A Disturbing Verdict In Ethiopia


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  1. FINFINE says:


  2. bozz says:

    For 21 years the US were saying they are ‘deeply concerned’ about this and that. what a meaningless jargon.

    WHILE THEY TALK ABOUT THEIR ‘DEEP CONCERN’ MILLIONS OF Ethiopians have died, ben jailed, exiled, uprooted from their homes and villages by the fascist woyane junta.

    It is a tragic event the US know about, AND HAVE CHOSEN TO IGNORE.

  3. allew says:


    Just watch this video, to see what these animal, fascist woyanes are doing to the poor people of Ethiopia.

  4. Wendataw says:

    USA.please for god sake stoop telling us what is going on in the court rom of TPLF.You know we the people hates the ethnofasist leader and his crony.The country has been dominated by TPLF who hate the rest of ethiopia and the history of ethiopia.We the people know who is paying the salary of the ethiopian security.The number of the security and cadres who’s job is to defend the murderer leader by terrorizing the people of ethiopia are more than any poor country can afford,that means the west is the one who pays the salary of those murderer TPLF juntas.Or the so called donation money.We don’t need any evidence for that but still we are not against USA.What we ask or beg you is just to get rid of these ethnofasist before they kill our mother land by supporting multiethnic org.like G7,EPRP.Atherwise USA will be the most hated country in the history of ethiopians.I say these because with all crime that has been made by TPLF with the support of USA,still we love USA.Dont lose that chance by waiting to TPLF to creat another big mistake by creating animosity between the different ethnic groups who lived with harmony before colombos discovered USA.Tell the ethnically based political org.to stoop thinking the unthinkable both those who are in Diaspora or in the country.Whom ever will take power in ethiopia democratically they are gonna to be a partner with USA:God bless ethiopia and humanity.Death for TPLF and there leader.

  5. kirad says:

    Deeply my ass
    These stupid they are the one helping Woyane even today and they claim they are deepy deisturbed
    May be they are deeply disturbed beucase Meles is dead

  6. Malcolm says:

    Please Obama addministration, stop helping the DICTATORS!
    Please, thousands of Ethiopians are dieing everyday!

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