The questionable presence of Aster Mamo at EPRDF’s Executive Committee meeting


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11 Responses

  1. mamo says:

    What is your implication, adm? Why do you care of the presence or absence of a member of one group as opposed to the other group? I am just curios. We know that web pages have their own biases and I just wanted to know your implication.

  2. ene says:

    DAve, isn’t finding out about her presence your job?. it seems you are asking us, people with no clue who she is or was. i m just saying lol

  3. cheru says:

    Hey Dawit, check out your facts. Aster Mamo is not an EC member of the OPDO but she is a CC member. Each organization in the facade EPRDF has nine EC members. All EC members from each group are also ex officio members of the EC of the fake EPRDF. It is not known why Aster Mamo who is not the EC member is sitting in the meeting. She might be the replacement for Zelalem Jemaneh who was fired from the CC and EC of the OPDO a while back or she may be filling in for Alemayehu Atomsa who has been sick for a long time and is out of commission. He wasn’t seen in the meeting. It is not only Aster who is present by cooption. The pseudo defence minister Siraj Furgessa from SEPDM/Silte is also taking part in the meeting and it is not known who he is replacing. Absent or EC members who have not been sighted on the video clip were Azeb Mesfin, Abbadula Gemeda, Girma Birru, Addisu Legesse, Berhan Hailu, Teshome Toga and may be a couple more.

    • Relax says:

      Nice observation. But I do not understand, why you still call EPRDF a facade and fake. Now that cerebral leader is dead,Eritrea’s Tesfaye Gebreab and the blonde Fesseha Eshetu are speculating stronger OPDO and ANDM.They say TPLF is left with specialists technocrats and old rascals. Not satisfied, yet?

    • Teshager says:

      @Cheru, look the video again carefully. Alemayehu Atomsa is there with a hat

      • cheru says:

        Good catch and thank you Teshager. I take it back. He has been changed beyond recoginition and that is why I missed recognizing him. Having said that his presence at the meeting is merely physical serving no more purpose than helping in meeting the quarum. He is no more functional and already decommissioned. He had been in Bankok, Thiland, for the good part of the last two years receiving medical treatment but came back to say farewell to his former boss, the late terrorist-in-chief Meles. In that sense he is as good as the absentees. For that matter, all the EC members from the puppet groups (ANDM, OPDO and SEPDM) including HD who is sitting in the front pretending to chair TPLF’s meeting have no say, none whatsoever, except giving a nod to the TPLF’s decision.

  4. Abet says:

    On the video, they all look like scared & upsent minded.MAfiosas

  5. Hope says:

    I was also looking for Adisu Legese, he was nowhere to be seen. Did you also observe the facial expression of the members?

  6. elmo says:

    A lot of questionable things are happening…

    The TPLF youth recruit cadre Samuel Gebru is in full swing too under an ngo

    Ambassador Battle Discusses People to People Relationships between the U.S. and Africa

    Ambassador Michael Battle with Mr. Samuel M. Gebru, Chief Executive Officer of the Ethiopian Global Initiative (EGI),
    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – On August 15, 2012, U.S. Mission to the African Union (USAU) Ambassador Michael Battle met with Mr. Samuel M. Gebru, Chief Executive Officer of the Ethiopian Global Initiative (EGI), for a brief discussion on U.S. policy on Africa and Ethiopia. Mr. Gebru briefed Ambassador Battle on how EGI is working to harness the skills and talents of students and professionals in the Diaspora to support Ethiopia’s transformation. The two discussed ways to strengthen EGI’s activities and eventually introduce projects in other African countries. The Ambassador expressed his appreciation and support for the Initiative’s vision and encouraged Mr. Gebru to continue not only enhancing the people to people relations between Ethiopia and the United States, but to encourage similar exchanges across the African continent.

  7. danzed says:

    I saw the defence minister Siraj Fugesa in the EPDRF meeting. Why you miss his name from the list.

  8. Mulu says:

    I saw Dr. Fisseha Eshetu

    Investor in education sector & founder of UNITY University, who used to tell us the policy of EPRDF is right & when I started investment I have less than 10,000 birr. Now I am a millionaire, gave his testimony for ETV & Radio. Now changed to Opposition & founded ‘Unity Transitional Government of Ethiopia in exile’.

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