Leader of Terrorist Group Seeks Talks with Hailemariam Desalegn’s Government


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38 Responses

  1. Neftegha says:

    No one takes Birhanu seriously as he is a hate agent. Please let wise people like Birtukan take the leadership on the opposition as this guy is full of hot air.

  2. Abel says:

    Mr Dawit,
    I can not see the sentence ‘Berhanu Nega Seeks Talks with Hailemariam Desalegn’s Government’ in the body of the text. Where is it?

  3. goffer says:

    Kemal the woyane puppet who is being used by the fascist woyane as a disposable towel is back. where has he been all this time.

  4. Andarge says:

    @Abel, read the first paragraph

  5. Wondu says:

    Who will listen to this hater? All he thought the Ethiopian people is about hate. But look at Birtukan who is wise and brave, she is the one that can lead by example unlike this guy who is full of bravado and no action.

  6. Bob says:

    Geta Berehanu bahunu seat enkuan aydelem Hailemarheam Desalegn who will be the next PM, enem behone yezorebegn simple diaspora kante gar alaweram….. ere enefer tenesh…let me get my $500 back for my arbegnenet certeficate keza minalbat awerah yehonal.

  7. chachau says:

    Neither brtukan nor Berhanu deserve to lead Ethiopia.one way another are sympathisers of woyane .Look what berhanu said:’ i have no malice with Melese ” so with whom ? as he is the architect of all malise and an absolute hater of Ethiopia .is Berhanu tries as usual aspire a portofolio for himself ?by entreating woyane ? frogetting that the system is still intact.With regard to mrs Burtukan ,i think she has already abandoned the political scene and in my opinion she is very in-experienced to deal with such complex political situation . only the woyanes who encourage her come back to exploit her weakness. No need of Burtukan and her likes any more .Let her take care her kid and elderly mother.

  8. mamo says:

    In the after math of Meles’s death the Tigrean junta is doubling down on the future of their power. They are taking the silence of the people for approval of their dictatorship. The Ethiopian people have chosen to remain silent until Meles is buried, but the remaining Woyanes are trying to push the public out of their silence.
    Kemal is telling every body who cares about Ethiopian and its people that the Woyane regime is an incorrigible establishment. You either live by it and be serious to bring it down. We can assure the Tigrean supporters of this government that it is not sustainable and we will bring it down.

  9. Anita says:

    Mr. Mamo, you hate woyane; you hate Birtukan,you hate Dr. Berhanu? whom do you love? only Arat kilo? Well, you have no choice Mamo. Woyane will stay there and it is more stronger than ever. Everyone of has renewed our contract with woyane now. You can see yourself the Ethiopians are in deep sorrow. We Tigreans are not after money or wealth or power. We want to lift our country from abject poverty which was subjected to by people like you. You will cry on the web for your entire life. The people of Ethiopians are in charge of their destiny. History is changed whether you like it or not. Woyane did not brought hate or division into Ethiopia. You brought the hate and division yourself where no many Ethnics were treated as subhuman in the name of unity. Now Ethiopia is redefined and the people can choose they want. There is no way you oppress the people.

    You have one choice now? be civilized and come home and have national vision and form peaceful civil political organisation or join those who are already working. Otherwise, your hate politics will get you anywhere. Ethiopians do not want people like Mamo anymore.

    About Dr. Berhanu, it is very premature for him to talk about power now. He must wait at least until the Prime Minisster is buried. Please have respect according to our culture. Dr. Berhanu grow up and uphold our culture. Be wise, and think wisely. While Mr. Desalegn is busy with funerals, you wanted to talk about power in before even they bury him? well, that is very immature.

  10. ECADF-BOY says:

    Ethiopians Becareful we will end up with another bad leadership

    Dr Berhanu is smart for himself just as Meles was. Dr Berhanu hates Amara he has the same outlook on Amara people just as Woyane. Dr Berhanu is n one G7 meeting said ” I Am Gurage” here goes the G7 leader braging about his Ethnicity.

    – Dr Berhanu never says Ethiopia Hagere. So does Meles
    -Dr Brhanu says “Anasazi Beheroch” So did Meles
    -Dr Berhanu hicks & acts “Only he has the solution & everyone ahold just listen to him” so did Meles
    -Even Dr Berhanu’s sister who is a regular attendant in ECADF room with neck name “KONDEDO” aka Tesehaye Nega never said a word when poor Amaharas were being killed by Woyane
    We all should ask how on earth Dr Berhanu”s family managed to get a loan from Woyane bank & bult a 5Star Hotel IF Dr Berhanu is really a treat to Woyane

    All I can say is I feel sorry for Ato Andargachew & his father they both suffered a lot under Woyane.

  11. Yosuf says:

    Brehanu Nega has no idea about Politics in real terms or in Ethiopian context.

    Brehanu Nega was the one who broke down knijit back in 2005 national election.

    Brehanu Nega is running the dark politics of political mongering in which he now is running synonym of a British comical comedian Mr.Ben’s type of politics -Ginbot-7.

    I don’t believe he is ignorant doctor; but Mr. Nega is acting as one.

  12. koftanawe says:

    Berhanu is trying to betray the opposition camp one more time. I for one never took him seriously as he is unreliable and power monger pseudo scholar. Berhanu never cares about the things he talked about rather he is looking for a short cut to assume power on the cost of the Ethiopian people and those few innocent supporters of him. He preached us about peaceful struggle and then about an armed one and now about dialogue with Hailemariam. what a shame.

  13. Kiki says:

    Birhanu is a true hater and should be start thinking about giving the youth a chance. Step down from his high horse and humbly give a chance to those who are in touch with people’s opinion in Ethiopia.

  14. amha says:

    Brhanu + Blame game -For ever no
    result ,pleas ato brhanu go to ethiopia and fight like mels zenaw other ways to mach talk is no good.

  15. I don’t understand why some guys attack Birhanu Nega. why don’t you live him alone just let him do his job if you do not agree with him you can go on your way. Do we have to must kill each other?he tald as that he is working to change the weyane Gov. by any means posible.If he think having talk with them can brought chang let him try.If you guys doesn’t like him just tell him for him selt don’t brought it here we don’t wonna hear your crap save it for your self.

  16. Nebro says:

    Focus on the regime guys!

  17. Beth says:

    Aiga and all the racists some thing you should to know, you may get easy ride with some, but not the confident and smart Dr, Nega.

    Following the split of kinigit, since I heard Dr. Birhanu down grading, Hailu Shawel and engaged in calling many names including labeling Hailu as Amhara by singling out one of the two ethnic make up while Hailu’s ethnic includes Oromo as well.

    Despite Birhanu turned me to become one of his critics, I do not think in my view the hand picked Ms.Birtukan Mideksa, with no early history of involvement in students movement to bring about democratic process in Ethiopia any where near to match Dr. Nega and it is no fair.

    It is nothing to do age, sex, or paper qualification that determines individual stature, other than her/his natural gift that is intrinsic personality and make up that differ from individual to individual.

    I campaigned for both Dr. Nega and Ms Mideksa when the whole kinigit leadership was jailed for their release. I thought they were real leaders and democratically elected.

    When Ms. Mideksa was jailed for the second time, I was no longer her supporter neither Birhanu’s, however I joined her supporter’s rally and stood at 10 Downing street, London to demand her immediate release, because I believe in the universal human rights and freedom regardless our opposing ideas.

    Hence regardless our differences, I like to make my honest opinion that Birhanu Nega is a well educated articulate and charismatic politician.

    He would become a capable leader provided that if he become more tolerant, careful, considerate and respectful of others, such as Hailu an opposition figure, to whom Nega went lengths to criticize.

    One major difference between Nega and Mideksa is that Nega is sociable with a vibrant social life.
    While Mideksa has no such profile apart from her ambition to reach to the highest office in the public administration for her self interest, which is normal think and wish in this way.

    However, her track record does not fit to compare her leadership quality with Nega.

    Please do not take me wrong thinking I might be her rival. It is not the reason for my comment at all, because I am a confident qualified Lawyer with LLM/Master degree in international Law and human rights law including women’s rights and I am not sexist either.

    I simply compare and contrast both individuals based on their quality from their antecedent intention and desire for public and social duties and services.

    In this respect Nega’s profile shows his involvement in the struggle for freedom and democracy began during his school and higher education era.

    For that he can make a proper democratic leader with some correction and humbleness including above aforesaid.

    Thank you,

    • bekele says:

      Dear Beth
      surprising, you got LLM despite your extreme poor English? and you said you are competent, Arogant, rubbish

  18. seyoum says:

    way girum, birhanu min ainet insisa neh bakih? metffo gimel feet.the rest of his followers shame on you.can’t you see and feel the reaction of Ethiopians back home and know how completely mistaken you are? I suggest you change your tune and learn how to oppose the right way, the civilized way.

  19. thomas says:

    Nice Idea Dr Berhanu keep trying !!!!!!!!!!we are with u!!!!!!

  20. Marta says:

    @ Beth
    Just as I was enjoying your comment in the middle of you long comment (almost one page article) lol you are advertising your Acadamoc Profile.

    Well let me tell you Ms ” I am a confident qualified Lawyer with LLM/Master degree in international Law and human rights law including women’s rights” Where in hell were you hiding during the Kiijit Movement , When Obang , ! Tamagne , Abebe Gelaw, Dr Berhanu & Bertukan were fighting Agazi Wiyane publically for our people. Which demonstration did you attended , do you even participate ECADF or QALE room . I,am sure you are in Laurete Kebew Room

    Beth -you need to understanding something to thick wall head. We Ethiopian are sick & titled of Educated Cowrds like you . May be you should advertise your academic achievement on the Datting Game show to find a man. For your information Both Birtukan & Dr Berhanu did their best while you were too busy opening your skirt at a Nightclub

    • belihu says:

      I love all critics, but I hate dictators.
      Let us take the high road of civility. Let us build Ethiopia on what we have gained so far under any regime. First and foremost let us build or establish a free and independent judiciary. The rest will be built step by step. The tragedies, the “kei shibir, netch shibir”, massive killings that took place all over Ethiopia and imprisonments that continued to this day, are all brought by our own intellectuals,some with doctorate degrees (yemihuran iwiran). Enough!!! I do not want to be governed by these kinds of narrow minded elitists and theorists.( Those campus lions, stay in your cage please!) I rather be governed by experienced business owner or farmer or governor that has a good track record. Marta I like your criticism of elitists(like Beth), proud of you sister. However Ethiopia is big enough to accommodate us all. God bless Ethiopia!

  21. liben says:

    Aiga and other haters. Sorry the guy is not fool to go back home and get killed. He has the skill and support to lead from here. Not everyone should be a foot solder some are think thanks, some organizers, some PR, some are strategist. some donates their money some their intel, some sit and wish good .then comes generals, foot solders and real fighters on the ground. That has alway been the case. So its not time for Birhanu to go to Ethiopia and fight. I am sure some day we will pay our respect and welcome him at the air port. He wont fight your fight he will fight his.

  22. yedebreberhanu says:

    Who is to ask to talk to Hailemariam Desalegn .Is it personal talk .He is one of the oppportunists who hide abroad and opens his mouth when the opprtunity arises Everybody knows him

  23. Alem says:

    You “Dr.”Birhanu Nega and the likes, wait, & the only way u will have a Chance to be in the palace,the only thing u are dying for, is after u graduate from the future university that will be built by the Ethiopian people in honor it’s beloved son PM. Meles Zenawi.

  24. sable says:

    That was so funny comment , you mean to tell us ” Berhanu is not a fool to go backhome & get killed BUT it’s ok for him to tell our generation to join his idea & get killed by Woyane Agazi. Don’t you think he already have massacred the youth during the 2005 Election & he fled to USA even as Birtukan was determined to fight & she went back .Is that really a king of cowered leader we need ? I don’t think most people hate Dr Berhanu we just don’t trust him at all

  25. Tekle says:

    I am getting tired of reminding you all what I said a million times before. Do you think we sacrificed more than 60,000 of brave sons and daughters during our struggle to liberate you from the blood thirst Mengistu regime for nothing? When we were struggling and dying, you were chowing down Bib Mac’s and having good times at your speakeasies. And now you are cursing at a world’s most renowned leader who is resting in peace after transforming a backward rural nation into one of the fastest growing economies in the world. I am not saying that there were no mistakes made during the last 21 years but those missteps were done in the best of intentions by zealous officials at lower level echelons of the government. But they were never erred by our Most Benevolent Leader Meles. Not one mistake he made in his lifetime. Period!!! Your problem is the bigotry you harbor on my peaceful people of Tigray. Why don’t you admit it and get done with it. I know you hate me the time I tell you my name is Tekle and from Adigrat. Bigotry will never get you anywhere but will end up backfiring at you. The world hates bigotry and will avoid you forever and ever therefore will have nothing to do with you. That means total isolation for you. That is a cancer that will eat you up at the heart of your existence. So grow up!!!! The peoples of Ethiopia know what is best for them and they have accepted peacefully our offer to lead them out of their wretched lives. And what an excellent job we have done so far. You just listen to our leader President Obama’s eulogy for our Benevolent Leader Meles. Just read the eulogies by the leaders of UK, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, South Sudan, Ghana, Malaysia, and Singapore. They all mourned sincerely the passing away of Our Most Sacred Leader Meles. And we will continue to do the best job in our leadership capacity for the next 1,000 years. Don’t forget the formula I gave you before. For each 17 years of struggle we conducted in the 70’s and 80’s we lead for 25 years each. That is 17 X 25 = 425 years. Those will double for the magnificent job we have done since 1991. That is 425 X 2 =850 years and that is rounded up to 1,000 years. Enough said!!!!!

  26. Tatek says:

    First of all, I am not sure Mr Hailemariam will be the head of Govt as being pushed by the US, who seems desperate to get another ‘ball boy’ following the demise of Colonel Zenawi. If anything, my assumption is that Mr Hailemraim, even if successful, will only be a figurehead who will breathe with TPLF lung. Second, Dr Berhanu’s plea with the TPLF remnants for any kind of meaningful talks won’t carry anyweight as the TPLF are well aware that their legitimacy to rule, if any, only comes from the weilding of the gun. Dr Berhanu and other opposition figures will need to work to win the military and other institutions keeping the TPLF in power.

  27. Jininu says:

    Selam Dawit,
    Is it my eyes or there is something wrong in the title? I could not find any sentence in the body of the report where Dr Birhanu has said he will talk to the Gov’t. Probably, you need to change the title of the article.

  28. Hermi says:

    Where did u get your education? Your choice of words and flow does not go with your alleged credentials….as to your comparison between Berhanu and Birtukan-what can I say “yezingero konjo mircha” ale yagere saw-If you are a foreigner poking your nose where it does not concern you-it means you can’t differentiate one monkey from the other. You can call them what ever suits you! Personally, the opposition side needs to come up with new personalities with fresh ideas and approaches rather than sticking with these eternally wounded (yekerezenu) old dogies.

  29. Kibrom says:

    @Jininu, if you read the first paragraph, the Title should be “Berhanu Nega and Abdurahman Mahdi Seek Talks with Hailemariam Desalegn’s Government” However Dawit gave the priority to his boss (Berhanu)kkkkkkkk. BTW Dawit himself is a dictator he removed my comment and sent me a private message saying “Though you have a right to criticize Dr.Birhanu and his party, we are not in a position to tolerate insulting comments.”

  30. Beth says:

    Hi Marta,

    I was in Civil service college (dengay mamrecha) during The Kinijit leaders struggle for power at least they tried their best. I was also looking for a good friend like you with a handful of experience to show me a night club practice.

    Dear Hermi,

    I went to (dengay mamrecha/ k. stone) civil s college and got my qualification. For that my apologies however, note that this is time consuming task that is the reason most people send comments with many mistakes. This is not a formal letter/article that requires a careful thought and presentation, which might be subjected to criticism.

    Do not forget stone mamrecha!

  31. baher says:

    Bresh is back, he thinks there is a chance to grab power. His focus is on power. For him to come accepted he has to use Ethiopian people name. There is no democracy for him in Ethiopia now. he had his chance since his childhood. He lived a lexorious life, he is the son of a wealthy person in Ethiopia, who accumulated wealth by explotting fellow poor Ethiopians. Now Dr want another chance to exploit in the name of democracy. I served his father for ten years with salary of lietrally penny. Why he doesn’t bring his own house in order before he think about Ethiopia?
    I thank Meles because he made me feel human. For those who make a noise in America my message is please leave us alone. You have everything , isn’t that not enough for you? what do you want to take from us, we have none.
    Most of diaspora who hate Meles is either they are from well to do families who was kicked by Meles from power or ignorant. God please save us from Berhanu nega and his associate.

    • konjit says:

      First of all, learn how to write in English well before you do, or just write in one of our respected local languages.

      Second,is being wealthy a bad virtue? It shows how little your mind is when you raise some simple personal issue to this level, which has nothing to do with the current affair.Zeregna comments will only expose how spoiled you mind is with lies and hate, unless you are hired to do so [which by the way sucks!!!]

      People, may be including your relatives, are in abject poverty and all you people talk about is power. When will you wake up please OMG, oh…!!!

  32. Abera says:

    Berhanu is a coward who runs away at the akim of political situations. Two episodes

    1. He was the first to ambush at Asimba abd the first to defect from Asimba in the 1970w

    2. He was the first diaspora politicians to return to Eth in 1991and solicited for a seat with EPRDF ( through mediation of Tamirat Line) and was rejected by the late PM Meles because he assessed him to be a bamboo potician and economist. Then he started to revolt againest EPRDF hiding under the university and proviknin AAU students.
    3. He was elected as member of Addis Counsel and later assigned to be Mayor by his party “Kinijit” and he defected. Because his age old principle is ” all or None”.

    and now he is a fighter from the States…. this is a clear confusion in vision.


  33. yibeltal says:

    I know What u most of guys need i know it 100% , Wait kibur Dr. Berhanu Nega will change his ethinicity from Gurage to amara or else ! then you will start to support him. what a bullshit thought u have? Who will accept ur hatred speech?

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