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29 Responses

  1. Juno says:

    Ato Junedin yagere sew men yelal meselewot? Beseferut Qunna meseffer aykerem. I hope you understand my Qubbee haha

  2. yihun says:

    Junedin Sado is him self one of the killer who made hundreds to die and suffer in many prisons in central investigation and Oromia prisons. He is one of the tyrant’s right hand he himself need to face ICC. I am one of his victim who defend him with actual evidence!!

  3. Ethiopiawi says:

    I do not believe this guy, since he is OPDO from arsi region , where the genocide against christians had happened in the weyane era, his wife and he himself , they might have an agenda as terrorist , by the way why his wife is there in Saudi embassy , at the same time she has been caught with a lot of pamphlets.
    Weyanes too they have got information about this guy , he himself might be a pro jehadists sympthaizer.
    How ever the muslims movement in addis, more of they are looking to elect their leaders freely with out the interference of the weyane junta,
    any way we need to watch it closely , the movement not to be hijacked by the jihadists but to focus on ethiopian agendas like beating the weyane junta.

    Ethiopia will prevail!!

    • junden puppote says:

      ethiopian muslims are innocient. they are asking their right. but no one listen them . they are forced to change theiir religion. still they are protesting peacefully. they have to fight if they need freedom or answer.otherwise they have to change religion directly or indirectly their religion and the turn is to orthtodox to american any project.

  4. Gemechis says:

    Junedin, now it is your turn, not the poor Oromo guys. do you forget how many Oromo students had been dismissed from AAU.
    Instead of his wife, he has to be killed, not once, but many times.
    Junedin thinks by his stomach, not by his mind. It is time to fire him, I wish if I could have the chance to fire him not once, many times.

  5. Joel says:

    That’s the price you are paying for serving TPLF and helping them to continue their grip over Ethiopia. Yesterday when TPLF indiscriminately violates the fundamental rights and basic freedom of citizens you didn’t speak out anything. Today when the rogue security forces of Tigreans knocked on your door you felt the need to bitterly condemn your wife’s arrest as unfair and not in accordance with the due process of law. We have been saying that for years but senior leaders like you within the OPDO were not listening. Now we would like to welcome you to the club of those victimized Ethiopians by the abuse of the security machine of the regime.

  6. Name (required) says:

    Ato Junedin, Are you kidding us? You need to ask yourself these kind of questions by the time you decided to fire a lot of Ethiopian teachers from their long years services position. May be those positions held by Ethiopians teachers and other civil servants remain for them before you held that positions. You hodam minister you can get your consequence later. This one is the very small one.”ENATU WEHA LITIKEDA YEWEREDECHIBETNA, YEMOTECHIBET HISANE EKUEL YALEKSAL ALU,” YEHAGERE SEW.

  7. A. says:

    Well, Mr Junedin. What goes around comes around. This is exactly what your bosses had been doing to many innocent Ethiopians over the past 21 years, and you have been wining & dining & dancing with them all along, while the rest of the country is languishing in jail for no reason. You had been serving the weyane junta when they thrashed the judicial system, and they destroyed many lives and families more than they damaged yours. And it is funny that you are demanding justice from a system that you helped to evolve into an opression tool for weyane. The word justice simply does not exist in your bosses vocabulary, and you were there cheering when it was deleted. But you still have time to open up your eyes, which were blinded by greed, hatred, and corruption, and start demanding justice for others as much as you are asking for your family. Only when there is justice for all that there will be one for you as well.

  8. Addisu says:

    Even the TPLF puppets are not safe from the TPLF’s spys and from the TPLF’s abuse of power.

  9. Name (required) says:

    Ato Junedin, You need to appeal to Ato Melese in the hell, not to us. We all know that getting justice in the Melese’s era is just as far as to a distance from earth to the sun. Now, you understand how difficult was the life of ethiopians who fight for the last 21 years to get justice.

  10. Tikur Sew says:

    Obbo Junedin, you see how your government that you praise it day in and day out works not in agreement with or according to democratic doctrine. It has been for for such simple reasons we hate EPRDF and its leaders including yourself. Today, all the pain you had caused to innocent Ethiopians came to your family. Please learn to treat others as you want them to treat you because WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

  11. girum says:

    I dont care for whatever reason Junedin’s wife was jailed but i wonder as he cries his wife was jailed making him a baby sitter!shame on you Junedin !This is the weyanne you have een serving as a slave and have been torturing your own people for 21 years.let me remind you what Siye sad about Ethiopian notorious prison Kaliti”Kaliti speaks affan oromo”you understand this?are you shocked that your wife was jailed for sixteen days?Eskinder ,Andualem,Bekele Gerba and other thousands are in prisons for years not able to see their kids whenever they want to.Junedin others woyanne servants,it is time for you guys to join the public and the struggle.Yane you will set yourself and others free!!

  12. work says:

    Weyne zim tilaleh tadiya yene wusha? alkis enji mistih tasra. tultula!

  13. juneden joneya says:

    juneden is terrorist he has linkage with al-qeda not only his wife . and also berket is terriorist he has linkage from al qa eda and cia he is double agent.

  14. Terah-new says:

    So it is your turn to feel the daily pain of the standard ethiopian. This is just a small fraction of the pain and agony our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia under TPLF/EPRDF junta.
    Mr. Junedin if you have a brain fight for common freedom. If you open your eyes and ears you can see and hear what happens daily to ethiopians. That is why we cry for freedom! Against being labelled as criminals and extremists and being sent to jail without an evidence!

  15. Hailengawe says:

    Ato Junedin If you forget some thing let me remaind you ,how many kids were left with out theier father, and how many kids remain with out their mother after their parents were killed or jaild under the brutal weyane junta adminstration. Sadly you ato jundine had been serving this tayrant and mainority regime,so this is your turn enjoy it.

  16. Name (required) says:

    Beras siders melkam new! Man bemasreja sitaser aytew noraul? Demo fith sigaudel ewinet sitefa zimtan mertew zare balebetwon sinekenkubow new ende ymikefut? Beras siders melkam new! Yibelwo blenal.

  17. Nadhii Damma says:

    People like Ethiopiawi, who can speak but can’t think talk about genocide. what a shame is that mr/s Ethiopiawi? do you know that your cruel ancestors committed genocide and crime against humanity? In the first place, What do the Amharas do in Oromomia in general and in Arsi in particular? Let me tell you in black and white in the language you and your alike can understand, Metachihubin enji alemtanbachihum, yegara ager binor Oromomi Gonder wiste Amharawi mider laye sefero betegegn neber. Yegebahal wondime?

  18. Mr. Junedin this is the beginning TPLF action for your fantastic job, you did for the last 21 years(TPLF use Oromo and Amhara cadres and throw to the garbage). we have been shouting to stop such kinds of inhuman crime, but you have been serving the TPLF as bullet to attack your people. Mr. Junedin still you have time to join the social movement for democracy.

  19. tanio says:

    Ante hodam Eserebetune antem mekimesehi ayikerem, gena timesebisaleh

    Koshasha demo balebete ke-hisan lijocha teleyita 16 qene tilaleh ende

    Why Andualem for life in prison.

    This shows you guys are just koshasha

  20. teka says:

    You r part of the TPLF regime who killed Ethiopian people, however I have followed your history and you have a long history of becoming extrimist in ethiopia.

    It was a common knowledge that when Melese appointed you as president of oromia region, you immediately appointed 14 islams as Head of different sectors. That time melese was againest you.

    Now you are talking that your inocent wife was detained for 16 days.

    Have you ever thought Eskinder and Andualem have kids they love, a wife they cheerish?

    You are a simple idiot ass

    Go hell with TPLF they will give much pain before they crashed

  21. Tatek says:

    I believe you should have expected this when you decided to work AS a stooge of the TPLF whose covert agenda is to systematically eliminate the Oromo identity from the face of the earth. I find it hard to shed even a crocodile’s tear for you and your wife. Time to abondon your TPLF masters and join the struggle to topple the TPLF regime and form a responsive Govt in Ethiopia. If you decide to keep sleeping with the serpents, you will be the next to be thrown in jail.

  22. Habtu says:

    Hats off to TPLF!! Please wipe out all the belly cadres who have never shot a single bullet during the armed struggle. Please go ahead with the other hodams including Muktar, H/Mariam Desalegne, Birhan Hailu, Shimelis Kemal, Shiferaw Shegute, Abadulla Gemeda, Ayalew GOBEZE just to start with. If you do that, we will sincerely suport you. Otherwise, TPLF itself will be wiped out.

  23. wendataw says:

    What a day.This is the day that i am gonna remember when ever i think of innocent ethiopian all over the country who been arrested for nothing.Junedin was one of the most arrogant HODAM on the weyane camp.What makes tings amazing is always its non tigreans who become the victim after they work for (TPLF)The most ethnocentric,terrorist and Mafia org.I personally know there will be more Hodam to be mistreated by the TPLF gangs.The only time the tigrean leader suffered was during power straggle within the TPLF but otherwise you will never see tigreans been charged because they have to loot ethiopia systematically and they have done for 21 years.Soon they will be buried with the midget.Junedin take the blame from your wife and die like a man.Death to TPLF and victory for the people of ethiopia.Meles is talking with Hitler.

  24. Aba jallewu says:

    hmmmmmmmmm! That is what is happening to all Ethiopians , is your wife unique?

  25. Yalew says:

    Obo Junedine, ANTEM TASER.

  26. Jawee says:

    I thought this person was innocent when he joined the tyrant group. He straggled to bring changes in the region as a president I remember…but he ended up being one of them…I guess…you should not cry, still you have time and power…most importantly secretes to be confess.

  27. Mangisteab says:


    Your claims of hardship at home is denied!
    Based on your own personal gains under EPRDF
    as you have played significant rolls to build the system you are crying wolf about.Over the
    years, you have gained money and fame, ties to
    fundamental foreign regimes you get stashes of
    cash from.
    On the other hand, there are many who did nothing
    other than tilling their plots but suffered at the hands of you and your bosses. The number of claims from peaceful citizens are too many to list here. Which many of them are from your home of Arsi. You volunteered to be one of them, you trained to run your little dirty erans at embassies, well knowing that corruption is a crime according to your legal works. Here on, cry no more on the shoulders you dehumanized for last 21 years. We the victims catagorically deny the right to hear you. Your bosses are coming to you, working their way via your partiner, I suggest you better move to mecca today.

  28. Hailu says:

    Egziabeher semaina midren fetere, Menelik Ethiopian fetere. Anyone who calls himself Ethiopian should accept that Menelik is a HERO!!1

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