Ex-Defense Minister: Ethiopia Faces Political ‘Crisis’


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12 Responses

  1. Addisu says:

    When it comes to Ethiopia, all the TPLF tags, whether current or EX-TPLF members, have the same mentality. He said, “I don’t celebrate the pain of another human being.” What about the innocent Ethiopians killed while he was defense minister, what about the war with Eritrea, he was propagating, that costed over 100 thousand lives of innocent youths. He wanted the continuation of the costly two-year war with Eritrea. Ya, he doesn’t celebrate the pain of another human being, because there is no pain in war – war is just a soccer game to him, he doesn’t understand that he was palying with human lives. Thousands lost their lives and thousands are disabled and are still in pain due to this man’s dumb adventures. His qurrel with Melies is because of power, greed, and corruption. This guy is the most wanted criminal by the Ethiopian and Eritrean people. The only good TPLF is a dead one. I don’t trust any TPLF leader, be it Siye, Gebru or others – the TPLF leaders should be expelled from the opposition. They are there to mess-up the opposition.

  2. HHebet says:

    Siye, Gebru or others – the TPLF leaders are the most wanted criminals. Siye for the last few years after finishing his prison term tries to be a good boy. But Siye is blood on his hand, he is the mast behind the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia that costs over 200000 lives. Siye no matter what you are saying now you are the criminal and you will face Judgment. Siye is commutes crime against humanity which similar to NAZY Germay.

  3. Dagm says:

    The former defense minster of the tplf government needs to understand that Meles is not an ordinary thug,he infact is a genocider who killed thousands of Ethiopians in the past 21 years.He is an ethnocentric crimnal who should be hunged upside down with other mercinary tplf fascists at the gate of Menilik palace,if he survives his illness.

  4. zafu says:

    hey , seye, you were the commander of tplf army during woyanees’ attack on epra. fortunatly, you captured many eprp fighters including senior leaders. since then, no body knows the where about of these people; except the top tplf leaders including yourself . as of me, un less you tell the truth about what has happend (with out any iffs and buts)to these prisnors war,your talking, analysis etc. is meaning less other than hiding the crime comitted by woyanee inner circle.

  5. Ethiopian says:

    Seye is not different from Meles. They have the same mentality of hate for certain groups of Ethiopians and the supermacy of Tigre over others. Ofcourse they have differences how to put into action. That is why they disagred. CIA knows that and tring to prepare seye for replacement. With this succession plan they send him from nowhere without taking graduate admission tests(GMAT or GRE)to Harvard University to study government. This is one of the elite universities in the world and its admission process is very strict as officially claimed by university managemnts. Please forget Seye. He put the country to this mess and now claiming to be the right person.

  6. chrkos says:

    Seye , you can go ahead with your good wish and prayers for the recovery of the fascist.you are no better than zenawi and eqally responsible for the distruction of ethiopia by introdusing and implementing ethnic poletics .And when the time comes ,you will face justice along with your gangester group.

  7. Yuhun says:

    Seye has the same mentality with Meles, their mission is to build bigger Tigrai as the expense of other Ethiopian regions and to build the superiority of Tigreans, and has a tougher apprach to the Ethiopian people and to the peoples of the sarounding countries. He wants to solve everything with the AK47. As the proverb say, “If hammer is the only tool you have you treat everything as a nail.” This guy doesn’t believe in peace and diplomacy, he wants to treat everything with AK47.

  8. bahiru says:

    Seeye is telling his dream not what is actual in the ground. He believe that he is the only person who can replace Meles. Even he do not have confidence with the so called MEDRK. They are tactical instrument to him to bring him to power.

  9. Mulu says:

    I agree with all the other comments about the former TPLF Leader (Seeye). He is a true enemy of Ethiopia and he has a lot of questions to answer. The TPLF is set to destroy Ethiopia on its current path – it needs to be stopped! Ethiopians do not want Seeye to come to save TPLF. They are ALL criminals and a war crimes tribunal could be kept very busy with a review of their actions over the past 37 years. They are a toxic, dangerous party and a hazard to Ethiopia’s future. Their view of Ethiopia is detrimental to our nation’s future and counterproductive to our goal of achieving a democratic system for Ethiopia. Nesanet!

  10. assefa says:

    The ethiopian people will never be fooled by any ex or present TPLF leaders for their crocodile tears especially Mr. Siye your he-trade for Ethiopia is deep You remember when you were board chair man of ethiopian air lines & what you said we have the evidence,you are to me more wanted man when time coms you face the people you hate the most, till then enjoy your CIA funded school.

  11. Ethiopian says:

    If all Tigrians are the enemy of Ethiopia so who is Ethiopian? just the Amhara people only?

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