Hailemariam would become the Premier with three Deputy Prime Ministers


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27 Responses

  1. Gebre tsion says:

    The day is coming soon in fact with the help of God almighty such addiction to wards power will end and replaced by the choice of the respected people of Ethiopia . Now what they are showing us is their Des respect to the people of Ethiopia in majority. Pls let us forgive them they do not know what they are doing now. Any ways God take care of he innocent people of Ethiopia.

    • Asfaw says:

      Gebre tsion, have you heard that one butcher, canibal, mass murderor cadre of Mengestu regime in Denver exposed and arrested? I wish and I hope that you will be the next.

  2. Thomas says:

    What a wrong insinuations are you guys are doing. It’s not good to us to the diaspora people to give us such speculation with out tangible and reliable sources and it would give bad image for the comming to ran the govt. shame in you. Dawit

    • Yenu says:

      Thomas, what govt are you talking about? If you aren’t interested or better don’t understand Ethiopian politics shut up! Dawit is a man of integrity who has given all his life for the noble cause of serving the truth. What tangible & reliable sources are you talking about? Only an idiot would say his sources in these circumstances. Go and get a life!

      • Hermi says:

        Irrespective of your typical extrem diaspora tantrum and rush to silence any idea that is different-as you just did to Thomas, what all these so-called diaspora computer activists like Dawit are doing is trying to throw hearsays and guesses hoping it happens and will say I told you so! You see my source is right, consider me important!

        Go back and read who among the EPRDF leaders they were speculating. They change their guess and analysis every time EPRDF decieds/meets.

        What is sad is to allege that who ever EPRDF choose, they will say it is because of this or that. But all they do is just guessing! And it would not have any impact.

  3. Extraterrestrial says:

    Sick and tired of diasporas politics. But the most fun of all is Diasporas asking Susan Rice for apology, because the sick Diasporas are not believing in the Greatness of Meles doesn’t mean Meles is not great or no one can admire and respect him.

    My question is when is that the ever crying Diasporas learn to give other people their right to express their opinion?

    • Yenu says:

      Mr idiot Extraterrestrial,

      When is it the late Cruel Dictator Meles’s Mafia TPLF going to give the 80 million Ethiopians to express their opinion? You are shameless! Meles was a killer! The facts are so glaringly visible and no one can ever defend them. An idiot like you my try to defend Hitler.

      • yenuye says:

        Meles was a great leader. The killers were Kinijit who managed to get over 100 people killed because they refused to take their seats (100% of Addis seats) and almost 50% of 540 seats. Why because they are killers and dictators, not democrats! They wanted 100% power. A bunch of power mongering killer maniacs!

  4. Kennedy says:

    @to do that u need to take your ass to the jungle and get your freedom or else shut the fuck up stupid

  5. Kennedy says:

    @to do that u need to take your ass to the jungle and get your freedom or else shut the fuck up stupid u fucking racist go to hell

  6. DERA says:

    all idiot diaspora..fuck up with stupid speculation.. continue crying. ethiopia is moving forward.

    • Haile says:

      Thank you Dawit form the info.

      My comment is if the information of is true. Here we go !

      What will happen to Articel 75 of the Constitution? Are they going to bury Constitutionalism in day light ? According to the Constitution there will be only one DPM. The Constitution mentions nowhere more than one Deputy Prime Ministers.

      Article 75(1) states that the Deputy Prime Minister shall carry out responsibilities which shall be specifically entrusted to him by the Prime Minister.

      However, these people took the responsibilities even before the appointmnet of the Prime Minister.

      No wonder people question the integrity and Supermacy of the Constitution.

      Do not get surprise if they appoint THREE PMs.

      I never thought there will be teletafis to the position of the DPM.

      These EPRDF guys need to grow up.

  7. moxxy says:

    Haile m Desalegn should not be intimidated and bullied by the the thugs of the fascist Tigre people liberation Front. Meles has taken TPLF down to the grave with him.

    The time of these fascist mercenaries who lead TPLF politbureau has come to an end.

  8. Sirac says:

    FWhat is dangerous is to try 3 DPM which’s full of danger of power strugel. ‘Cause of tigres can’t have it otherwise we have to have 3 why not let them go as their 81 year old guy sebhat nega advising them. What would we lose a desert it’s rather helpful to collaborate and work with the rest of Ethiopians to develop our country. They will do everything under the sun to corrupt they been exposed and Ethiopians doesn’t want to tolerate any longer their tactic is not going to work what’s left is to threaten to be independent I say loud and clear”Mengedun Cherk Yarglachu” if possible lets give them what we can and on their way they should take with them their eritrean relatives. Ethiopia for Ethiopians we don’t force anyone you have to believe in you Ethiopianism to be an Ethiopian force doesn’t last long!

    Happy New Year and Peace in Ethiopia won’t miss any tigre it’s regretable our forfathers spilled their blood for this mosquitoes.

  9. hope says:

    Me generaly i do not belive taking some once life lets agree on that who ever you are.melese died he is one of us i felt sorry for him.

    he has done some change by killing so many he could have done better if he saved so many lives.
    but once you are a killer you always are no one can defend that.

    my belive if some one does a crime bring him to justice ,if he is mad take him to amanuelhospital when he get better bring him to justice i do not advocat a killing.

    God say who ever kills i will never have mercy on him.

    if you do not know melese history you don need to ask he was a reble.lets say he might killed one two may be its ok for you supporters but moraly it will shock me to death .some one begging to spare his life and shoot him on the head, man come on,,,

    people who commited atrocity in america in september 11 they are facing justice
    not shoot them on the head like us in the street of addis for only expressing point of view.
    also kids can you imagine that.

  10. Agamew says:

    The late PM was definitely a dictator. A dictator who did not show any compromise with his power and position, who crippled and thwarted his oppositions, who took away the people’s democratic rights he had promised to deliver. Who shaped the constitution his way and making it toothless when it did not benefit him and threatens his power, . He thought nobody would do a better job than him. Sad to see some would sell their soul to be ruled by such a tyrant. As to the bashing of the diasporaa by Eth’n losers, the beggars need to know that Eth’n economy is heavily dependant on remissions from the diaspora (approx. 4 billion). Guess ya need to figure out who needs to shut up..k?

  11. bruk says:

    where is the truth? be quit is better than misleading. so, if the report is right, then we have a week to findout. if not the Eth government is right to shutdown awramba in the first place.

    enayalen ale ewir!

  12. Tarike says:

    Thank God we made it to 2005,

    Let God bless Ethiopia and its people, I hope the regime understands now how serious the problem is. The inflation is too high soon it’ll be hard to find food on the shelves. The price of loaf of bread will be sky rocketing, 80 million people will create a chaos what are you going to do? They smuggle out the money, the bank is empty there’s no foreign currency, soon everything they thought they had control on is going to collapse all this is because of their greed. You see this is what you did and the people will soon punish you hard and everyone will pay price even the innocent one cause of your blood sucking dictator and tigre junta.
    You should reconsider before the country go in to fragments and out of control you should let the opposition and all prisoners, all corners of Ethiopia to calm down. Let those who can lead and trusted to lead the country and the foreigners such as U.S and Europe can trust the country is stable in order at least to get some kind of loan or aid. stop with this stupid idea of 3 DPM and let DPM. Hailemaria D, and Amb. Girma Birru to stabilize the country and the foreigners it seems those are the only one who doesn’t seem power hungry. That will at least give time until 2015 election.

    Let our people have a peaceful New Year under this grim circumstances. I bet most people don’t even have anything to eat. While you tigres came and took over Addis and businesses…it’s about time to reconsider your action. No more free lunch.
    Every one paid with his blood you’re not the only one fought for our country even though you want to take a credit for everything under the sun.

  13. Teddy says:

    This would’ve been theatrical and something to sit back, relax and enjoy. Unfortunately, however, this can affect our country and our individual lives. Shame on TPLFites and more shame on those spineless buffons, the so called ANDM, OPDO, SPDM who often roll over and play dead.

  14. fikir says:

    Those who miss Meles go join him in the hell. That is where he is vacationing now according to Bereket Simon and ETV. They revealed his place of vacation after keeping it secret for over five weeks. Now everybody knows where he has been hiding. If you really miss him, I challenge you to go see him in the hell. You have no excuse not to. Flying there is very very cheap. All you need is a 3ft long piece of rope. I only wish you to enjoy your journey to the hell to see your beloved terrorist Meles. Go for it and have fun with him.

  15. Netsanet says:

    “17 ዓመት የተዋጋነው ስልጣን ለመስጠት አይደለም!!” ወያኔ
    ሺህ ቢታለብ በገሌ – አለች ድመት፡፡

  16. sema2 says:

    The TPLF parachute has been punctured. But the TPLF does not seem to have come to grips with the reality. TPLF is still in the state of denial but at its own peril. One of the reasons they are choosing to stay in the state of denial is empty bravado emanating from simple stupidity. The second and may be the major reason is they are dumbfounded and do not know what to do. Meles rendered the TPLF useless without him. As Sebhat said recently Meles died after buring the TPLF. They do not have any clue, none whatsoever, how to get out of this mess they find themselves in. They have just chosen to freeze the time in their head and stay in the state of denial while they are in a free fall because the parachute has already been punctured. They will soon find themselves hitting the ground breaking down into irredeemable fine pieces. The damage has already been done and no number of DPMs can save them. HD, Girma, Abba Dula, Kuma, Addisu, Demeke, Bereket, Arkebe, Abay, Seyoum, Sebhat, Berhane, Tewdros, Azeb, Samora, Getachew, none of them can save the TPLF from its final resting grave it is heading to. Did you think all that wailing of the TPLF a couple of weeks ago was for Meles? No, it was for themselves. In the heart of their hearts they know THE GAME IS OVER.

  17. dawit says:

    I don’t thing the above news to be correct for the simple reason that unilected citizene hold executive position under Ethiopian constitution.His exlency Seyoum and girma hasn’t run for the previous election not to be in the list .

  18. Seifedin says:

    C’mon guys. I cannot speculate on the likelihood of the scenario depicted. But, if this is true, the DPM with the defense, foreign ministry and security portfolio evidently calls all the shots, so in other words the other DPMs have basically accepted their inconsequential and nominal statuses. Knowing the “hodam ehadegoch”, I would not be surprised if ANDM and OPDO did that to themselves. Of course, this would be quite typical of TPLF. So much for the transitioning of power. And down goes the hopes and prospects pf a generation of Ethiopians. Legud yefeteren nen, abo!

  19. Me! says:

    People, relax! If this news is true, this is the best move any rational mind would ever expect. Don’t expect that an abrupt and radical change will come from within EPRDF. Power sharing from within can only come slowly. (bezigta yeteramede bizu yiguazal! … new teretu:) …) But if you still desire radical change, you need to do your part very hard … unite, struggle, and be a genuine alternative.

  1. November 29, 2012

    […] of Trade.Dr. Tewodros Adhanom Dr. Debretsion GebremichaelOn early September, Awramba Times has reported that Hailemariam Desalegn would have three Deputy Prime Ministers (from ANDM, OPDO and TPLF). […]

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