Sudan agrees to accommodate Egyptian commandos to destroy Abay dam (Wikileaks)


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  1. anonymous says:

    please it was not the egyptian leader who said the last part. It was a security/intelligence person who was a stratfor informat and had a close direct contact with the old Egyptian leader Mubarak and suleiman. Go back to the wikileaks site and look it up again.

    • t.teshome says:

      Egypt and its leadership must have gone crazy over burcha (chat). Why would they kill the duck that lays the golden egg ? It is goodthat you guys are talking of the probability of an Egyptian attack. Did you ever think of the Aswan dam or the Naser dam ? The bastards will pay for it. Remember 1967? Al most half million Egyptian troops were left in the desert by an Israeli air raid. The Egyptians very well know Ethiopians from the gallery of wars they waiged aginst our fathers. They better settle the mater diplomatically.

  2. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    I have been asking myself so many questions about his death and the circumstances that surrounds his death. Liver cancer is one the deadliest diseases that has no mercy for its patients. It is a guerrilla cancer in a sense that most patients may not notice its seriousness until it is too late for any treatment to work. Patients die an agonizing death from it in a very short time. This is a good call to all of you folks who like to kick a bottle of alcoholic drinks every night. You should try to get pleasure by other non-habit forming means such as playing chess, checkers and cards. Alcohol and cigarettes are bad combinations which are iron-clad guarantees to kill you sooner or later. When you are young and may be you are doing ok at your career, you may think you are so indestructible. Alcohol and cigarettes may give you a certain level of high but as soon as they get into your body they begin their destructive work almost immediately. The sooner you quit the better your body has the chance to rebuild itself. So take a lesson from this and quit smoking and drinking alcohol altogether. Otherwise, you will die an agonizing death. I have seen several of our countrymen here among us who died a terrible death from this affliction caused by smoking and alcohol. So please take this good advice from an old man to your heart and get rid of these two nasty habits.

    I had lived in Egypt in the 60’s and I had heard from them how they feel about damming The Nile by anyone else except themselves. They felt (may still feel) very strongly about it. The early to mid 60’s used to be the period when the tall man Gamal was their ‘Lion-Heart’ leader. They used to tell me that they could wipe out the entire Ethiopian Army in a single engagement. That was the time when there was such a pompous moment in that country who we used to be told the Mighty Egyptian Armed Forces led by ‘Field Marshall’ Abdel Hakim Amer was about to wipe the state of Israel from the face of the earth. Egypt was so pumped up (on a sandy foundation) that it was throwing around its weight in every thing it deemed right by their ‘infallible’ leader Gamal. It was in Yemen fighting a rag-tag militia and losing battles after battle even after using poisonous chemicals during battles. Think about what would await them if the Gamal’s army set a foot in Ethiopia then. The war drum was being beaten ad nauseam days in and days out. Then came 1967 and the 6-day war. All of a sudden the Egyptian army proved to be very good at military parades only and Gamal was extremely effective only in slaughtering his own people. I remember in one of those show-off parades the acrobatic demonstrations by the soldiers and that was very entertaining to me and a lot of the spectators. They even thought they could beat even the US military to submission. Mind you all that all that bragging was based on purchased military hardware. Then the determined and methodical Israeli Armed forces licked the entire Egyptian Airforce at one sitting while the Egyptian pilots were having orgies at their officers’ clubs. Then tens of thousands of Egyptian soldiers surrendered without firing a single shot. Yes there were some skirmishes but Israel proved to them that there is a serious difference between talking and doing. It taught Gamal a lasting lesson that there is a fundamental distinction between killing his domestic opponents and fighting a determined nation like Israel. A few months following the 6-day war, Amer was gone after ‘swallowing’ poison and Gamal became even more murderous at home. Now if they try to send commando units to attack a sovereign black African nation, they will be making the mistake of their lifetime, may be the worst mistake in their entire history. The domino effect will bring in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Southern Sudan and Rwanda. So Egypt better continue negotiating with using force being off the table. It would be extremely wise for them. That is my take. What is yours?

    • alemu says:

      first of all thank you for the advice, i really appreciate it!!! I definitely agree with your assessment. however I have to come back with details why i agree with you. right now I’m a little drunk and need a smoke before i go to bed (i’m not joking here). i will try to listen to your advice, as a matter of fact, I’ve been trying to quite for the past 10-15 years!

  3. Hayelom says:

    No need to talk to Egypt. We will build and harness the Nile 100%. Egypt has no business about Nile. Let them come by sea, air, land,… we will meet them. We will not talk anymore with Egypt.It is our water, we do not need the blessing of any country. finito. We must be ready for all eventuality.

    • Name (required) says:

      Hi! Jelesie Hayelom, aregagiw enji. Minnew simish Hayelom sihon gizie torinnet kellelesh? Bey arfesh tekemech. Abbay yehullachinim new. Egnam ennessum be gara tederadren ennittekkemewallen. Ethiopiawi taggash new bzum aydeneffam. Silezzih zerraf maletun le giziew akoyiw.

  4. gebregiorgis says:

    Ethiopians can easily destroy these coward Arabs as they repeatedly did in the past if they try once again to attack Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a proud nation that defeated aggressors time and again. The Nile belongs to Ethiopia! We will use it without anybody’s permission. If you knew what we say about you, you would not open your stinky mouth, you cowards.

  5. Olorro says:

    My fellow Ethiopians, approach matters the EPRDF way !!! Do not write negative about Arabs, Muslims etc as we used to catagorize Tigreans, Eritreans, Woyanes etc in most of the opposition politics. The best approach and belief to win is standing against the Egyptian Rulers showing a big distinction with the Egyptian People, Arabs or Muslims as a whole. This way we can even make many friends from Egypt, Arabs or Muslims !!! Avoid Ginbot 7 way of catagorizing groups that would not naturally belong to the enemy rulers!!!!

    Ethiopia shall win any aggression!!!

  6. Yegeter lij says:

    Why i read this post only from Ethio webs…ha ha ha. save your time… there are no new leaks. Asange is in London lol.

  7. Mugaga says:

    Gere! Yagere lej:
    The Egyptians said “no war but just bomb it and come back”. It will be a one day stand according to their “contingency plan”. Of course they have the leverage over us in being a close ally of Sudan. Sudan has no choice but to provide the airbase. It is now a done deal. There wont be a war front, not conventional war at all like we had with Eritrea where we claimed victory after having slaughtered 100K innocent youth. Do you know that the Egyptian army airbase in Sudan may be much closer to the dam than the Ethiopian one which is located in Debrezeit? The dam is only 40KM off of the boarder with Sudan. The Egyptians can fly 20 rounds before we make one. They may not even need to airborne but just to fire guided heavy duty bunker-buster rockets to demolish the dam. I bet they won’t send their commandos before they try these means. Have we prepared to couter that or are we going to sell bonds for constructing an airbase around the dam and purchase fighter jets too? Meles decieved us, he was a man who persistently pursued and died for recognition and fame. Meles launched the construction of the dam for the mare reason that he wanted to leave his traces in the history of Ethiopia. His greed transcended the life he lived on earth, he wanted more after life. My argument for this is here: Right after he was diagnosed of the “mysterious disease” back in 2006 which was actually cancerous tumor, he knew that he wouldn’t have much time to realize his ambition of being one of the prominent leaders we knew in the history of Ethiopia. A clue of his knowledge of the numbered days he had is the succession plan “Metekakat” that he worked on. He might not have expected it that soon but he was well aware of his death. He even inadvertently mentioned it once, while discussing about the Growth and Transformation plan, saying “who knows how many of us will service to see a quarter of the Strategic plan accomplished”. Although he knew that he might not be alive to see the completion of the dam, he desperately wanted to kick start the controversial dam just to take credit of that.

    • Admasu says:

      Your aproach in analysing the whole situation is qnite organised, with carefuly selected words and persuading style.I appreciate that & I have learned a lot from you on how to become a fine tuned debator.
      I understand all your concern,frustration &your dispute which casts an air of the deep pessimism over the future of bright Ethiopian Dam.You know it’s much easier to sit idle,talk,and critisize those who are doing their best.I personally support construction of the historical DAM & stengthen our military capacity to counter attack what so ever enemy may be. It’s totally un acceptable to wait & see the river flowing.This time is the right time to do so for clear and transparent reason,do you remember the time when the construction was officially declared?We were definitly in relative peace than the other counter parts.
      In conclusion I don’t support the idea of sitting idle and see the river flowing. If Meles was knowing his death,let’s thank him for his initiative and deep ambition to leave a bright Ethiopia.He deserves recognition for what he did.This man didnot leave a weak Ethiopia like the previouse leaders.He gave our country an acceptable initial velocity to go a head and grow. We Ethiopians will not kneeled to a barking foreiner,we are ready to give our life and protect the DAM.If there is a need our Military force is stronger than ever. It’s also worth to know the geographical location of ASWAN DAM…only one Ball is enough to destroy not only the DAM but also the city.

  8. Hamid says:

    Thanks Awrambawoch for bringing something different than the death of Meles. It is high time to get over with it and move on. Just as many have been saying, history has already started to reveal the deeds of the late PM. Although this leaked diplomatic cable is towards former PM’s credit, many of us think he was not a kind of leader for whom a nation should be mourning 14 days.

    Having saying that to the deceased PM, I hope every Ethiopian reader takes this matter very seriously. It is not secret that Egypt will not leave any stone unturned to sabotage not only Ethiopia’s dams, but also her developments and stability. However, I never thought they will commit an aggression. I do not know the strength of Egyptian army. As far as current Ethiopian army is concerned, it is established only to keep Meles ridden TPLF on the helm of power indefinitely. I do not think it would defend the nation successfully from such foreign aggression unless it is reorganized like for Ethio/Eritrean war.

  9. Anbesie says:

    This is not a new issue. The egyptians have always mentioned this option in regard to the Nile and the Dam in Ethiopia. The latest was about a year or two ago where Meles responded in medias ” Ethiopia has always won wars… If ever egypt starts a war…”
    I think the reason that this issue surfaced now is only to buy the favour of the people and the oppsition to the woyanne junta and to prolong their repression. Let us not fool ourselves in this critical time when woyanes cry a crocodile weeping. I do not believe this info as worthy one.

  10. Alemu says:

    At the time of Bombing the Dam, special forces of ‘Ginbot 7, ONLF, OLF, Shabia, Al Shabab’ will fight on the ground to destroy any treat by EPRDF army, burning Anti Air Crafts & Tanks which will be used by EPRDF army.

    After the Dam is destroyed
    ‘Ginbot 7, ONLF, OLF’ will sign an Agreement with the Egyptian for not Dam the nile River, will get military support from Egypt and Overthrow EPRDF.

    Finally, Ginbot 7 will rule Ethiopia left part, ONLF will liberate Ogaden Area, OLF will liberate Oromya.

    Dr. Birhanu Nega will be PM or President based on their system, for Information Minister Abebe Gelaw, Eskinder Nega, Temesgen from feteh will compete.

    At that time people of Ethiopia will get happiness for ever, no more contribution for dam, development, begging the outside world.

    The people of Ethiopia will get every month enough BIRR or $ for their expense from the reserve of Dr. Birhanu Negas Party deposits.

    One of the Information Ministers Abebe Gelaw, Eskinder Nega, Temesgen from feteh will report news of happiness, development, human rights respect, free media, ………

    The well known Professors like ‘Prof. Alemayehu Geberemariam, Prof.Messay’ will boost ethiopia economically, politically,…..

    That is it !

    • elaw says:

      dreamer. u had been dreaming long. wake up!

    • solomon says:

      waye Alemu, if the idea of you is the idea of the others to fight Ethiopia by being on the side of Egypt, Ethiopian people they don’t spend bullet, they will cut your body with kitchen knives and they will burn you bodies not to contaminate the country mouse’s and the wild hyenas’, don’t think anyone is like you “ante shutam band antene three days coso matetet naber, marigh emaye esktel wym derkeh endtkar” how a person like you have the blood from Ethiopia”.

  11. elaw says:

    Which sudan is the wikileaks is talking about? Lets presume its north sudan and war will break out between ethiopia on one hand nd north sudan nd egypt on the other, i think the first country that will b in hell is North sudan because ethiopia will just have to blow the dam near khartum nd thats more than enough to wipe out the whole of Egype. we dont need to send any force there.

  12. Relax says:

    Dear Dawit
    As noted elsewhere by Yegeter Lij and Anbessie, there is no a newly published leak. As can be seen at
    This leak was published on 26 of May 2010. Since then South Sudan became independent, Ethiopia laid corner stone & started to build the Renaissance Dam and Egypt went in to turmoil. Besides, wikileaks gave reliability of “C” and credibility of “3” for its source for information. I think Ethiopians should relax and contemplate on what is on hand on this difficult time. Just off the record, this information was first posted by Elias Kifle’s “Eritrean” Review with a sole purpose of creating anxiety in Ethiopians. With regard.

    • jj says:

      my friend, the leak was published 48 hrs ago if you can read and understand. However the leaked email threads date back to 2010. There is also a difference between obtaining an evidence and having speculations. This is an evidence, back in the days we have only been guessing on what the Egyptians would and would not do to our nile dam only based on our biased opinions about them. Don’t under estimate information. You guys are so obsessed with racial based internal narrow politics, no one ever looks at the bigger picture.

      • Relax says:

        Mr. JJ
        Thanks for trying to verify. But I only said “no newly published leak” I didn’t say “no new leaks”.

        But I do not get your point here: “You guys are so obsessed with racial based internal narrow politics, no one ever looks at the bigger picture”
        * Who are we guys? I thought Ethiopians belong to the same race, as the rest of Sub Saharan Africa. Anyways chill out and do not rush to judge.

  13. getu says:


  14. YUUUUU says:


  15. Amare says:

    Hahahah… u know a drop of arsenic to the Aswan Dam is game over! Ekekligni likekilih new abaye!

  16. fikru says:

    egypt you try to take over the nile stream and invantion our land ,but our couregeous Ethiopian distroy your army and we gave good leason and again today do you have plan to send special force to destroy the dam of abay. send them and we will see

  17. fuck egpyt says:

    oh god i can’t wait to see egypt sabotage Abbay dam …we will destroy pyramid within hours and poison all the water. this fuckin arabs never grateful for our contribution. their survival is in our hand, it wont take us a day to bring down already fucked up egypt. We don’t even have to send single troops or plane and all you have to do is just make abbay river unusable for them through chemical or by any means necessary. i don’t think they have the gut to fight with Ethiopia. diplomacy is always there but also poisoning and military option is on table too. so egypt shut the fuck up live your fucked up life. instead of threatening us, your bitch us should beg us. Egypt please dare to attack Ethiopia then you will regret it ..we are not scared of any one

    • mostafa says:

      man its easy to insult ur country with bad words ….im wonder i see most of ethiopians insult egypt and egypitan ??? but i didnt saw any egyptian insult ethiopians ?? why u ppl do that ??….. first the nile water isnt for only ethipia .. second suppose u ppl did that dam ?? after that egyptian will die from thirsty ?? u image that ppl ?? second .. isee more of ppl say we will defeat egyptian army ?? i think tht ppl dream …if all african countries united against egypt it will never defeat egyptian army im sure of that egyptian army ranking from 15 strongest armies in world ?? ethipia have no army ppl ….they even cant feed their own ppl how they will fight us ??….dont make israel decived u ppl ..we dont want war we want peace ..second isee some comments say we can destroy aswan dam … isee that is impossible israel it self didnt try to do that …that is bec .. frist that dam is very strong even nuclear bomb can destroy it im sure of that second egypt have air defeance even the modern plans cant throw from it … so ppl dont even dream of that … u ppl even dont havve plans like f 16… egypt have 360 f16+ many plans u ppl have 260 tanks egypt own 5000 tanks or more …….so plz dont try to say egyptian army is weak …and finaly we dont want war we just want live without nile warter we cant live so we have no choice to use military……

  18. ashraf says:

    dear ethiopians africans and all african brothers
    We now in egypt are liberated from the old regime. Our new regime is now trying to comeup for old crisis and regain sll good relations with african brothers. Pls unit african brothers against all enemies and crisis. Only africans who suffered fir a long time from corrupted regimes who separated us can unit again. Afrcan people are united and sny one who attend to bomb any dam at any african country had to face egyptian troups first who will defend ever dam and facility in all african countris. Be sure brothers that egyptian troops and army only fight strangers like israel not african brothers.

    • Relax says:

      Thank you Ashraf. You should not worry about some of the comments here. They are partly caused by rage due to the long standing real (and perceived) injustices perpetrated by the past governments in Egypt. I think our governments should work on these deep-rooted animosity between the two people. The Nile is so huge that it would suffice for all in the basin, if managed properly. This can be achieved by ecological reafforestation interventions in the Ethiopia highlands. Egypt should also abandon its plans and works to take the Nile out of its natural route (in to the Sinai and then to Israel. Young people in Egypt should be told the truth that the sources of the Nile are countries up in the heart of Africa. Ethiopians can also be taught to consider Egypt as a partner, a country whose only source of water is the Nile and hence what we do on the river is not stop it and try to stifle Egypt but only make it pass through turbines to generate power. I think Morsi’s and Desalegn’s governments have to come out and take that courageous step to write off the long sanding suspicion. With best regards.

  19. SeyfemichaelE says:

    This fabrication may be dr???? Berhanu’s dream

  20. michaelteklay says:

    we wil act for mam ethiopia and the flam is berning

  21. ashraf says:

    dear ethiopian brothers
    Ethiopia is in the heart of every egyptian and muslum. We did not forget that you supported islam in its early beginnings and your church is very vlodely bound to egyptian church. Relations between ethiopians and egyptians can not be broken. This is the act of israels who are dreaming of nile water to reach them which will not happen. You prime minister was a very good man and your current prime minister is also a very good one who will build strong relations with his egyptian brothers. Remember ethiopia and egypt were brothers in sixties and seventies. They will return to ge strong brothers and partners in nile.

    • Relax says:

      Dear Ashraf, please relax. Have you seen my reply to your earlier post? The solution that guarantees mutual benefit is open discussion and trust between the governments and the two people. We have to be frank and clear in what we say and what we do.

  22. Master Mind says:

    The Above shitty article smells like egyptian shit! please try military only if you want your fucking backbone broken for good! you don’t really know who you are fucking you dumb ass fat! Ethiopians love war and they love it with pig arabs! just be a man and try it! do you remember you try that method in past and we fuck you in your fat arab ass, nothing will change this time as well! Death of PM Zenawi will not change nothing about Ethiopia or historic heroism of the Ethiopian people, specially when it comes to killing you fucking worthless Arabs, we will be united more than ever. Ethiopia is NOT Sudan where you can enter and fuck with whenever you want, we stand our ground and if you don’t do thesame we don’t mind to make you the next Somalia!

  23. Name (required) says:

    As the egiptians buit there piramid on juesh blood we will build the dam with theres there every child slotered like a sheep!!!

  24. Egypt learn from the past says:

    Its great to see fellow Ethiopians giving a wise advice to our Egyptian and North Sudanese friends. It will be unwise for you to attempt any military action on Ethiopia it will bring untimely death to your troops. Our people are time tested in the preservation of our country. We will not give one inch to foreign aggressors. And the whole east African community is with us as ITTU noted a United Ethiopia,Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan will respond.

  25. Biyya Qabna. says:

    I am quite sure, sudan will not cooperate with Egyptian on this case. Because they know the consequence of the war than any one. Egyptian should stop war drum. Let them finish their own business first rather than biting war drum which they never and will ever succeed.

  26. momba says:

    “this fuckin arabs never grateful for our contribution. their survival is in our hand”
    So are you grateful for God’s contribution?
    What is the ethiopian share of evaporated water causing rains?
    Can you confirm me if rains sources are completely ethiopian?

  27. Name (required) says:

    @Mustafa u stupid fat ass arab,use less garbage u r not even closse 2 civilization don’t forgate zat u r arab who thinks suiside by exploding a bomb with in a group of innocent ppl is holy, u arabs r ignorant ppl. Egyptian do u know zat when sudan bit ur ass u beg ETHIOPIA for help in 1980s our imperior Atse YOHANNES saved U and bit sudan, u stil don’t know us, we r z great, uncolonized nd brave ETHIOPIANS. Just we can’t wait 2 see u coming wz ur 5000 tanks and wz ur fat ass solgiers, we r not going 2 bay any tanks cause we will snach urs, ur solgiers r not gone barreid like a human on our holy land, we r going 2 burn them like a trash, u arabs r trash,any way pls pls just come any way u like,while u come don’t forget 2 say good bye 2 ur fat ass arab families,u will never return back 2 them again. After z war u r not going to drink z water of nile again and say good bye 2 nile too.ETHIOPIA Z SYMBOL OF FREEDOM,VIVA ETHIOPIA!!!!

  28. xxx says:

    Please Egypt don’t try anything bad to ABAY DAM. Am not begging u! rather the response is so harsh!!!!!!!

  29. jamal says:

    abay is very developed ethiopia cuontry

  30. xxx says:

    Hello friends, good post and nice arguments commented here, I am in fact enjoying by

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