Short poem on the current Ethiopian Politics (Wosenseged Gebrekidan)


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14 Responses

  1. Yared Tibebu says:

    Wosenseged has captured the response of the Ethiopian people to the death of the late Prime Minister. Many have tried to discount the public mourning as the response of an intimidated mass, but Wosenseged has revealed the true essenece of of a people in agony. I am amazed by the power of his articulation, and the truth he revealed. Wossen, thank you so much for the pain you went through to give birth to such imaginative QUENE.

  2. Abiy Ethiopiawi Segawi/wemenfesawi says:

    xxxxxxxxx እንጨት በሕዝብ ቁስል ዛሬ ለሚሰዱ::xxxxxxxx
    ወዮላቸው ነገ
    በዕምባ እየቀለዱ:-
    እንጨት በሕዝብ ቁስል
    ዛሬ ለሚሰዱ::
    በወቸገል ቅሥፈት
    ሕዝብ እያስጨነቁ:-
    ሲገድለን ለነበር
    በሞት መነጠቁ:-
    “አሳዘነን በሉ””አልቅሱ!” እያሉ
    በገንዘብ ግዴታ ሕዝብ እየደለሉ:-
    ጠላት እንድንፈራ
    በወዳጅ ጠላልፈው:-
    ጊዜን ተጠልለው
    ከግፍ በላይ አልፈው:-
    አይናችን እያየ
    ብረት የታጠቁ:-
    በካድሬ ደህንነት
    ሕዝብ እያስጨነቁ:-
    ጀግና ነን የሚሉ
    በጎሳ ያበጡ:-
    ለቅሶ የሚያበዙ
    መሳሪያ ግን ሲያጡ:-
    እናም ወዮላቸው
    በዕምባ ለቀለዱ:-
    እንጨት በሕዝብ ቁስል
    ዛሬ ለሚሰዱ::

  3. Gigi says:

    Tell me why the rest of Ethiopian should sit and watch our country is robed and our resources from all corners of Ethiopia should rebuild tigray region just because this repugnant tyrant came from that part of the region. We want the immediate handing over of the power to Ethiopian people who will be elected democraticaly process.
    There’s no reason for our country resources should be control by his wife or any half eritrean/tigre people go to your own region.
    We firs place did not ask you to come to Addis thanks to American lead group who contacted and put us to this tyrant regime by former president Jimmy Carter. Don’t try to act as if we elected you, you’re there because you want to control our country. Tigres start fluxing to Addis and other regions and taking over our business and our land again we don’t want you go back to your region we don’t want a country controlled by one tribe over others. Who treated you and call you names is yoiur Eritrean compatriat you faught for who call you cully and beggars. We Ethiopians want all ethnic group work and promote as one no one tribe controll why do we have a separate Effort…investment established just for one region what’s that to the rest of our country why should you think we care or celebrate no we hate you the fact you’re in Addis, why the sugar factory and farm that’s Amhara, and Oromo region should be controlled by tigres, why companies established by selling Ethiopian Sidam, Gambela, Oromo,Amhara,Ogaden region will be invested in tigre region…why should I care more to that region which I have not what so ever interest and our demand and call once again is leave Addis, and other regions all tigres and go back to your own unless you want a blood bath in our country. Don’t pretend you are there because we want you remember you and including your boss meles is educated by no other than Ethiopian intellectual that today you turn around and pretend he was born smart…no he’s shrewd not smart. He had a big complex against Amhara he hate his guts because we keep ignoring him…he can’t be one of us that’s why he want to kill us. We are forgiving people and we understand your ignorance your bief is with eritreans who treated you and keep telling bad things about you it’s not us. We try to make you understand what a nation means and how multi ethnic group can live together and prosperous but at this time we are loosing our patient and you N. korean kind of rediculous style leaderhip won’t work…save us from blood bath…it’s coming. Go BACK!

    We want free Ethiopia from tigray junta…enough is enough!

    • meseret says:

      Gigi – all I can say is thanks. It is like you read my mind. Meles was afraid of Amharas or any other ethnic group but his demise came to a halt when he was confronted by an individual who was pure Ethiopian. If the Tigres are smart, they should leave now.

  4. Ted says:

    People are still obsessed with themselves. Especially in the diaspora. I am a diaspora myself. Everyone of them see the situation in their perspective. I don’t also see a change in time. People who immigrated to the west in 2005 are still in 2005 in the way they judge the current government. No flexibility whatsoever is observed! Now, when things change drastically; there is no way that they can understand what is going on. For every diaspora who hate “Woyane”, they assume that the mourning is staged. If people can cry in a staged drama, we can , certainly, say that 80% of Ethiopia is professional artist. We know how much it takes to cry even for our parents when they die. Now the whole thing is becoming a vicious circle. Government misunderstands people….people understands government… opposition misunderstands people…people hates opposition…government got empowered…government misunderstands people…

    • ሳም says:

      በሚገባህ ቋንቋ ጻፍ. እንዳንተ አይነቱ ወይ ከእግሊዝኛ አልሆንክ ወይም ካገርህ ዝም ብለህ ባክነህ ሰው ታባክናለህ። አንተ የጠፋ ትውልድ ምሳሌ ነህ ብልህ አትገረም።

  5. nebelbal says:

    ROH (Rot in Hell) Turns out you couldn’t cheat DEATH! Fool!!! Ethiopians! September 2nd, look up in the sky and you will see a rainbow,circle…followed by a dark patch in the clouds 666 will be clearly visible 12 noon. But that won’t last for long as everything will go dark and starts to hail. Meles meets his maker!!!


    • ambentu says:

      ejih yibarek tatochihin ayikoritimachew
      abay bet yesera
      bewedaj yekora
      huletu and nachew
      abayim simola yiwesidewal betun
      wedajim sikeda yazorewal fitun
      endew zim bilo mamen balebetun
      merry arimide
      kehizibim ye ethiopia hizib zimitaw rasu yasiferal yeminagerilet talak amlak alew
      enem tinish limokir
      Hizib endewuha new
      sishaw birichiko wusit timin yasitagisal
      rasun akoshisho lelawun yanetsal
      sibezabet gifu mekatel mebedel
      diniget tentekitiko endegum yibenal
      Demo endeberedo teamir yawerdal
      neberin keyiro alneber yadergal
      yenuro wudinet rehab yekolaw
      bedenib yalikis enji demo eskemiwetaw
      lib yalew lib yibel muya belib new
      ewunetu yemitayew kekebir melis new
      ye ewunet jeginet kekebir melis new

  6. hagos says:

    i donot understand ato tibebu’s assertion of wosen seged’s poem .And how he employed the poem to fit in with the mourning of his crime minister.I think the essence of the poem is all about Hizb .Not strictly dealt with death or mourning of the assasin .Mr Tibebu has committed big time distortion with an intention to face lift his late comrade in arms,Graziani melese zenawi.

  7. Gecho says:

    I share the dilemma of the poet. The attempt to clearly portray an entity known as “The People” is futile. The truth is the organic entity that could be called “The People” is a contribution system made up of infinitely diverse and dynamic choices predicated on known and unknown beliefs is so complex that figuring out what it wants or what it feels would be impossible for mere mortals to grasp and express. Abstraction of such an entity is usually mistaken to be the ultimate truth and creates such bewilderment when a given input is processed and a completely unexpected output results in. Expressing such complexities in beautiful language is where the poet earns his keeping.

  8. nahome says:

    Ethiopian Review Elias Kifle shot dead on August 27th, 2012 after receiving medical treatment in w-dc

  9. Me says:

    Hello Alls, We Ethiopians living in our home country are now under fear of the regiom. The Government starts killing, bitting and arresting those of us to talk anything negative about the late PM. We can’t oppose the current mourning ceremony, if we talk anything about this from anywhere, we will killed or bitten or arrest. I recieved repeated warning from my families and freind not to talk anything.

  10. Hagos says:

    Nahome you must be the paid assasin planned to shoot Elias ,commited enemy of the tyrants and hero of the people ,even disagree with some of his stand and opinions.

  11. G.Gebre says:

    Ato Wosenseged Gebrekidan,

    The feeling I got after reading your poem is similar to my reaction to writings of Meri Geta Yoftahe Nigusse and laureate Tsegaye. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. We should not despair but be ready for what is to unfold next.
    Today woyane officials are forcing the public to mourn the death of tyrant- Meles, a person who chose to be small when he had a chance for greatness. A handicap who failed to embrace his own nationality. His coffin is now covered in the flag he tried to ridicule as a piece of cloth. He passed away vision-less, divisive and hateful. All the mourning now will not match the joy of the people when Ethiopia becomes a true republic. This is where we are heading. For now this drama will end soon. None of us really know what Ethiopians are up to. Thank you sir.

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