Holy Synod appoints Abune Nathnael as Caretaker Patriarch


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  1. Cheru says:

    The newly ‘selected’ interim Patriarch, Abune Nathanael, was appointed as the Archbishop of Arsi diocese by Aba G/Medhin. The election to patriarchate, even for interim period, must be held in a free, fair and transparent manner. No interference from anybody including the TPLF regime. TPLF has no business in the affairs of the church. It should not be allowed to impose its will over the will of the followers and above all over the will of GOD. GOD’s will always prevails even though the wheel of GOD’s will wheels slowly as He is tolerant. TPLF has a syndrome of wrongly reading tolerance as a weakness and tries to impose its will. We the followers of EOC catagorically reject TPLF direct or indirect maneuvering to replace its handpick by another handpick. The background of Abune Nathanael is now subject to scruitiny. Though he is currently serving as head of the Arsi diocese, where is he from originally? His background must be made public as any other elect to public offices, the public in this case being the followers of the EOC. Scruitinizing the background of anyone who takes public office is a fair game. We have to know who our leaders are very well so that we can be good informed followers.The EOC has a legitimate living patriarch. His Holiness Abune Markorios has to be reinstalled for the sake of the unity and peace of the church and for legitimacy of its synod. Let us use this GOD given opportunity to right what has been wrong for the last 20 years. GOD has a reason for opening up this opportunity and no one is allowed to stand before GOD’s will and hinder it. Let us implement GOD’s will.

  2. Name (required) says:

    GOD Bless Ethiopia for Ever 😉 🙁 😉 🙂 Amlak begzew hullun yeseral Atchekul wegene??

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