Hailemariam’s swearing-in ceremony and its challenges (Dawit Kebede)


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  1. NAHOME says:

    EPRDF- Almost all opposition groups in Ethiopia do appreciate the democratic space the EPRDF government has ensured for all to play. Their beef with the EPRDF is not so much about space. They know no one is blocking them from going around the country to talk to people. They just do not want to go outside Addis Ababa. In fact they seem to bet their luck on flying to Washington DC and reaching out to foreign embassies. So it was not the Meles government or the EPRDF government that has narrowed the space for the opposition but their own limited scope of understanding that the power lies with the people. The West can help Ethiopia’s progress and partner in the great scheme of efforts to establish a vibrant multi party system. In my opinion all legal oppositions must make a sincere effort to start bottom up and not top down approach.

  2. washeraw says:


    You people really surpise me! Have you heard that government has stopped printing Fnote Netsanet, an official organ of UDJ? Does this show you opemning up of political space? Have you heard about harassment of individuals who rent their houses to be used as offices by opposition parties?

    Why do you swallow false propaganda as it is?

  3. Selam says:

    For one we all know it’s an open book they did not won the election ask European Union who was observers, and watch the video the u.s representative in congress made a speech regarding the election how it was declared TPLF won before even the counting of the balot done.
    companies force their employees they have to sign EPRDF membership otherwise they lose their job. I mean it’s countless let alone to mention the opposition has one sit in the parliament, mind you while the rest 547…sit is EPRDF. This is not different from declaring their claim they won by 99.6% the election, no where in the world seen unless N. Korea. Why are we even discussing who are we trying to convince Ethiopians know. All this people who’re protesting from different ethnic group has one thing in common. Power sharing, 21 years of control by one tribe is a recipe for desaster. We want multi system party, stop the selling of our land, stop killing of our people, stop monopoly of power and our resources only by tigray, stop dislocationg people, stop inciting ethnic conflict among our people, we need Press freedom, and people should have freedom of assembly and speech. No interference in our religon.

    Lets remind you once again meles said there hasn’t been a country called Ethiopia, it was established the last 100 years. It’s embaracing for him wanting to be burried in Addis and the same Cathedral as the very king he hate I guess we can say it was jelousy that drove him to demonaise and kill all Amharas…now we get it. As much as he claim he love the golden tigray people he should have awarded them with his final resting of his body to be their after all it was all word, of the usual suspect..

    We need a legitmate government through a fare and free election.

  4. aghere says:

    I am grateful to the late Prime Minister Melese Zenawi for he has taught the Woyane personalities how to handle funeral ceremonies all over the country.

    I am grateful to the late Prime Minister Melese Zenawi for he has taught Woyane officials to lie and live a mysterious life at the expense of the people of Ethiopia.

    I am grateful to the late Prime Minister Melese Zenawi for he gave the Woyane powermongers to fight for power and make them decipher the way to power.

    I am grateful to the late Prime Minister Melese Zenawi for he has made Ethiopia the only country in the world that wept for two weeks for its leader, stopping work and closing public services.

    I am grateful to the late Prime Minister Melese Zenawi who made many world leaders his friends and made them speak lies and even Suzan Rice of USA, be mesmerized by his elegant posture and intelligence that she went to the extent of insulting the Ethiopian people.

    I am grateful to the late Prime Minister Melese Zenawi for he has become polished teacher of Al Amoudin,the multibillionaier,and invest in the gold mine and rob the Ethiopians.

    I am grateful to the late Prime Minister Melese Zenawi for he has taught the Ethiopians to fight against one another and live in fear.

    I am gratful to the late Prime Minister Melese Zenawi for he dismantled Ethiopia and established ethnic based kingdoms with their own kings and princes and he himself being king of kings.

    I am grateful to the late Prime Minister Melese Zenawi for he has made the Amaharas the most feared monster of the Tigrians and armed them to fight the Amhara monster to remain in power.

    I am grateful to the late Prime Minister for he has made many people from his ethnic millionairs and established outstanding education system in Tigray to make the people better off than other ethnics.

    I am grateful to the late Prime Minister Melese Zenawi for he has pardoned those individuals who stole mysteriously 10,000 ton of coffee, for he himself is involved in the affair.

    • Observer says:


      You are telling everyone as it is, and has been. Ethiopians must take responsibility for letting all these things you mention to occur and stop thinking that some holy power will fix things, Ethiopians must unit for love of country. Lack of unity has enable Woyane to hang on the power for 21 years coming from the bush. What you have written is a wake up call, we should stop the denial.

  5. selam says:

    To reply to the ignorant Haile guy above,

    Of course we Ethiopians check out your resources thought you how to fly the plane, the fighter jet, at the university, commerce ….multiple things. He first arrested the military pilots and hand picked some of them and forced them to teach the young idiot tigrians who in one year the crashed as many as that happened in 2o years. Because they came from the bush they had no formal training except murdering innocents and killing whom ever that’s not tigre. Now, he put them in the office this people have no idea how to run a business or law firm thank God he did not put them as doctors there will be no one left.

    So you’re the idiot don’t instigate we will tell you the truth. I wish as for me I would like you to go like eritreans I really wish all Ethiopians feel that way. I can’t stand you. You’re just a burden and poison for society mentally ill. Unless each and everyone of you die like meles, I hope God remove you from Ethiopia.

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