Ethiopia PM’s death leads to uncertainty


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4 Responses

  1. Name (required) says:

    Well am sure of that they will not give power to second class citizens (non-tigrai). They will make Bereket Simon (Hitlor-2nd) as PM and they will make H/Mariam Desalegn (pupet) as vice PM. If some one tries to oppose this that person will end up in jail as “terriorist” or “corruption” or “TSERE LIMAT ” and for propaganda they will assemble some peoples from every KEBELE in every city to speek for support and show on ETV (smilar to they are doing for the lovely deth of meles).

    • Ethiopia says:

      First of all Meles did not transform the country from feudalism. Mengistu Hailemariam did, the country went from feudalism to communisme and thereafter a confusing mix of tribalism and ethnic policies favoring the tigreans, tha harbour a deep seated complex typically of people that are just hungry for dominance because they believe that they have been oppressed and instead putting in place a system that is equitable for all they actually replace the oppressor they accuse of oppressing them. When will Ethiopia ever have a leader that will embrasse everyone and truely work to lift everyone from poverty not just those that show support to the EPRDF. Meles believed he had control over things, and destiny proved him wrong. He left confusion and all the drama that is being played after his death is just the beginning of the cancer growing from within.

  2. Tizita says:

    Meles returned the country to feudalism , if you do not believe me just ask any Gambella people.

  3. solomon says:

    Don’t tell me any more about how you take Meles Zenawi to rest, tell me what the country is doing right know. Tell me where is millennium dam and gibe 3 or are we exporting hydroelectric power to south Sudan. Tell me what is going on. If Pm Meles Zenawi came to visit and interviewed he will ask the something. Good to talk about his legacy but it is too long to be out of the plan. Say something, what are the things Ethiopia is doing after him. Gibe 3 is managed by smart engineer Azeb show as women are respected. Love to see when she is speaking about gibe 3 projects. After all she is the one managing the project and we want to see her all ways speaking about gibe 3. We don’t need good speech; we worry about pushed women to stop all over the world. Let our sisters and mothers speak out with respect.

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