Celebrating the Ethiopian New Year


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3 Responses

  1. Yared says:

    Yes endeed.Ethiopians have a very wonderful and historical New year.But what makes this year so new is that We are seleberating it soon after the death of a very dectater leader,i am hoping that this new year will once again be so new in a way that This regime will give a space for real democracy and unity among nations and nationalities of Ethiopia not just in words but in practice.The sun is rising for Ethiopians…..

    • Jean says:

      Yared , you are not Ethiopian , the death of our PM is none of your damn business. This is the saddest new year we ever had . Now please stop talking and show us the democracy and unity you are rambling about . The man of his words is gone . We are left with people like you . talk talk ………..

      • Genanaw says:

        @Jean, you telling Yared that he is not ethiopian? It is the hodams, killers and corrupts with their supporters like you who are not ethiopians. “Jean” the ethiopian!kkkkkk

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