US official: United States has been in contact with several Ethiopian officials since Meles‘ disappearance


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14 Responses

  1. dire says:

    It looks that the power transfer has begun in ernst finally. Had Meles been alive or had he been expected to return to power any time soon, the graduation of his military cadres would have waited. It seems also that the TPLF power brokers have agreed among themselves to annoint nominally this poor guy Hailemariam as a successor with zero power. The announcement of Meles’s ‘resignation’ is now imminent any time. They might start off by announcing Meles’s ‘resignation due to health issues’ before they announce his actual death in a futile attempt at controlling damage ensuing from their hitherto public relations fiasco.
    Bereket would then try to save his own skin by lying again saying Meles has returned to office but has decided to resign right away. So goes the drama.

    • Bikila says:

      Legally Hailemariam cannot overtake the position of the PM because he is not an elected member of the parliament since according to our constitution only an elected MP can become PM. However, he can lead an an interim PM only until the parliament elect one among them to replace Meles.

      • gagi says:

        Who is the elected member of parliament? Everyone, except Girma from the opposition, is selected by the ruling ethno junta. Talking about legal rules and elected officials in the ethiopian context is ludicrous! It is all a mockery of justice and democracy

  2. awraris says:

    So Hailemariam is working on behalf of Meles? KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  3. Liben says:

    US as usual down playing the seriousness of the matter. This shows that they have agreed to keep the status quo. Painting hilemariam as a leader and sitting down with the TPLF tigri elite for their interest neglecting the 80 million people of cry for equality democracy and freedom. I wonder what they will say once the people start going out on the streets? It will probably be “we want all sides to show resilience bla bla. These people will take the streets at one point and it’s for the best interest of the everyone if they start promoting oppositions to have a say in the future of Ethiopia than having millions of people revolting with out an alternative leader. US will be responsible for feeding such terrorizing racist system and the fall of the country if they can’t fix the evil deeds this guy brought to these people and the nation.

  4. Senbetay says:

    It’s time to act to design our fututre to being a real hero ethiopians.we have bulled by shaebia made clone.
    The oromo & amhara regardless of religion and geographical location we have to oust the cia sessionist poor beger tgrie by popular public demo like gadafi and mubarek.
    Where is our hailengna kiflotor yet ale yelem yanketekete twld?
    We petrayed our hero by siding with tribal army thats is why we are sufering
    let us hear the voice opressed ethiopian by berrying the bustrad amter malelit they are hiden agenda divide us into 10 countries
    what is our proirity specially the intelectual and the politicians?

  5. Addisu says:

    America is the country known for its deceit, what they do at the ground/behind closed doors and what they speack in public are two different things. No one takes seriously what the American speak in public.

  6. dire says:

    Ato Yared might claim to know the former Bereket ‘very well’. As Ato Yared might agree the former Bereket is very different from the present Bereket. People change as we all do with time and circumstances in which they operate. Therefore the fact that Yared knew the former Bereket ‘very well’ 25 years ago does not make Yared an authority today to give character reference about him. Since the whole analysis including reading between the lines is based on the assumption of knowing him ‘very well’ a quarter of a century back, Yared’s conclusion is no better than anybody’s guess. This rather shows Yared’s naivity not excluding other ulterior motives. Bereket is rather known to the Ethiopian people both inside and outside the country as a bold faced pathological liar. He never flinches lying in your face. I would bet whatever I have that if Yared asks Bereket about the massacre of the 2005 in the streets of Addis by Meles’s Agazi militia, Bereket would tell Yared that the over 200 innocent people were murdered while robbing banks with the same ‘bold face, certainity and tone’ that Yared has described for reaching his conclusion about his recent statement on the situations of Meles. Is Yared going to turn to us and say ‘Oh, those murdered people were bank robbers because the certainity and tone in which Bereket spoke was convincing’? This is ridiculous and at best naivity. Rather, I would think here is the playbook for Bereket’s unfolding drama for face saving. He will soon come before mics and cameras and announce that ‘Meles has returned to office but submitted his resignation with immediate effect.’ He will then say something to the effect of ‘as I told you before he had returned but instead of resuming his duties, he submitted his resignation letter because of health reasons.’ He will then answer no questions regarding Meles’s health status claiming ‘he is now a private citizen.’ After a while (after the so called power struggle is concluded) they will pronounce Meles’s death. This is how they are preparing to unfold the drama. Until then Bereket will continue to lie in our face and naive people like Yared would continue to fall prey to his propaganda.

  7. wendataw says:

    USA AND THE REST of western country have the responsibility of thinking about for the people of ethiopia,because they are the one who blessed TPLF to take 100% military power and let them dismantle the multi ethnic defense army.Ethiopia was not a banana republic but the west didn’t give a sheet about the country they were just thinking of there interest.After 21 agony years of support by the west we are witnessing the worst kind of destabilization in the history of ethiopia.Every ethiopian know the power is in the hands of TPLF and they have 100%.military,100% political and 75% of the economy in there hands and the rest of ethiopians about 88.000.000 of us have been deliberately oppressed by the help of USA.For there interest not thinking of the people of ethiopia.What i don’t understand is no body is against the west in ethiopia but how long they think they can help murderer and terrorist TPLF (MELES).The people of ethiopia have never been mistreated like this Aparthaid types of leadership of the ethnofasist org.USA must stop the support and stand with the people of ethiopia before its to late.Soon the people will raise and get rid of these ethnofasists once and for all.we know the so called donation money is back in the west stolen by the elite of tigreans while the vast majority of our people are starving.God bless ethiopia.Humanity before ethnicity.CIA please don’t be foolish to stand with these terrorist minority.

  8. Tatek says:

    Not surprised that the US is concerned about the fate of Colonel Zenawi, who remains their ball boy for the last 21 long years. We all know that US Foreign policy principally focuses on US commercial, political and strategic intersts in a given country and Ethiopia is no exception. It makes me laugh when I hear US officials strongly condemn Syria, Iran, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Cuba among others for sponsoring terrorism, cracking down on dissent, killing and disappearing political opponents and lacking any room for political pluralism, human rights and the rule of law. Colonel Zenawi’s Ethiopia is no different, but the US doesn’t care as long as its interests in Ethiopia are safe. It is high time that the Ethiopian diaspora based in the US give President Obama’s campaign a choice between changing his policy in Ethiopia and bringing TPLF to a negotiating table with the opposition or risk losing their vote to the faulty republicans.

  9. Tenkir says:

    TPLF is continuing to no avail its policy of confusing the Ethiopian people and the international commtunity releasing conflicting ‘breaking news’. They have announced as breaking news ‘Meles has recovered’ thousands of times. How many times ‘does he recover?’ If what they say is right Meles’s health must have relapsed every other minute and then recover every other minute. All cite ‘credible sources’. Interestingly, some of them even have changed the qualification of their sources from ‘credible sources’ to ‘very credible sources’ apparently because their ‘credible sources’ turned out to be not so credible. As the saying goes I believe when I see it. The only way the TPLF can prove that Meles is alive is by showing his current picture or video footage or releasing newly recorded voice. Short of that they cannot fool anybody except their few loyal blind supporters. If he has ‘recovered fully’ as they claim why hide his pictures? Why create such uncertainity and causing such a damage to the economic and other interests of the country? It is either Sebhat and his fellow thugs do not understand the damage the uncertainity is currently causing to the country or they are forced to take the damage (from hiding Meles’s death) because that is a good politics (delaying a little bit longer the inevitable loss of power) as far as they are concerned. The confused Sebhat is adding yet another layer of confusion to the uncertainity. It is sad that Ethiopia has fallen into the hands of these confused thugs who have only been trained how to kill. But better days are ahead and keep the hope alive.

  10. liben says:

    here is a good way to get attention now.

  11. Soodo says:

    Awramba Times:
    Thank you for posting such a short but analytically interview with Yared Tebebu, whom I think is a well-balanced, seasoned and decent critics to the EPRDF dictatorial regime.
    Please continue interviewing modest and practical individuals…

    Long Live Ethiopia!!

  12. Kizimzim Wedet says:

    USA officials might as well seek advise from The Crown Council of Ethiopia which is the Constitutional Body which advises the reigning Emperors of Ethiopia and, during an interregnum (such as now), actually acts on behalf of the Crown. The Council’s members are initially appointed by an Emperor, and subsequently (during an interregnum) sustained in their posts or replaced under the direction of the President of the Council.
    the TPLF victory, the Tigrean leadership also acceded to the wishes of their Eritrean fellow rebels fighting to make Eritrea independent. Eritrea formally seceded from Ethiopia in 1993. TPLF leader Meles Zenawi declared himself President of Ethiopia in July 1991 and moved to consolidate this de facto leadership with a series of carefully-orchestrated elections which occurred during a process of strict suppression of opposition voices and strong moves to stop the Monarchy from returning to the office and station it had held for three millennia. [Meles Zenawi’s subsequently changed his Administration’s structure, placing power in the hands of a Prime Minister, which he himself became, making the presidency ceremonial.] The TPLF had originally cast the Monarchy as one of the options in its proposed new constitution. But it was clear that the TPLF had merely inserted the Monarchy as an option only to be able to immediately dismiss it, as though it had been proffered to the people for debate. It had not. There was no possibility at that time of any popular discussion of the option, and the TPLF — which transformed into the EPRDF — ramrodded its “constitution” into effect without due process. The object was solely to give a patina of domestic and international legitimacy to the new EPRDF constitution. The so-called constitutional consultative assemblies were fraught with many problems during this highly-unstable period, and the EPRDF, as the ruling party de facto, made sure that no chance was given to any option other than those which it chose.

    It is significant to note that the Monarchy has not relinquished its rôle and duties in Ethiopia.
    t seems clear that had the exiled Crown Prince Asfa Wossen been physically fit, then the Monarchy could have taken a far greater rôle in ousting the Dergue and restoring legitimate government to Ethiopia in 1991 or earlier. The Crown Prince had been abroad during the 1974 coup receiving medical treatment for a stroke, brought about by complications from diabetes in 19731.

    Indeed, the Dergue’s removal was only possible in 1991 because of the withdrawal of Soviet support from it, brought about by the collapse of the USSR itself. The TPLF was not Ethiopia’s saviour; the NATO-led escalation of the Cold War against the Soviet Union had merely robbed the Dergue of its benefactor. History will show that Crown Prince Asfa Wossen’s physical disabilities — he was heavily paralysed from the stroke until the time of his death in 1997 — played a decisive rôle in Ethiopia’s history.
    Despite being in exile in London, Crown Prince Asfa Wossen was persuaded, in 1988, to declare himself Emperor, taking the throne name Amha Selassie I. But this act, which showed that the Monarchy was still alive and evolving, did not have enough power behind it — because of the new Emperor’s poor health — to have sufficient political impact inside Ethiopia to bring about change on the ground. Emperor Amha Selassie did have the authority, under the Constitution of the internationally-recognised Government of Emperor Haile Selassie, to reconvene the Crown Council .
    “Based upon the responsibilities and powers vested in it by the late Emperor Amha Selassie, the Crown Council, during the current interregnum, has full authority to act as guardian of the Crown. In particular, the members of the Crown Council have both the authority and duty to:

    1. “Provide visible leadership on matters affecting Ethiopia and its Monarchy;
    2. “Strengthen the rôle of the Crown inside and outside of Ethiopia and remain in communication with leaders of foreign countries who might be able to assist the Ethiopian people in their current plight;
    3. “Ensure that the Crown remains and be seen to remain the key to unity and reconciliation among the major groups and institutions of which the Ethiopian people and Ethiopian national life are composed;
    4. “Play a leading rôle in legitimate efforts to safeguard the historical, cultural and religious patrimony of Ethiopia;
    5. “Identify key individuals who might be capable of assisting in these efforts and to recognise and honour publicly or privately those individuals who have so assisted.”

    Crown Prince Asfa Wossen had himself never been President of the Crown Council. However, it is likely that he chaired meetings of the Crown Council between 1957 and 1972, when his father Emperor Haile Selassie (who was at the time the Chairman) was absent.
    But Zara Yaqob’s revival of the tradition of a coronation in Axum was by no means absolute, and Ethiopia reverted to the pattern of choosing the enthronement site based on other political or personal exigencies of the day. This is what Alga Worrach Asfa Wossen was forced to do: his coronation in London in 1988 was conducted in less-than-formal circumstances, occasioned by his exile.

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