Barack Obama Discusses with Acting Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn


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18 Responses

  1. Ht says:

    Did mr Obama sent his condelosence to the families ofmeles’s victims? When meles keep on killing Ethiopians , Obama simply looked the other way. When meles comes to see obama in dc, his reward was waiting for him in billions. The next killer pm has about 90 million people to kill, so mr Obama better have his billions ready to hand over or risk the spread of alshabab.
    Meles zenawi burn in hell you son of a female dog!!!!

    • Abrham says:

      Dude Chill… one knows that u exist bro. and also one thing…..Respect the dead!!!! forget that he is a leader but remember that he is father and a Husband and respect his Family…..

  2. Nameless says:

    Well, if he is wise, there are few points to learn from Egypt’s Moris.

    Or he should be fool and keep continue the current system which will end up.

    Call all opposition parties, release all political prisoners and organise election in less than 3 years and in this case, all Ethiopians will participate to their homeland and progress will come.

  3. Quattro says:

    Barack Obama hase become useless cowered man. He still talks bout regional copperation he doesn’t even have the guts to tell Woyane about their inhuman crime

    What a useless president for Africa. I will never vote for you again

  4. hailu says:

    that’s it! I am not voting for Obama.

  5. liben says:

    Lets send a message by vote.. Pass this around it will be a way to get their attention.

  6. bekele says:

    I never vote for Obama in Nov. 2012. He talks but he is not the man of action.

  7. thomas says:

    የአሜሪካ እና የጠ/ሚ. ሃ/ማርያም ደሳለኝ ግንኙነት ለሕወሓት ራስ ምታት ሆንዋል

  8. kina says:

    Hailemariam Desalegn is woyane too. There is no way hate politics can remove woyane. The people of Ethiopia united more than ever.

    It is time work hard than ever before together. The Dogs in dc, at Ethiomedia, ESAT, the partime politician Dr. Brhanu can keep on barking. We are united more than ever before.

  9. Tazebe says:

    TPLF is preparing to sit for a major ‘gimgema’ in the satellite organizstions (ANDM, OPDO and SEPDM) right after the burial of terrorist Meles. The main goal is to evaluate the extent of mourning of the members by the death of tyrant Meles. Those who have not shown high degree of grief will be purged or demoted. The members are therefore doing their level best to be seen soaked in tears and crying out at the height of their voices to score points. Some of them are keeping records by taking pictures and video footages of themselves while crying and grieving in case they need them to defend themselves during the planned ‘gimgema’. All government employees who are non-members will also be evaluated. The drama is performed based on the playbook from North Korea and other countries where there is absolute dictatorship.

  10. berheg says:

    you guys are fool do not mention north korea ,their leaders even if dictators they love their country and people ,at least no prominent coruption ,famine racism and so on but with us ,racism , coruption haterd of ethiopia and its country making land loaked and pay in billions of dollars with increased price in ordinary goods of people, by tyranny dictator meles and TPLF with its supporters, how in earth compare with north korea leaders who loved their people and country .

  11. Daniel says:

    I’m so disgusted by so called western countries and inclluding united states incluiding Obama for supporting TPLF/Meles a minority aprthied system. This is insulting the intelegenece of majority ethiopians by creating a fake economy growth and development to support this ruthless dictator who has no any humanity. Any ways my fellow ethiopain opressed people just forget this drama and just focused on your struggle to dismantle this ethnic parthied system btw this so called civilized western countries once they were supporters of the old south african aparthied system.

  12. Genet says:

    I will never never vote for Obama. He is a man of empty words.

  13. Pere says:

    Wether u vote for Obama or not,he will win the election! He gave u the chance to stand and work on his country’s soil,which u had been dreaming since u was born! u came to US through winning DV or after being tortured in refugee camp. Now u drive taxi,work at gas station,parking or in factory and send daily bread for your family back home! Do u think Obama should be blamed for giving such a golden opportunity for u? Why u blame and insult Woyane hiding here? If u were true patriot,u would go to Ethio and overtly oppose the regime! Y’all bastard,u betta zip your mouth!

  14. Minilik says:

    The remain of Meles should be thrown to Red sea!!!!!

  15. silent majority says:

    Let everybody know in the haters camp I am quiet all this time when the haters psychosis reach to delilusional level. You can fool the foriegn journalists but not me. Meles is one of kind leader that comes in a century. He was a pride to all Ethiopians and silent majority diaspora. He lead hughly diverse country to begining of prosperity. The Ethiopian people showed the out pouring of grief they felt. From Meles I learnt one major lesson, to have faith in the people. The generation that is created, with love for contry and work oriented metality is Ethiopia’s future. Thank you Meles and all who sacrified thier life before him.

  16. aymro says:

    please please, no matter what, respect a human who passed away. Be intelligent enough to separate political differences and humanity. After all we have a culture of honoring the dead.

    Hailemariam Dessalegn is the first of its kind in the history of Ethiopia. He comes from small minority of southern Ethiopia.He is an intellectual of the new generation who can bring hope and prosperity to the nation. There fore,we all citizens of this great nation, need to support him.

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