Temesgen Desalegn arrested; court denies bail


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16 Responses

  1. Tenager Ewnetu says:

    It is a EPRDF at least for now has chosen to go down tha hardline path of Meles.

    It is time we the majority started organizing a popular uprising. That may be what EPRDF wants too. Assuming they will cow down the desier of the popules for a long time to come.

    The opposition leaders should come out forcefully, committed for the ultimate sucrifice, and call and lead a popular uprising with a well defined demands.

  2. Feleke says:

    We must did somthing . This show z caming leader morn dictator b/se of thire fear.

  3. Beth says:

    Temesgen is a real hero courageous journalist spoke the truth about the racist death REFERS his source as the newly formed Ethiopian Transitional Forum (ETNC)THAT is the first that demanded the tplf regime to tell the truth about that dictator to Ethiopian people.

    We will fight for our freedom and country,our ‘Monestary Monks and our ancient religion on earth, God with us and the Zion Mary Aem!

  4. washeraw says:

    ኢሕአዴግ ተመስገንን ዛሬ በማሰር ሊነግረን የፈለገው ምንድነው? ‘መለስ ቢሞትም የማሰር: የመደብደብ: የመግደል ልማዳችን አብሮት አልሞተም’ ለማለት ይሆን? ታጋይ ቢሞትም ትግል አይሞትም ይሏል ይህቺ ናት¡

    ከጎንህ ነን፡ በርታ!

  5. Furious says:

    The arrest of Temesgen shows how the government is doing business as usual and there is no change in sight even with the death of the mastermind. One thing that is disheartening is to see people coming out in mass to glorify the man who is responsible for their misery. Do we forget how many died? Do we forget Andualem, Eskendir, Reyot….and many more still languishing in jail. Who was running the show and was in charge of the corrupted system. Where is our diginity, what a shame. Sorry Desalegn, sorry Eskinder. I think ethiopians deserve our leaders.

    • Kk says:

      I think u are right. Ethiopians deserve what they have…I never seen a people who are so passive who is willing to glorify the person responsible for all injustice in Ethiopia.

  6. deda says:

    Is it better to protect 80 million people or one or two journalist?

  7. Hilina Berhanu says:

    Even in the face of Death (The PM’s), not the slightest sense of clemency!
    Not even a single FREE MIND like what Temesgen is, tolerated, not to mention hundreds of his friends (Eskinder Nega, Andualem etc. +++++) behind bars!
    What is that! A primordial sickness of the mind?! Do all the top Echelons of the Ethiopian administration today need A THERAPY! Or the same old story of blind inhuman political-power calculations, like what the “civilized” west is demonstrating these days by simply praising the “Disastrous” outcome of a 40 years cultural and spiritual deconstruction of the Ethiopian Nation, ( just to call the spade a spade) under the continuous leadership of the US, -from EPLF via TPLF until EPRDF’s patrimonial Ethnic Authoritarian System, promoted nowadays by the UK under-cover!


    And if one “KIM IL SUNG” of the same Genre dies yesterday or Mugabe tomorrow, the main stream press of the whole globe rejoices, mocks and enjoys the caricatured mourning under state command!

    At last nonetheless!

    Since we have neither “Leaders” nor POPES in Ethiopia, as a christian, I would personally say, May God save ALL, not only the DEAD! – But specially – Including the “Living”!

  8. lilly says:

    one by one they will go to hell with thier crime.

    Temesgen didnt kill anyone but speak his mind.

    but those ppl in power their hand is washed by blood…they eat/drink blood

    may god bless ethiopia!!!!!

  9. noodder says:

    Woyane fascists continue with their brutality. jail , torture and harrassment and looting will continue unless these fascist are gone for good.

  10. azeb says:

    It is very sad ETV campaign for ruling party for next election where are those political leader. There is only one ruling party mass media, and one ruling party parliament. They have to hear the option party too. I watch ETV everybody wired and crying for Renaissance Dam not for PM Meles Zenawi what is going on.

  11. Ninita says:

    He must have been arrested long long time ago. He is a journalist; he is a hate journalist. Ethiopians need good, clean water, electricity, freedom, peace, love, not hate. Haters face the law; No one must be allowed to ride on the law.

    • Mallu says:

      Ninitta. who divided the people and spreed hate b/n Ethiopian Ethiniciy and religion.Who was arresting people instead of forgiving (Like mandela did) by their poletical views? don’t you see unequal distribution of welth dont you see how much the party members or supporter collect the main economic inputs and other benefits than the people.Temesgen may hate them; however he hates the haters.

  12. Nati says:

    Temesgen,Hailemeskel&Muluneh we love u so much!!!

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