[Breaking News] Abune Paulos dies at the age of 76


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103 Responses

  1. dan says:

    kemoto ke ato Meles ga temesaTirew endehone yiTerTeriligne…

    at the same time nebse yimare bilenale….

  2. joro says:

    Waldeba! gud afelako

  3. Garu says:

    Well, there are some more still that should go.

    The Meles regime eradicated all journalists and opposition parties and after all ETV. aigaforum, Reporter say there is no strong opposition parties.

    May be God is answering the prayers of 80 millions?
    Who knows in one way or another, God visit and listen his people voice when they are voiceless by the rutheless diacators

    • forest says:

      Don’t be stupiiiiiiiid don’t forget I’m one of the 80 million that you mentioned and I didn’t pray for this to happen and don’t forget that Melese and his followers are part of your 80 millions figure and I don’t think they will pray for that.what’s wrong with you people think before you type!

  4. Tade says:

    Gena gud ale !! Amlake ye-ejachewun sitachew. Be-EOTC endafirina be-ethiopiawinitachin endinishemaqeq laderegun.

  5. bekolo says:

    we need more september is around corner !!!!

    • earth says:

      Ya you r right bekolo, that will be your funeral so that we all get relief cos one loser left our planet.

    • life says:

      I thought I left my comment anywayz, since its September it’ll be you bekolo you’ll be burned and buried does that feel good.

    • terusew says:

      When September is around people wish smt. good to come and if your wish is death what can you do your wish is my command let your life be spare.

  6. chachu says:

    i pray thousand times (if pray works )and wish thousand deaths to this vampire called Gebre woyane and his boss,Melese the killer.Let their souls rest in hell(if at all there is hell).

    • jhon says:

      You can see how stupid and dump you are.if you we’re a good Christian you wouldn’t say what you said but,since you are not educated there is no need to say to you chach except feel sorry for your soul.Beterefe R.I.P Abatachin.

  7. bereket G/kerestos says:

    Egeziabehear serawun yiseral!
    God bess Ethiopia!
    Ethiopia ejochuwan wedelay tezeregalech!

  8. alex says:

    Enayalen gena…………..
    bezu bezu………………

  9. Agame says:

    Dawit …. I am really wondering how u are tolerating the above comments …shame on u!! Kabana aytewledkan!!!!

    • seblew says:

      Agame, what do you mean? Kbakum entewede emo tay yigbrekum? ayteham’do? Dawit can not save the BAbun from death. It is the will of God. I agree it is of lower moral to be happy on one’s death, as we all have our share waiting. But, given his loyality to TPLF rather than the Church, his departure is a bless in disguise. arat netib. Let’s wait and see whatelse we have to hear about the tyrant’s fate. Agame wedaje tergaga. yih ayinetu mot betank ena be Age’azi ayimelesim. Ke egzer newa!

      • tom says:

        Another asshole do you think it matters whether he is Agamemnon, guragea or oromo ere pls let’s be civilized and think properly.how can we expect mercy from God while we’re not ready to forgive anywayz the reality is at least he was the Pope of Ethiopian orthodox church you like it or not his body will rest in a peaceful place so pray for your useless and lonely soul that nobody knows.

        • seblew says:

          @Tom, you wish so!? RIP? are you insane? if there is hell/heaven issue, believe me this hod-ader cadre along with his racist Aleqa will dance together in HELL…

  10. Kume T says:

    This is GOD’s act!! taking away all Ethiopian enemies one by ONE. Also Muslim Ethiopians for their right and Christians for Waldba prayed together and God Answered.

    Ethiopia Stretches her Hands to GOD is true……..
    who is next ???

    • great says:

      How can you pray for ones death? do you think you deserve death just because you Made a mistake or if ppl didn’t like you.who ever your name is don’t forget what goes around comes around.

    • yemareshet says:

      You guys have no morals.last but not least you are next!give my best regards to abune when you pass by heaven cos u definitely go to hell if you continue acting like orthodox and wish for others death.

  11. Gigi says:

    I hope we all are witnessing an interest time as Christians.

    God’s is indeed alive and once again revival for all Christians he’s watching on Ethiopia do not be afraid.

    Keep your prayer and let God do his work!

    We just praise him as Christians we have to refrain from curse word I know it’s hard but Believe……God will revive Ethiopia again!

    Lord is our Shepard!

    • cucu says:

      Once Aba Paulos and Meles are gone, it would be God’s work; and again, Once we got another Dictator worst than Meles (I do not think Ethiopia would), then you would say that it is God’s work…..when are we going to end blaming/praising god for what is happening under our own eyes?

      • Odaat says:

        Cucu! Everything in this world is God’s will and work. No Human being can defeat Satan or devil’s work without the name of Jesus Christ!!! Ethiopia Ejochuan Wode Egziabeher Tizeregalech!! Amen. We don’t stop praising God for good or bad. Bad things is happening for a reason so that you can wake up and appreciate the good!!

  12. kidi says:

    This should be a leason to many who dare to mess with holly churches of Ethiopia. the God of Aberham and Mosses is with our people. instead of us raising our guns, it seems God is fighting the good fight for us. It is really a prove God does not want the blood of these monsters in our land to be on hand of the innocent. God is great!

  13. Addiswork says:


    • challa says:

      Endea one thing I don’t understand is “mot”Addis neger new endea endeat Yale neger new mot if death was the penalty why is mengestu hailemariam and his followers are still alive. Wey gud.

  14. lozz says:

    This guy has ben dead for a long time when he went into the pockets of the ethno-fascist woyane junta. he could be rotting away in hell, one parasite gone!

  15. Name (required) says:

    As christian, we should never wish death or suffering on another human being. We should learn to disagree with on’s believe respectfully. Demonizing the one’s who don’t agree with us, is not the way to convince to our veiw point. We all have to answer for our deeds on earth, the day we face our Creator.

  16. Hilina says:

    What would Alak Ayalew tell the saints in heaven on this news; and all the more after the recent pompous celebration in Sharaton Hotel, while millions of Ethiopian christians are damned to live in misery.
    Please listen to the marvelous prophecy of Aleka Ayalew:
    (Dear Editor, please replace the above comment with this one, Thanks)

  17. Oohhh no abune diyablos gonna expired?Ms.Diyablos rest in hell!!!!! in advance

  18. Temesgen says:

    yewaldeba quta gena alalekem.

  19. Yelma says:

    God will be punishing 3 people for destroying Waldeba’s monastery. Meles,Aba Paulos and Abay Tsehaye.

  20. T.Goshu says:

    Yes, it is an ABC of religious and cultural ethics that wishing someone suffering and death is not acceptanle. However, to my understanding, this kind very normal human nature and behavior dependes on the circumstancial and factual situations in which we deal with. Let me make it a little bit clear. I strongly and sincerely beileve that the very reason not to say we are “sorry” about the serious illness of people such as Abune Pawulos is not because they simply disagree with them .Abslutely not!! It is rather because of the very dirty and cynical game they have involved in the name of religious leadership. I do not think that what the “pathriarc” and his very close cronies have done to the innocent people of Ethiopia by siding themselves with a ruthless rulimg elite is something beyond the reach of a very common knwoledge . Simply put, if we are courageous enough to face the reality , not the mere question of moralty,I do not think there is something wrong with not to be sad about the death of some one who have been one of the most important instruments for the evil-driven political system . I do not know how the death or… of a person who have been blessing the political crime committed by an ill-guided ruling circle should be treated gracefully. Yes, I undrestand that this kind of bold and straight- forward comment may make many people uncomfertable. Well, that is not uncommon as far as our religious and cultural norms (I doubt if this is a norm from the bottom of our hearts or ….)is concerned.

    Any way, I strongly believe that the final judgement (puting our souls in heaven or hell) absolutely belongs to God and God only!! But, I do not think not feeling sad about the death or… of somedody who have done a lot of terrible is a sin or immoral behavior. It is by far better if somebody who have done a lot of terrible things is gone forever before he/she cuases much more misery to the innocent people . I know this sounds rude and harsh. But, that is the way it should be told.There is no any other humble or polite way to tell about it!!

    • Tesfa says:

      T. Goshu, I completely agree with your comments.
      In some countries, when some one comitted a crime, the law permitte to execute that person so these devils are gone and not by us but by the natural force that is beyond everybody.

      Your explanation is simple , stright forward and very good. People can have divergent on opinions but that doens’t matter to disagree.

  21. belay says:

    The above commenters will pray for you to die, because you are from adwa/tigray. lol

    • Fikrte says:

      Belay ,
      you must be a sick minded tplf thug to say something like that. Dawit is an Ethiopian not a narrow minded tribalist like the vast majority of TPLF members. People like you are a liability to the people of tigray. If you like go to hell or to aiga forum,you don’t belong here.

      • belay says:

        I am not TPLF/EPRDF supporter. You are just stupid like most of the above commenters. Just set behind your computer and bark like a sick dog until you die. That’s it!

      • peace says:

        Fikerte have a heart.use your brain not your ass.no one should be happy on ones death.finally pls try not to say he is tigire,that is oromo minamin just try to give your opinion without mentioning tribe, good luck you nickel head!

  22. Geday says:

    Good by Pathetic Aba Pol. Meles is waiting for you in hell. You are next.

  23. Hailu says:

    This is the real moral distruction TPLF and Aba Gebremedhin have inflicted upon us. Their actions tormented us so much that we lost even our culture to not wish ill to some one. If they work actively against all our religious vallues, desecrate monastries, imprison and kill monks, sell our land to foreigners, etc, what are we supposed to wish them?

    I wish if they could repent and resort to doing good. They have been in power for 20+ years (both Meles and aba Gebremedhin) and we see our church and values bing erroded piece by piece. If it is God’s wish to stop such distruction by removing these guys, so be it.

    Our church has sufferred terrible damage in the past 20 years. May God make the future brighter.

  24. Fikrte says:

    God is great. Tha waldba monk’s prayer may be is heard.

  25. Haletu says:

    I want eagerly to see when TPLF daynesty demolish instead Democracy flourish in the land of Ethiopia,to me Meles die either the patric die make no difference the question will TPLF system die?

  26. Ethiopia says:

    Endet des yilal teyayizew telaleku? Fikir malet yihie new. Kelijie befit biadergegn noro bilew sitseliyu teketilew hiedu. Gena yet endale enkuan saytawok.

    Lidetun kakebere tinish saykoy belijinet teqechie. Hilton lay degimo yiqerew neber.

    Qetayu baleteraw man yihon? Bereket Simon? Ye ye ye

    Thanks to God, he did good job hisown job on his own time.

    I wish peace, love and unity for all of us.

    • tomntom says:

      I hate small minded people like you to call themselves Ethiopia.lemanegnawim pls berasachin lay meat anamta instead lets pray this is not how Christians supposed to act.

  27. Total says:

    God is Great!

    • Well kidane meheret asayechin. The Aleka of Kidane mehiret was replaced by a tigrean who came from The USA. Again ethnic is ticker than water.Please check the kidane meheret in Addis for the whole story says:

      Well kidane meheret asayechin. The Aleka of Kidane mehiret of Addis was unlawfully replaced by a tigrean who came from The USA recently. Coutsey of Edjgayew!!Again ethnic is ticker than water.Please check the kidane meheret in Addis for the whole story. Do not forget Waldeba!!

  28. seblew says:

    So, at this point, if this story is true and if Zenawi follows, I dare to dis agree with Nietzsche’s assertion that God is dead. I think he is alive!

  29. Zomma says:

    Sew simot betam yasazinal! Gin Key mesmer kalefe min yideregal. Waldiban menkat alineberebachewm.

    Egiziabiher Nebsachewn Yimar,

    • Ethio Habesha says:

      People of Ethiopia,

      The “pope” has gone
      The “PM” has gone
      Proposed Action:
      Let us wait until TPLF arranges some fishy things to us. Am sure they will not give away the power to others especially Oromos who deserve the top position. Then, we shall eradicate them from our surroundings by OPERATION called “OPERATION KILL ONE” and “OPERATION DESTROY ONE”
      am waiting your responses

      • life says:

        Ethionet habesha trust me you’ll die before you see that day the signs will start today good luck……………repent cos you have no time.

    • Ethio Habesha says:

      People of Ethiopia,

      The “pope” has gone
      The “PM” has gone
      Proposed Action:
      Let us wait until TPLF arranges some fishy things to us. Am sure they will not give away the power to others especially Oromos who deserve the top position. Then, we shall eradicate them from our surroundings by OPERATION called “OPERATION KILL ONE” and “OPERATION DESTROY ONE”
      am waiting for your responses

  30. Habtom says:

    O god, it is your work.

    he didn’t do his job and didn’t serve the church and Ethiopians truly. he was only loyal to Meles.
    Amlakachin ye ethiopian lijochi bemulu asmamtu be selam yemimeran meri yamttalin.
    we are a Human being before we were Tigre, Amhara, Oromo, Islam or christian.
    let us live together with peace.
    down with Meles’s style of leading.

    • radious says:

      Habtom do you think he passed away cos he didn’t do his job? Mention one person who’s still alive because of his good deed, there is no one you know why,because this is life’s cycle.if you think you’re Christian first you’ve to believe in after live.finally don’t be Moran n think you die cos you didn’t do a good job.
      God be with you man!

  31. micheal says:

    what’s wrong with u guys stop the hate aganist one another if all ur wants is for ethiopia to be well then start by treating the peoples around u with love and respect but if u choose war then start a group then blow urselves of with out affecting us the general peaceful population because we don’t need war atleast let this generAtion be the first generation which doesn’t c bloodshed n also hope all ethiopians good health long live ethiopia

  32. Xoxo says:

    All the comment writers are bulshit except some of you. Christians shouldn’t judge nor wish bad for ‘bad’ people. I don’t get it!!! Who ask God that He will punish him. But you guys are taking about his fate on behalf of God

    • love says:

      Min tadergewaleh berasachiw feredu!derom eko mechea tsadekan besew yeferdalu hatean bicha new yesewn mot yemimegnut lemanegnawim yeker yebelen.

  33. Dilu says:

    Although the death of someone is a bad news to hear to anybody, the death of tagay paulos has eroded that feeling from my soul. This guy has made a lot of destruction in many aspects of our life. He was the godfather of the notorious dictator,Meles zenawi. When Meles deprives us from the material aspect, equally this guy has deprives us from our spiritual life. As to me, he is by far more sinister and wolf than Meles zenawi. Because him, I even hate being an orthodox and always I was asking God why he gave us this devil as a patriarch ? Now the God of Abrham heard our pray and responded us miraculously. Paise to the Almighty God!!! of course I knew that you will never forget our blessed land, Ethiopia!!! It is written in bold “Ethiopian shall stretch her hands unto God”
    Dear sisters and friends, so far the two most evil institution leaders are removed from our shoulder, Eotch head and the prime minister, what should be the next is the army. That moron samora should be the next list. Who knows? Only God knows!!!! Amen!!!!

  34. Addisu says:

    It is a time that God starts punishing evils from top to bottom. All indiveduals will be punished by God. Why? Because all people that stands with woyane are standing with evils which means they are the enomies of God. God had been given them sufficient time to correct themselves. But they were not accept.

  35. gedl says:

    ye 97/98 gif, Waldba,Mejlis,Nurowudnet,yene Eskindr Nega Andualem Aragie, y sintu netsuh wogenochachin sikay tekotiro. yehizbn quta y egziabher quta kedemewu. tadia endih ayenet shekim silek efoy lemin aybalim. ahun sihon ene sebaht negan ene yared tibebu silemoral mawurat jemer. yegermal.

  36. dave says:

    Mskerem sayteba gude Aysemam alu wezero………

  37. Powlose says:

    Nebsachewn Begehanem Yanurlen!!!.Yewaldbaw gena bizu yasayenal!!.Endet Anjet yarsal.

  38. betty says:

    ale gena …ale gena

  39. Good says:

    Good news saysema Meskerem aytebam!!

  40. Ewnetu Taye says:

    Dawit, thank you for your report.But, In your report, I did not see any statement that explains the contoroversial and evil work Abune Paulos did by siding TPLF/EPRDF for the last 20 years.Atleast you could have mentioned some of the facts.

    Thank you.

    • pumkin says:

      You call the Pope evil tadya fetari min yeferd yesun sera sew yezot…………..thanks to God endegna kefat sayhone endemehreteh asebin amen!

  41. godayen says:

    congratulation the ethiopian orthodox people this is big victory for us god bless my ethiopia.

  42. meron says:

    Shame on you, pigs.
    Abatachin has gone from ‘kibir wede kibir’ from Deacoses upto the enthronement not the reverse.
    May his blessed soul rest in peace on the right of his creator.
    Your damned wish wasn’t to see like this. We will bury the flesh of our father with due honor in the upcoming days. He won’t be thrown in a foriegn land like other mad dogs.

    He has set his footsteps with out being trapped by your filthy hate and venegeance. He was a docorated father and he made it!!!!!!!!!!

    Egziabher yimesgen….

  43. chochu says:

    waw waw!!!!!!what spectacular good breaking news? let the person ,Melese the killer follow suit (if he is in his death bed)of the develish monk,aba woyane gebremedhen.

  44. meron-Part II says:

    Dr. Birhanu is right,
    you people are so filthy. I feel filthiness to be called Ethiopian like you (just for the first time)
    I have never think of you this much low.
    You are in the abyss dudes, all of you are good nothing, atirebum. Aydelem ende Woyane yemesele ‘Smart leadership’ any one from any where would have kicked your ass and make you eat his puke.

  45. Tesema says:

    BeAbatachin Mot Yemengist Eji Alebet Yemil Tiritare Alegn. Ye PM Mot Lerejim gize lemedebek

  46. Alen says:

    Wow,one source of divide has gone!!! force of unity is pushing in every way. changes are happening in surprsing speed.

  47. Chundecho says:

    You All,
    Let us think like a christian and the rest will up to Jesus Christ. Who we are to judge what ever crimes some one has done. Please if you are Christian think accordingly!

  48. Odaat says:

    EgziAbeher Bilo Be 1 Sinod endenimera yadergen!! 2 Sinod Ethiopia Ayasfeligatim!!! God Bless Ethiopia.

  49. Befirdu says:

    Now who is going to lead Meles’s funeral? Woyane was counting on him to lead the funeral. As it appears now he cannot make it.

  50. wodi goitom says:

    Cool down guys!!!!!! what the hell you are crying like this? Don`t be like that meles is coming in September and Shebawum he is old. So don`t you think it is natural? woldiba, God minamin..it looks like your wish drives God to do something without his plan. if you say Ethiopia is an island of religious people,you have to comfort their families( Meles/ Abun). The Ethiopian patriarch church will perpetuate according to Gods plan either the tigre junta too. Zimblek atinchacha..

  51. Yidnekachew says:

    It is the usuall natural phenemon of god to die and go to pardise,we inherited death b/c of that forbidden fig,so Forgiver excuse our holy father soul for the sake of virgin mary

  52. tola says:

    እንግዲህ ከላይ ከተጀመረ ተረኛው አላ ሙሙዲ መሆኑ ነው

  53. dilu says:

    Aygermim ys tagay paulos and tagay meles teyayezo memelot. feqer eska meqabeir yelutal yehe new. may God rest thier soul in hell. gehanemim aberew yegebalu beye tesfa adergalehu!!!

  54. Wondinet says:

    The so called Mahibere Qidusan the evil organization of neft, trying to defames the dead body of the beloved Ethiopian citizen. The worst to come bunch of idiots; you think that your prayer is answered? The Ethiopian revolution on the elite DC neft will continue, until the entire nation and nation equally served and respected as citizen or you will be evicted from the entire country with your fake Tabot with your Mahiber qududan for ever!!!!!!!

  55. Solomon says:

    ዳዊት ከበደ ለአድዋው አባት ተጠንቅቆ ከአሿሿማቸው ጀምሮ በዘራቸው ምክንያት ብቻ በጭፍን ገዥዎችን በመደገፍ በቤተክርስቲያንና በሕዝብ ላይ ያደረሱትን ጉዳትና ከባድ በደል አንድም እንኳን ሳይጠቅስ ከትውልዳቸው ጀምሮ መልካም የሆነውን የሕይወት ታሪካቸውን ነው የጻፈላቸው። በዚህ የሥርዓቱ ደጋፊዎች ቅር ለምን ይሰኛሉ። የኢትዮጵያ ቴሌቪዥንም እኮ ቢሆን ከዚህ የተሻለ የሚጽፍላቸው አይሆንም።

  56. EthioSew says:

    Thanks God!!! Please arrange for him VIP class in Hell. By the way if some one say ” cristianity is not allowed to congrats someones deth” he is definately from goddamn tigre.

  57. EthioSew says:

    In addition Who is gonna to replace him? Bereket Simon? Siyum Mesfin? Junedin Sado?

  58. MERARAWOO says:


  59. Befirdu says:

    Who issued TPLF’s condolences in the name of government? According to Bereket, Meles is back “… performing his duties as prime minister and head of state.” If so, is it Meles who sent it? Or is it the useless obese ceremonial president who is at least nominally the head of state? Bereket is losing it and he does not know the differece between head of government and head of state. Shame on him. Or is it H/Mariam, the puppet acting PM according to Sebhat Nega? BTW who is going to preside over the funeral of Meles expected to be held sometime in September if Aba Paulos is heading straight to the hell before Meles? Although the TPLF is holding Meles’s body hostage and keeping it in deep freezer here on earth, his soul is already before the court of GOD for judgement. It is rumored that Meles has submitted a long list of his witnesses and Aba G/Medhin tops the list. So he has been summoned as a witness and hence the main reason behind his hasty departure. The other witnesses on the list include the ceremonial president Girma, Bereket Simon, Sebhat Nega, and Alamoudi among others. They will all leave planet earth very soon to stand as Meles’s witness before GOD.

  60. chochu says:

    The obituary about fake aba paulos is not complete as it reflects one side only.However the editor should have included some if not all of the Paulos’s evil deeds and acts of conspiracy carried out by being hooked up with the Ethno-Facist TPLF thugs and high binders towards dismantling the long standing cultures and dogmas of The Ethiopian orthodox church under the guise of “Ethiopian patriarch”,i think ,unless the editor is sympathetic of this guy,he should have made the obituary complete so as to get full picture of him.

  61. Abebe says:

    Let his soul rest in hell .

    Meles is selfish if i dies every one follow we commuted the crimes together we will go together

    God is looking down everyone there is no agaze army in place

    So who is next we shall see…to me i lick that bastard Bereket to go sooner he is no 1 on the list god looking after emama Ethiopia dell le Ethiopia wordet le woyanne.

  62. Nebro says:

    Waldba spring!!!!


    La Orden Ecuménica de Malta se solidariza con el dolor de la Iglesia Ortodoxa de Etiopía, por la pérdida del protector espiritual de la Orden, su Santidad Abune Paulus I, que ha fallecido esta madrugada en Addis Abeba.

    (Zaragoza, 16 e agosto de 2012). La Soberana, Militar y Hospitalaria Orden de San Juan de Jerusalén, Caballeros Ecuménicos de Rodas y de Malta (Orden de Malta Ecuménica) sienten la pérdida de su Protector Espiritual, el Patriarca Abune Paulus I de Etiopía. Hace menos de dos meses estuvo en España (Boltaña – Huesca) co-presidiendo la investidura de nuevos caballeros que la Orden realiza anualmente el día de San Juan Bautista, venida que tuvo una gran repercusión en los principales medios de comunicación de Aragón

    Además de su bondad, cercanía y marcada espiritualidad, este pastor siempre ha denunciado la situación de extremada pobreza que vive el pueblo de Etiopía. La Orden Ecuménica de Malta, sensible a sus peticiones, viene colaborando con él en varios proyectos de Ayuda Humanitaria que ayudan a paliar muchas de las necesidades que tiene el País.

    Su Santidad el Patriarca Paulus I, además de ser muy querido entre sus feligreses, era un hombre de gran proyección internacional. Durante muchos años ha sido co-presidente del Comité Mundial de las Iglesias (CMI), donde siempre ha hablado de forma clara y contundente en favor de la Paz y la reconciliación en la región del Cuerno de África arrasada por los conflictos y guerras civiles.

    También ha sido un gran defensor de la reconciliación ecuménica de todas la Iglesias cristianas. Ha viajado y se ha entrevistado con todos los líderes religiosos para unir esfuerzos y crear un clima de hermandad entre todas las Iglesias. También ha mantenido siempre unas excelentes relaciones con su Santidad el Papa Benedicto XVI, quien le invitó y asistió recientemente al sínodo de los Obispos para África.


    The Ecumenical Order of Malta is solidary with the deep suffering of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, by the sudden loss of the spiritual protector of the Order, His Holiness Abune Paulus I, who died this morning in Addis Ababa.

    (Zaragoza, 16, and August 2012). The Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Ecumenical Knights of Rhodes and Malta (Ecumenical Order of Malta) feels the loss of their Spiritual Protector, Patriarch Abune Paulos I of Ethiopia. Less than two months ago he joined us in Spain (Boltaña – Huesca), co-chairing the investiture of new knights of the Order, in the ceremony that we annually hold on the day of Saint John the Baptist. His visit had a major impact on the mainstream media of Aragon.

    In addition to his kindness, closeness and strong spirituality, this pastor always denounced the situation of extreme poverty experienced by the people of Ethiopia. The Ecumenical Order of Malta, responsive to his requests, had been working with him on several humanitarian aid projects to help alleviate many of the needs that his country faces.

    His Holiness Patriarch Paulus I, besides being well-liked among his parishioners, was a man of great prestige. For many years he was co-chair of the World Council of Churches (WCC), where he has always spoken clearly and strongly in favor of peace and reconciliation in the region of the Horn of Africa, ravaged by conflict and civil wars.

    He was also a strong advocate of ecumenical reconciliation of all the Christian Churches. He travelled and met with all religious leaders, to join forces and create an atmosphere of brotherhood among all the Churches. He always maintained excellent relations with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, who recently invited him to the Synod of Bishops for Africa.

  65. Serawit says:

    May God bless the soul of our great Patriarch Abune Paulos. He lived and died like a Saint. After Sunday’s service he told everyone close to him that he asked the Virgin Mary to take him to his lord and that he is tired of this world, she answered his request in a matter of days, hours before he died he claimed that the virgin Mary answered his call, what a lucky person I never knew he was this close to our Lord and Savior. I hope the church names him a Saint.

  66. Gigi says:

    No wonder ato little meles where he got it from it’s obviously IN THE FAMILY TO BE A THIEFE I just wonder this time what they going to say, well this is for rehabilitation of tigray, or he made this money from almudi, or meles stole from Ethiopian people and gave it to him. No probably yeap the foreign government thought he was such a great guy and gave it to him and the money will go for tigray.

    Let alone million while Ethiopian poor are starving the former priest won’t even have 100 Birr where did he get the money. This is money belongs to the church should go for the church poor. It shame I mean this people are discusting…Jesus …Forgive me God,

    Waldba…Waldba,….wait if you don’t leave you’ll suffer more.

    Prais the Lord

    • Serawit says:

      please ehenen ye internet alubalta yizesh ezaw buna lay awuriw not here yet ayesh bilush min tiyi yihin, woregna

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