Double murder suspect Abey Belete Girma Captured


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11 Responses

  1. Haletu says:

    It is shocking and devastating and it is shame and it is unbelivable,life sometime is not fare. Imagine how this couple give a contrubition to the community,and disrepected me and deserved to be gun down! Now what can we learn from this of course a stupid is a stupid does.

  2. Abraha says:

    Texas is a “death penalty” state. Thus, the suspect would be the first Ethiopian to get the capital punishment in the states if he is found guilty.

  3. teshome teklu says:

    It is so sad that the Ethiopian community lost its outstanding members. We should all grieve for the kind of madness happening around us and elsewhere. All the same, we should restrain ourselves up until the law takes its course. It is probable that this guy will claim insanity. God Bless, teshome

  4. Haile says:

    Simply this is un Ethiopian.

  5. Seble says:

    If one restaurant boycotted food and spices exported from Ethiopia will not really be the decisive solution for food shortage and famine in Ethiopia. Let us not be like Woyanes themselves and try to threaten people so they join the boycott. Let us respect everybody’s freewill and decision to join the boycott in buying food exported from Ethiopia and act peacefully towards them. Violence is not the solution.

  6. deboch says:

    He will pay the price by Legal injection .he feel the pain on his eye .

  7. tsedle says:

    The story does not add up ethiopians do not kill for being disrespected it has to be some thing like cheeting with his girl friend or it is polliticall problem or some other things going on in their past. most of the time after he killed he should take his life or not teeling to any one and just disappear and first they said he escaped some other town when he is right there in colorado so just tune and wait till the story to be unfold, do not ever be jugemental, to me it looks like a set up.

    • slim3548 says:

      This story was on First 48 recently. He was obsessed with her. no other reason. He told the detectives he first met her in Ethiopia, then when he came here, he saw her again at her restaurant and it all went downhill from that point. smh.

  8. j420 says:

    I hope he gets the Death Penalty.

  9. qeno says:

    You better watch your mouth.if you dis some one you will get shot. Gena legena america negn bilish saw bitawariji benefis tikeflaleh.sorry for the 18 mth infant

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