The Meles Zenawi I Knew


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12 Responses

  1. Belay says:

    Zenawi was never a genius but simply a clown. You are nothing but a village idiot. You know who’s actually smart? Erin Burnett of CNN. As soon as she set foot in Addis, she knew she was in a police state. In this day and age, you cannot just create a travesty with the intentions to misinform the world. Try to base your information off of facts not your relationships or indulgences.

    • Azede says:

      What aboutt your hero Butcher, cannibal Mengestu and his cadres?

    • Hager says:

      Mr. Barry Malone, thank you for getting to know the Great Man of Ethiopia and thank you for presenting a balanced, well written piece. It shows that you did your homework and fullfilled your journalism duty.

    • Mugaga says:

      You are the ultimate idiot here, the foreigner has a better knowledge of your own leader and county (like it or not, Meles was the leader of your own country and hence he was your leader). Barry saw, met and heard from Meles, he didn’t cast his opinion based on what was gossiped like you. Meles was indeed genius. Are you going to criticize Prof. Jeffery Sachs and other noble laureates of the world bank and IMF for admiring Meles Zenawi? If you ever understand Economics well, you wouldn’t say this; how many articles do you have to read before you convince yourself that Meles was a great intellectual of our time. I can imagine how bitter you would feel reading the articles about Meles storming the internet these days. FYI, Meles didn’t only educate himself but rewrote the books. He never sat on his ass to attend full time graduate school. What about him being third in class while presiding over the issues of that messy country of ours? Are you going to blame the university for rating him that high?.

    • Abraham Kidane says:

      Zenawi was a genius. Mr. Belay you do not seem to know him.

      Meles was an outstanding student at the HSIU. Where did you know him? I would like to know.

  2. Abinet says:

    It was interesting to read such a close up of Meles. All humans have many facets to their personality. There is no doubt he was very intelligent but seeing other personality traits helps to reveal the reasons for the arrogance, cruelty etc. Thanks Barry Malone for sharing !

  3. way says:

    This is a very balanced article.

    I was under the impression that you would not be fair minded in reporting about MZ after your smoking relatinship with MM in Addis. Hope I do not have to spell out what MM stands for. BTW,thanks for all the help in sending her to Davos earlier this year.


    • tsio says:

      Greetings Way,
      For the politically naiive like myself, would you mind spelling out what MM is?

      To Barry Malone,
      Our PM did not have wings and a Halo, he was a man and what a brave and dedicated man he was. The question of his intelligence speaks for itself. I will thank God everyday for having lived with him as my leader.

      To my fellow Ethiopians,
      I will pray that my opposition brothers and sisters as well as my Eritrean and Somali brothers and sisters will choose peace over chaos. That way we can give everyone a better quality of life. Choosng PEACE is simply smart !

      Rest in Peace our Honorable Brother and Leader. THANK YOU !!!

  4. Peace is answer says:

    That is very balanced about PM Melse Zenawi, He is a great leader focused on his Great Vision for Ethiopia, we never seen a great leader like him. why some Diaspora hates Melse is simple fact because he is from tigrian that is the fact and truth. If Melse is belong to Amhara he can rule more than 50 years without conflict even with Diaspora. Ethopia is for 80 Million Ethiopian not for Ethio – American most of diaspora’s American have criticize curry american passport but they disturbs us to much because Melse is from tigrian, they wish always to rule only Amhara over all other Ethiopian and amhara diaspora also knows that Melse already destroy the Amhara satanic ruler.

  5. Alemash Belai says:

    Why Always TPLF cadres confronted of their crime defending it by comparing it with Mengistu ??? -Is Mengistu the good governance measurment of TPLF Supporters ???-that is just So low

    • Addisu says:

      I am sorry about the western civilization and democracy. It was hard to discover Zenawis personalities and his political ideology. Why? Western do not want to leason what Ethiopians oppositions leaders said about Meles and his regime and described him precisely and exactly. They tried to explaine in easly understandable way of expression. Moreover meles and his brutal wild party is very clear for many millions of Ethiopians and many thousonds of local and international journalist but no body were tried to hear their voice and reports. We can define meles and his group as it is. Enemies of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, the most lier in the world, selfish, extremly frightend man, unstable mood and full of evil, he tried to make life basically based on false theory and particularlly finding a way to convince his false fabrication theory to have funds and political support and hence he were formulated premices and arguments with basic fallacy. And he was very smart and fast to produce many number of premices. But the arguments can not be deductive. But many developed western countries, chines and Japanes supporting his brutal, tyrant and repressive government. In generall the western paticularlly the united states are share the overall responnsibility that zenawi killed millions of Ethiopians exploiting of the people and the country in large scale and torturing and prisoning many thousonds of political leaders. And Zenawi were realy and strongly represent Evils and he was the 21 century tyrant, Evils master and ambassader ever in earth. I have more and sea you…..

  6. Tsion says:

    To Addisu,
    A simple piece if education. The party was EPRDF not TPLF.

    BTW, you owe a debt of gratitude to the TPLF that saved you and your family from being slaughtered by Mengistu.

    Suggestion – read Abraham Kidane’s message. I wish you enlightenment my brother.

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