Hailemariam Desalegn conferred degrees and rank to Ethiopian army graduates on behalf of Meles


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9 Responses

  1. dire says:

    It looks that the power transfer has begun in ernst finally. Had Meles been alive or had he been expected to return to power any time soon, the graduation of his military cadres would have waited. It seems also that the TPLF power brokers have agreed among themselves to annoint nominally this poor guy Hailemariam as a successor with zero power. The announcement of Meles’s ‘resignation’ is imminent. They might start off with announcement of Meles’s ‘resignation due to health issues’ before they announce his actual death in a futile attempt at controlling damage ensuing from their hitherto public relations fiasco.

  2. Fikrte says:

    This is not Ethiopian army,it is tplf’s killing maschine. After 21 years in power these woyane thugs can not even dress properly like a professional solder let alone mastering the military science. When you have 56 peasants from Tigray call themselves general out of 61,they can not be Ethiopian Army.

  3. Selamawit Solomon says:

    ON BEHALF OF ZENAWI ???? They are Smoothly introduced and confirming Ethiopians public the life after Zenawi.The Robots finally must start to operate with out their Remote Control(Dictator Zenawi)

  4. Bekana Bekafa says:

    Haile Mariam becomes a prime minister of Ethiopia. At least for a change after long and two decade harassment and abuse we cope up tom see the new face.

    Meles promoted full hatered policy among Ethiopians with fearsome reputation.

    It is our almighty God who took Meles for good after 21 years ruthless casualities placed on the Ethiopian mass.

    Soon we regain our freedom from ill thinking mad man Meles.

    We are free now.

    He introduced in Ethiopia a colonial administration with divide and rule policies.More over he implement a policy to tell lies in all government owned mass media and in civil service offices.Lier was the main policy since TPLF took office in 1991.

  5. Linen says:

    At least even the international media is not hiding the fact the government and army is controlled by the one ethnic elite ,so as we speak the tigrai ethnic generals are just getting promoted by their puppet pm. Business as usual. From now on Hilemariam is officially on house arrest. If he farts he has to let TpLf has to know how much it stinks.

  6. dire says:

    Ato Yared might claim to know the former Bereket ‘very well’. As Ato Yared might agree the former Bereket is very different from the present Bereket. People change as we all do with time and circumstances in which they operate. Therefore the fact that Yared knew the former Bereket ‘very well’ 25 years ago does not make Yared an authority today to give character reference about him. Since the whole analysis including reading between the lines is based on the assumption of knowing him ‘very well’ a quarter of a century back, Yared’s conclusion is no better than anybody’s guess. This rather shows Yared’s naivity not excluding other ulterior motives. Bereket is rather known to the Ethiopian people both inside and outside the country as a bold faced pathological liar. He never flinches lying in your face. I would bet whatever I have that if Yared asks Bereket about the massacre of the 2005 in the streets of Addis by Meles’s Agazi militia, Bereket would tell Yared that the over 200 innocent people were murdered while robbing banks with the same ‘bold face, certainity and tone’ that Yared has described for reaching his conclusion about his recent statement on the situations of Meles. Is Yared going to turn to us and say ‘Oh, those murdered people were bank robbers because the certainity and tone in which Bereket spoke was convincing’? This is ridiculous and at best naivity. Rather, I would think here is the playbook for Bereket’s unfolding drama for face saving. He will soon come before mics and cameras and announce that ‘Meles has returned to office but submitted his resignation with immediate effect.’ He will then say something to the effect of ‘as I told you before he had returned but instead of resuming his duties, he submitted his resignation letter because of health reasons.’ He will then answer no questions regarding Meles’s health status claiming ‘he is now a private citizen.’ After a while (after the so called power struggle is concluded) they will pronounce Meles’s death. This is how they are preparing to unfold the drama. Until then Bereket will continue to lie in our face and naive people like Yared would continue to fall prey to his propaganda.

  7. esat says:

    If you have watched the video carefully, Ato Hailemariam never mentioned Mr Meles,s name on this ceremony. He never said that the prime minster is sending his congratulatory message. He did not mention the prime minsterS name in any form. It is difficult to say he was there on behalf of the prime minster. He was there as himself, Deputy Prime Minster Hilemariam Dessalegn.Here comes the two Amharic words that confuse everybody. “Woklo Yiseral” “tetekto yiseral”. If Meles is dead, there is no woklina. If the prime minster was alive, He should have said he was there on behalf of the prime minster and pass the message. Unless ETV Cut out some portions of the original clip, It looks like that Hailemariam Desalegn is being groomed to be the PM in waiting by EPRDFITES.

  8. Bassa says:

    The “Eyesus Geta New” cheater is a killer. The path he has taken is full of human remains from Arbaminch (Wogadoda) to Hawassa (Loqe massacre of Sidamas) and now … around Addis. Take care everyone about this cheater in the name of Hawariat protestants.

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