The mourning of dolls in Addis Ababa


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16 Responses

  1. ZULU says:

    Woyane made ethiopias the joke of the highest order. We dead people walking. In this age, we are under the rule of the jungle. Sad!!

  2. Dolls showing solidarity says:

    Dolls showing solidarity with their hollow head cousins quing to mourn Meles.

  3. Dolls showing solidarity says:

    Dolls showing solidarity with their hollow head cousins queuing to mourn their ex.

  4. tazebe says:

    TPLF is preparing to sit for a major ‘gimgema’ in the satellite organizstions (ANDM, OPDO and SEPDM) right after the burial of terrorist Meles. The main goal is to evaluate the extent of mourning of the members by the death of tyrant Meles. Those who have not shown high degree of grief will be purged or demoted. The members are therefore doing their level best to be seen soaked in tears and crying out at the height of their voices to score points. Some of them are keeping records by taking pictures and video footages of themselves while crying and grieving in case they need them to defend themselves during the planned ‘gimgema’. All government employees who are non-members will also be evaluated. The drama is performed based on the playbook from North Korea and other countries where there is absolute dictatorship.

  5. Total says:

    I think those boutiques which are run by the close relatives of the weyane gang made a good business at this time b/se they were informed prior to the offical announcement of death of the tyrant crime monster and imported those trash black dresses from China.

  6. Tekle selasie says:

    This is a joke? No it is not a joke, it is woyane tradition to fool himself. This shows how much TPLF is uncivilized and do things as they are in the jungle. 21 years is not enough to change themselves? They cannot go with this free world and civilization. Still they are acting like nigus ase Yohannes era.
    We need to do a lot to change their mind set.

  7. Tazabe says:

    Wow!!! where are we heading. shave hair and dress in black? Are these relatives or paid mourners? May be oredred to do so for filming. This does not change the size of his crime. The blood of all those young children and inoccent young men and women who were masacred in the last 21 years stained his time. This shows how much narrow minded and useless they are instead off trying to ways to improve the weak economy they are focusing on this criminal’s death.

  8. Hasab says:

    You know what we always mourn our beloved ETHIOPIAN brothers and sisters killed under direct command of this Devil Meles and his toys agazi butchers or wild animals. And those innocent Ethiopians thrown in jailed as well.
    Who cares about the death of …. They all will go turn by turn and let them feel what it looks like when somebody lost beloved on we all have same soul in front of GOD.

  9. berhe says:

    It’s not with out reason why the derg lost the battle in the civil war…it is not with out reason that the ‘few’ who ambitions is to own Ethiopia alone cry foul of the EPRDF. Are you not the family members of the Ethiopians who are in country and yet because they are moved by the death of the prime minister you insult and denigrate the public…. as dolls. …That is why you lost and you will remain a loser. Ethiopia will never be governed by UNITARIAN sects who would want to take it back

  10. Desta says:

    These uneducated woyanes have no idea how Ethiopians are thinking. They are fooled by the fake tears of” sira fet baltets” of the city. Meles was a brutal wicked dictator who betrayed Ethiopia badly. The good news is he is gone for good and this is the beginning of the end of tplf. God is great.Alahu Akbar.

  11. Tizibt says:

    Don’t be dummier than the dummies. This is the invisible market force at work. When there is an event and demand you market it appropriately. Don’t you see back to school supplies marketing where you live?

  12. Jebere says:

    We must realize that the pattern of KimIl Sung and his retarded boy’s paranoia and the state apparatus that they built with personal grandiose, ethnic loyalty and party structure are being replicated in poor Ethiopia.The whole idea of collective punishment will apply if the ruling TPLF operatives suspect that the boutique owners are not grieving to the standards the party sets. It is unfortunate to see @ 2012 dolls have to conform to this Kind of pressure where as one should imagine what is happening to human beings in Ethiopia.

  13. WeyGUD says:

    Wey Gud! I have never dreamed that we will be like North Korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. kimg minilik says:

    It is amazing, why are all tigrians always rush to defend meles. Can’t atlist we agree this gunta was unlawfully on power this long. What does that make him? A man elected by god to rul over ethiopians without any oposition ? The visionary ? Give me a brake. So Goitom, Gebrai, Adhanom …..that does’t give you a right to defend him on everything. Unless of course you want to make yourself looklike a fool.

  15. Jebere says:

    Well through time immorial and in history we have witnessed several death. One thing you need to remember is cemeteries are full of people once thought they were indispensable. It is a short time memory in Ethiopia how this apparatus were conducting business( don,t show up @ about square you will drink your tea without sugar). Derg created this entites but refined with TPLF. ^kebele^. This institutions are the cancer for generations to come and will be used to silence and punish anyone who dare to speak and make sense as alternative. As they say time will tell Time is free and priceless and you can’t keep it but you can use it. Once you lose it you will never never get it back. Let us hope just hope that hope to bring hope.

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