Abune Paulos’ funeral scheduled for Thursday


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  1. brx says:

    Ande yepepesena kaba yelebese honom egeziabeheren yekade lealem yadere sew mote alemote men yefeyedal endewem komo kemiatefa memotu yetekemal. ene yemeiasazengn poletikegnoch bebetekehenet negere hulu endiawem papasu yepoletica sew lemehonu masereja yehone zened asekerenu investigate endidereg mederegu new. yehe yemiasayew endene ejegayehu yalu betebachoch betekeresetian weset lifeterut yale neger endale yemiasai new.

    batekalay egeziqabeheren yemayaweku mehonachewn seyasau bedeneget sayehon maletem yeegeziabeher teri sayehon yesew eji new lemalet mekatetachew men yahil neweregna asafari mehonachewen yasayal.

    Legna le ethiopiaweyan gin geta gelagelen. step by step lelawem yeketelal

  2. semen says:

    How is hell paol. Hope you enjoy it. Don’t worry you won’t be alone. Some woyane junta are on process to join you and the frog soon.

  3. muluken abera says:

    yehi bewnetu ye waldeba gedam wetaite new

  4. Nigat says:

    As of yet nothing has been heard from Meles regarding the death of his blood relative, his very close personal and family friend, townman(both from Adwa), fellow comrade and appointee tagay paulos. THIS IS THE CLEAREST SIGNAL YET FROM THE TPLF THAT MELES IS DEAD. Every organ of the TPLF regime worthy of its name including the fake president, all the regional states in Ethiopia, all the ministries, embassies, etc are sending condolences on the death of tagay paulos. The only conspicous MIA is Meles. There is no one who is personally and familially closer to tagay paulos than Meles in the whole TPLF mafia group’s ringleaders. The death of tagay paulos is very personal and familial to Meles. It is not like the death of any of his other appointees. This death is hitting close to home to Meles. There is no other earthly reason short of death that can prevent Meles from at least sending condolences on the passing of tagay paulos. The answer Shimelis Kemal gave to an AFP journalist’s rhetorical question is also very telling. He was asked if Meles was going to attend the funeral. The normally assumptive, arrogant, haughty and pompous Shimelis who likes to pretend to know every thing going under the sun was subdued and said “I have no information.” It also seems that the TPLF is finally tired of lying after lying and after lying and refrained from writing/sending condolences in the name of the dead person – Meles. They could have just said it on the ETV in the name of Meles but I think it is finally dawning on them that the Almighty God is watching from above and they decided to pass it up this time around. Therefore one can safely bet his/her lifelong savings that Meles is dead.

  5. Fikrte says:

    He was a disgrace to Christianity. Aba gebre medhin had been for the past 20+years a hardcore supporter of tplf. No one really considered him as the legitimate head of the church. He doesn’t desrve state funereal. What happened to him will soon happen to other racist illiterate leaders of tplf.

  6. diasporas says:

    Awramba Times you are insulting 80,000,000 Ethiopian peoples, and diasporas. If is alive we will see him Abune Paulos’ funeral from his vacation please or where ever he may be.

  7. boss says:

    THE FAKE PATRIARCH is a woyane political cadre who has been looting the orthodox church and shamelessly preaching his tribal politics, and approving the burning or monasteries and churches. His total loot is now registered as $20 million.

    He was known to carry a revolver gun wherever he goes and is the first person , serving as patriarch to build his own statue while alive, like Samoura younis, the woyane ‘general’

  8. Hailu says:

    Aba Paulos is dead. May God bless his soul. Judgement is for God.

    After he death, we must not repeat the same mistake again. We don’t need any other fake election of a “patriarch” for the sake of uniting our church.

    Another fake election against the canon law of our church will guarantee the perpetuation of the grave mistake that shook our church to the core for the past 20 years.

    The division of our church is a shameful history that will be part of Aba Paulos’ legacy. The division of the church happened following the coming of the self imposed “patriarch”, while Patriarch Merkoriwos is still well and alive.

    Ending this division and uniting our beloved church must be the most important thing to do at this time.

    Now Aba Paulos is called by his creator, may God bless his soul. Patriarch Merkoriwos is still well and alive.

    The courageous thing to do is to restore Patriarch Merkoriwos and heal the wound of our church once and for all.

    This is the only best way we should advocate for the sake of our church. I am sure there are opposing views and emotions, but we must think beyond our emotions do the right thing to unite our church.

    May God bless our Orthodox Church. May God give our fathers the wisdom to put our church before their personal wishes. May God help us, Orthodox Christians, to do our part to unite our church. Amen.

  9. T.Goshu says:

    The death of Aba Pawulos and the disapparance of Ato Meles ,and the confusion and frustration both around the palaces of Aba Pawulos and Ato Meles was /is not an unexpected phenomenon. Because that comes from the very nature ,behavior and practice of individuals or groups who are dictatorial , cynical, disingenous and above all the doers of evil -driven actions.

    What is very worrisome is the severe lack of critical thinking of this generation on the question of how to move forward instead of wasting a lot of time and energy on the question of whether Aba Pawulos and Ato Meles have left good or bad legacies . It is true these people have done some seemingly good things .If the question of doing great things is building certain buildings ,roads, and showing up at various talking shops and on various media outlets and the like , we have a problem of very simple knowledge about very important concepts of compare and contrast.

  10. honesty says:

    Dear Awramba Times,

    This is a guy with the help of his nephews arrival of power while the reall Patriarch was still alive became a Patriarch and forcing the reall Patriarch in to exile. That by itself disqualify him by religon or world christian order. You don’t put while the roman chatholic pope is still alive anothe one you wait until true sucession.

    So this guy does not deserv any state funeral, or any respect for that matter since he has not shown a respect for the truth. He’s no humbleness, agree for the killing of the university students, agreed on the distruction of the Waldba monastry distruction, carry gun, killed monk…this is open and seen by not only Ethiopian agreed and a sad truth by Egyptian,Russian,Greece Orthodox which they condumn…and many more Orthodox christian around the world.

    I woould not call him his holliness it’s absurd he doesn’t qualify, actually if he hasn’t checked out early he should have been striped his pristhood and brought to justice with the woyane tyrant to the world court for due process. They should not been killed they should be all caught alive and brought to justice and investigate all the crime they have commited and get their punishment. Killing them does not do justice for those who lost their families and all the looting and selling our land and killing unjustly so many Ethiopians. It’ll be a lesson to learn for the next governmet in Ethiopia & Africa.

    Bring them to justice the day is near in Jesus Name Amen!

  11. Neftegnaw says:

    Shi…ttt SaNnnaTtaTtemachew waTtNnachew
    ayDdel ?

  1. August 20, 2012

    […] of calmness.   While they are struggling to overcome this incapacitating dilemma, the sudden and mysterious death of the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church has added more trouble to the situation.  Abune Paulos, a […]

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