Zenawi’s legacy and the future of free press in Ethiopia


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  1. Name (required) says:

    Misspoken Words by
    Raila Odinga (Kenya PM):

    “……. the Ethiopia state is fairly fragile & there is a lot of ethnic violence……I don’t know that [Ethiopian Politicians] are sufficiently prepared for a succession; this is my fear, that there may be a falling out within the ruling movement”

    The next day in Kenya:
    * ethnic violence erupted b/n Pokomo Vs Orma ethnic groups and more than 53 people killed
    * BBC with Red Cross reported there is increasing tension in kenya as election approaches
    * killing of Muslim cleric resulted in violence
    * don’t forget 2007-2008 post electoral crisis in kenya

    Q. Does this show us State fragility, ethnic violence, ruling movement fallout in Ethiopia ??????????

    Both Raila Odinga and those Ethiopia Opposing people have the same perception.

    To get the reality of Ethiopia just follow things from time to time and at the end you will feel shame for what you Said, write, shout, bark like mad dog, …….

    So what will ‘Raila Odinga’ say about his mis-spoken words towards ethiopia ????

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