Ethiopia’s Government in Peace Talks With Ogaden Rebels


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11 Responses

  1. DERA says:

    GOOD NEWS!!!! continue please. we need peace.

  2. motbaynor says:

    berket seman is ertreans he is not ethiopian

  3. we need national reconcilation with all opposition parties, from Eprp,olf,Ginbot 7 to each and every religion sect. even EPRDF. Then the foundation of Greater Ethiopia will be RULE Of LAW . we don’t want hegemony of tigray or Amhara or Oromo.

  4. belihu says:

    The politcal program of ONLF is to establish a separate country, called Ogaden. ONLF sees Ethiopia as colonizer. The rush to talk with the TPLF regime is suspiciously opportunistic, may not be in the best interest of Ethiopia. ONLF is exploiting or taking advantage of the “volatile” situation within TPLF to advance its agenda after the death of Meles. Furthermore, I do not see the difference between former EPLF and ONLF with regards to Ethiopia. Mark my word, ONLF has no good intentions towards Ethiopia. That is the fact. ONLF has no any legitimacy over Ethiopians in Ogaden.

    • fatule says:

      dear belihu, as it seems to my understanding, u r 1 of the ruling part, the colonizers of the Ethiopian pple,
      if it was amara time it was only for them not other Ethiopians, and now its only for tigray not other pple.
      about onlf we do not ahve any respect and any intrest of other ethiopia.we dont want you guys in our own land, onlf forced you to come to the table and send kenyan government for mediation, if you guys accept our demand good if not you will never rest in our land,

  5. Haimhe says:

    Bereket simon (Mebratu Gebre Hiywot) is like a chicken with a head cut off. Without Meles he is nobody. Hailemariam is going to took Sebhat Nega’s side and Bereket is left with noone on his side. Soon he will join the opposition.

  6. ahmed m says:

    we need ogaden free

  7. cala hordofaa says:

    the ogaden are very dangerous not only they want to cede but they want to take as much bigger teritory of easternoromia so we must finish upthis people no mercy to ONLF and as an oromo hargessa belongs to oromia we will take it backwhen situations become good. down to skinnies

  8. cala hordofaa says:

    we oromos are going to take back all teritories you ogaden skinnies aided by ur notorious ‘liyu police’ who forcibly tookmieso,mayu, muluqee, even mada walabu (the orign of oromos) so as liyu police beheaded oromos in july 2013 and burnt alive hawa barentuu(90 year old woman) do not think you will get away with you somalis are our historical ebnnemy and we will do away with you when we get the shots and and your stealing of our lands in borena is unacceptable and down to skinnies beware of 40 million strong oromo people wiping you out in a holocaust style stop stealing our cattles and land. down to skinnies. somalisto the gas chamber

  9. Ahmed D says:

    this is very dirt discussion and valueless, what So Call ONLF is only remained as name otherwise nothings to be negotiated the heroes of special force are in place stabilized over all territory of Somali region. whereas the Military power of ONLF was totally destroyed by Liyu police. i wonder when i saw Ethiopia Government is Negotiating with ONLF. does Ethiopia Government negotiate what is none-existing. even it does not deserve to post such things awrambatimes. on other hand, ogaden or Somali region is free and part of big family of Ethiopia by choice governing national constitutions that secured equal rights to all Ethiopia people nations and nationalities. and let you know Ogaden People are not those refugee camps in kenya or elsewhere but Ogaden People are those leading the somali regional state and with no People to Ethiopian people except love & brotherhood relation with other ethnics in the country

  1. September 28, 2012

    […] are at an early stage, and primarily established the formalities and foundations for future talks. While a monumental step, the discussions did not […]

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