OPDO suspends Junedin Sado from Executive committee


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3 Responses

  1. bire says:

    Junedi Sado has become a sacrificial lamb in the drama being orchestrated by the TPLF as a part of its strategy drawn up to crack down on the activists of the Muslim community movement in the country. The TPLF is trying to portray the just rights movement of the Muslim protesters as a grand scheme behind which there are external forces such as Saudi Arabia. The authors and producers of the drama, namely, the TPLF security apparatus, have somehow decided to include a high ranking government official character in the drama to lend it some credence. This whole saga of portraying the plain and just rights movement of the Ethiopian Muslim community as a grand scheme with the alleged backing of external forces (“historic enemies”) has been intended to win over some domestic and international sympathy and support.

    Junedin Sado has been chosen to play this high ranking official character knowingly or unknowingly – consensually or unconsensually. In addition to boosting the credence to the drama, the drafting of Junedi into the drama was welcomed as a two-thronged approach as it also helps them accomplish their long held desire of getting rid of him. Junedi has been viewed by many as a misfit in the TPLF regime all along. The fact that he has been rotated through three ministerial portfolios in a short span of five years attests to this glaring fact. Of the three portifolios two were newly constituted ministries with Junedi as the maiden minister. As an educated Oromo with best academic credentials in the OPDO, and as an accomplished technocrat and astute politician, the TPLF officials have always viewed him with unnerving suspicions and scathing uneasiness and they kept him at arm’s length right from day one. The more they know him, the more suspicious they have become.

    As the result, they have been waiting for the right moment to get rid of him. They now think that the current movement of the Ethiopian Muslim community has presented them the opportunity to show Junedi the door and probably put him behind bars for a long term. In order to implement it, they plotted in the drama the detention of his wife with a false pretext of serving as a conduit for alleged financial support of the Saudi Embassy in Ethiopia for the protest movement of the Muslim community. With that, Junedi along with his family is being used as a sacrificial lamb for the TPLF’s eminent plot to crackdown on our Muslim brethrens.

  2. Ordofaa says:

    I have told you all more than once that Oromia is set to go free in ear;y 2014. This is one of our brilliant sons as is Jawar Mohammed. Junedin Sado is another Oromo lion who will make significant contribution to the budding nation. Everyone in our Oromia will have constitutionally protected human and democratic rights. Domestic spying on innocent citizens will be prohibited by law. Every able-bodied resident regardless of ethnicity must work since there will be plenty of work to do in building our beautiful Oromia. I will guarantee you that even the Amharas in my new Oromia will have more human and democratic rights than in their own country. I call upon every Oromo engineer scientist, economist, financial and business expert and individual who now reside scattered all around the globe to remain on stand by and be prepared to go back to our sweet home the new Oromiya beginning 2014 at a moments notice. Those vultures who came down from the hills and escarpments of Tigray who have been menacing our Oromo people are in disarray and on the run. Our chance in a millennium is finally at hand. Our Oromia, that drop-dead beauty Oromia has already started singing the song of freedom!!!! She has instructed me to treat every resident in Oromia equally and not to call anyone a Neftegna anymore. They will be protected equally as any other Oromo citizen. I am 110% sure that Oromia will be the newest nation in 2014. It is etched in stone. Guaranteed!!!!

  1. July 24, 2012

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