means and ways to stay in power. Nothing else!! he had a lot of opportunities to show love to ethiopian people but he did not; because he could not bring it up from his heart. He has/had no love for ethiopia. He was always filled with hate, revenge against ethiopians but still love for power, hence ambivalence.
    No, no, no Aigas, he was not a good leader!!

  18. Anonymous July 16, 2012

    To begin with, why do non-woyane Ethiopians visit the website that supports a brutal dictator that has robbed the country slaughtered millions of innocent Ethiopians? Why does it matter what they say when we know which side they are on regardless of the horrific crimes that have been committed on Ethiopia and innocent Ethiopians at the hands of the brutal dictator and TPLF thugs.
    What! “Simply the best” the coldblooded dictator who abused his power beyond our imaginations, the hateful racist that did everything with all his being to divided Ethiopians by religion and ethnic group, the mass murderer, the looter, the traitor that sold Ethiopia’s fertile land to foreigners and our Christian young Ethiopian women to be enslaved and abused by Arabs, and the very inhumane that used small children as commodities, etc… the evil man that hates Ethiopia and Ethiopians is “simply the best”? Well, considering the source, I shouldn’t be surprised and should know how brainwashed people speak.

  19. meles is finshed ,daied is not comeing back finshed that is true .all ethiopian people expect hodem tigres pray for that

    • dedeb did u see all the ppl that was there that cryed 4 him ahya neger neh deros amra setebalu dedeboch dengaye ras tegraye matakowen asayeh anta ye menati lije u guys r not taking the power tigry has u can never they had to fight for 17 years if u dont like they way they do things go and fight for the power like they did but u r amara soooo fari neh u cant do that u lil pussy!!!

  20. Wolita Gamo July 16, 2012

    The impending expiration of one of the worst mass murders in Ethiopian history will be a good thing for everyone, including the die-hard TPLF sympathizers. It is good for the majority of oppressed people and to those who want to see a genuine democracy established, which is based on understanding and equality. For those who are nostalgic about the past especially the feudal regime which promoted the culture and way of life one ethnic group, especially, Amhara, the time had expired. There is no such thing as one Ethiopiwent and one language. Every single nationality in Ethiopia has an equal stake in the country. For those who want to maintain the status quo, the current opportunity may not come back again. The killing, looting, and robbery cannot continue. TPLF never has a mandate to rule. The die-hard sympathizers must think twice and try to work with anyone including Amhar chauvinist even if it is difficult to do so. Do not tell us a bout Dedebit democracy that you have installed in our country. There is no real democracy in Ethiopia. We need a real democracy where by one man can’trule a country more than five years, and a lie would not be a core value of a government.

  21. I agree with most peoples opinion about Meles. I understand he had given ethiopian and Ethiopians a very hard task but lets stop and think about the post Meles time in Ethiopia. You guys keep showing hate towards the dead man is like handing his like a good political tool to twists and use it against you period. I don’t care if used it to stay in power, I don’t care if he was the worst, what i care about is how we can change the energy to change Ethiopia for the better. It all starts from us. We keep talking about our history, we keep talking about our freedom we enjoyed, while out country is sinking and all we can do is keep our distance and throw accusations. i am sorry but if we keep calling out people in the negative you will be in the list of the negative for the other side which will only make it harder to discuss and learn from each other. MELES WAS NOT the greatest leader OK what do we need now EPRDF to continue Meles legacy? Do we want to get rid of them by hate and force or through dialogue? If we want to get rid of them by force do you have force to take over? And I see some people throwing the Ethnic names as an insult remember when you become the person your opponent want you to be you lost the game. You call them tigre, Amara, Oromo as an insult but you have to find your in on small group which the other group will call you in. That is called being supporter of the division, that is called insulting yourself. That is called narrow minded because instead of showing your difference being inclusive and call yourself Ethiopian you isolated yourself to one small Ethnic.

    So the writer fees this way, may be he feels this way. So what my answer to him is good for you but Meles has done lost of bad things so please recognize that and lets sit down to talk about replacing meles and the system with a better one.
    Again Eritreans with Ethiopian names that wants to wage hate between Ethiopians please think about your country. We do understand your fear. If meles goes there and Nationalist governments comes you fear things will get worst right? So the best thing you can do is destabilize Ethiopia by sounding like Amhara or Tigre or Oromo and throw bad words. Well i have bad news for you. It wont work. At the end of the day Ethiopians will work it out. At the end of the day Ethiopians will rise above the this and work things out. please lets keep our differences and discuss in a mature way may be what we need is to start talking about everything openly and peacefully to change things around. To the TPLF Ethiopians its time to rethink your old ways and open national all inclusive discussions

  22. katabu July 17, 2012

    This article sounds to me that melese the killer has died and thus make the final salute to his killer master.What a day of joy would be for anti-melese Ethiopians and a day of mourning for toxic core woyanes and crumb collecters who raised from ashes in our very eyes by robbing our resources mercilesly.Let his soul put in GEHANEM.

  23. Thank you for posting this article it show rely journalism.I think form what I read it look like a fare ware latter to there gang leader, and also I can say with confident this gang leader ether dead or total incapacitat

  24. rastaman July 25, 2012

    I’m an Eritrean who completely agree with Liben’s comments. We are here now. The legacy of PM Meles should be left to historians. Both people grieving and those happy on the loss/gain have responsibility as to what to do with future Ethiopia. Every body seem to be commenting in the name of the “sefiw Hizb”. PM Meles, I think did not do an excellent job but a fair job, especially on foreign affairs. The border war, despite being provoked by the mad man, could have taken the G.O.E to court, like Yemen did, and thus could have spared the 100-120,000 lives. He could have spared from having his hands soaked in blood like DIA. If the bloodshed hadn’t happen in Africa, the two leaders would have been prosecuted for their actions they took against humanity! I hear PM meles is gravely ill. I wish him the best if not, let him R.I.P. I hope DIA has learned some thing yet and turns around his legacy for better, that is hand over power to the people!


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