Where is Meles Zenawi? Ethiopians don’t know


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4 Responses

  1. Degu says:

    Why don’t you summarized it your self , why do u need this bone head as authority. We don’t really need them.

  2. Hagerwedad says:

    Dictators do not retire; they expire.

  3. Wendataw says:

    Where is he?.Really its amazing what is going on in this world.I live in democratic country (NORWAY) but i am an ethiopian.I will never understand USA a country that i love always supporting these Terrorist org.TPLF and meles the black hitler.What is wrong with the west who give 110% freedom for there people but denying for Ethiopians.Thank you tom but you should ask that CIA.Dont forget that ethiopians have no right to know where the killer is.I would like to thank the president of Senegal who told our people the Crime minister was sick.I knew we didn’t have journalists in ethiopia who could tell the truth.It was FETEH news paper who dare to talk the where about of the Crime minister and now they are banned.I have no doubt the people will raise and show for the west that they can be the faith of there master.The only problem will be the white house can’t just give a call and order to deploy ethiopian army to Somalia in the near future because we will get our freedom and there will be mutual talk.Whom ever take a power in ethiopia will cooperate with the west for as long as its mutual understanding.God bless ethiopia and i hope the midget is in hell having talk with HITLER,STALIN etc.God bless Ethiopia and humanity before ethnicity.

  4. aghere says:

    aghere July 30, 2012
    This is a message to my Prime Minister Melese Zenawi,
    Where are you sir?We are very much worried about you?There are many rumors about you not only in Ethiopia or Addis Ababa but around the world and in your dear Africa which was planning to crown you as a leader.
    Please Melese show yourself in the screen which you love to show your beautiful face and your eyebrows that your best singer sang, for he loves you very much.
    Please Melese show your face in the screen ones,I think it is enough if you show us that your face which we love to seeand see every day.At least it will give us comfort and your best friend and messenger,Bereket Simione will have peace of the mind and Sibhat Nega will not have his bully behaviour disturb your party.
    Please help the mothers of Tigray from whom you have come and rule Ethiopia.They had hope in you and your leadership.When you disappeared all of a sudden your Tigrian mothers are weeping day and night.Are you not worried about your mothers?They want to know your situation.If you are dead they want to bury you with honour for you are their hero.
    Please Melese show up yourself.Many,from your party and from Adwa,are fighting to take yor position when they don’t have any knowledge of your whereabout.Do you
    know that Sebhat Nega, who was kiked out of his position by your wife is planning to remove your wife from the palace? Are you not worried about this?Save at least your dear first leady.I am sure showing up late, the outcome will be devastating and you will remain alone.
    Are you ok Melese?I am sure you are not going back to Assimba to start again your terror tactic.This is not the time and you are too old and you body is not fit for this activity.You can do it in Addis Ababa and you have the talent to terrorise the public.If you have gone there come back and do it in Addis Ababa.Your special murder squad is ready to implement your order.
    Melese is it true you are sick?I heard people say you are having cancer and some say you are suffering from brain tumor.Is that true?God for bid.I couldn’t swallow the news.Even if you have it,with the money you amassed all these years,and your best friends from USA and Europe, there is no possibility that you can’t overcome this deadly disease.You have eveything and every thing is yours.I am sure you are aware of all the resources that are at your disposal.
    Please,Melese show us your face.We love to see your beloved face and your voice we used to hear from the parliament.You were entertaining us with wisdom,though I don’t know from where you got it.I hope this message will reach you and you will be in the ETV,your darling screen.You really fit for the ETV,for it is made for you and by you.

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