Hailemariam Desalegn may have a group of three old guard deputies (Reporter)


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14 Responses

  1. Joy says:

    We will wait and see what happens but you for sure is below standard for attempting to insult others (whoever they are) as if you are better than them. You are no better!

  2. dagmawi says:

    Why you coat Bunyan kebede orphan ,in this issue ,he is coin box phone,nothing else,leave them alone such hodams and ,snitch

  3. Dawit kiros says:

    so what?what will happen if one of the member of tplf,sepdm,apdm or opdo to be elected for premiership.all are eprdf,which have the same vision,mission and goal.to be a prime minister,the matter is not and must not the individual coming from,but it is his or her commitment,efficiency and capability to the realization of the plannd goal.what will get the tigrai people if inefficient person from tigrai appointed as pm?in the same way what will get the others if inefficient person from them appointed?so it is better to have efficient and committed pm from any one of the nations and nationalities of ethiopia.

  4. I keep on fighting for the things I want Though I know that when you’re dead you can’t But I’d rather be a free man in Grave than living as a puppet or a Slave . Jimmy Cliff

  5. ben says:

    I am so exited to become like North Korea. imagine that. EPRDF done its job! hypnotizing people to make them believe they accomplished so much under Melles (am crying when writing this) when there is no evidence. fact is that, we are still the poorest, lowest in tech or media, democracy and deteriorating education and democracy. pick any African nation and compare their buildings, access to tech or media,education,,, etc with ours. you will get the answer. i feel sorry for those who are in delusion.

  6. Genet says:

    The question should be?

    As it’ll be the first nation in the world to ask. Our demand should include if the tigres can’t abide by the law, we can’t afford the continuation of our people to suffer both inside and those who migrate and drawn in the red sea and dying in the border of all over Africa and Arab nation. This has never been witnessed in the past. This unusual suffering of our people if this regime can’t relinquish power and let a democratic regime through open and free election allow those who are capable of leading our country to a right and peaceful path.

    Our demand should be they have the right to independence we do not want tigre region we Ethiopians can’t allow the continued miserable condition of our people through ethnic rule and the dismantling of our country. The rest of the regions has collaborated working for a strong Ethiopia. If you have an infected disease and if the treatment is not helping before it spread through the rest of your body it’s best to remove the infected part and live health with the functioning area.

    We all need to realize before we say no how much pain and suffering our people have to go through to get on bored one narrow minded ethnic group.

    Enough is Enough for the sake of the majority of the people and before we lose the sovereignty of our country. Since they have already start selling it one by one.

  7. ቢኒያም ከበደ ያአልሙዲ አቀንቃኝ ለመሆኑ ከካናዳ መለስን ቃለምልልስ ለማድረግ ተብሎ አድርባይነቱን በማሳየቱ የመጣ ሆዳም ያይምሮ ደሃ በመሆኑ አጋጣሚውን በማግኘቱ የመራብ ውድድር አቅቶት ይበላል ተብሎ የገባ በመሆኑ አይቶ እማያውቅ ዳቦ ፍሪዳው ነው እንድሚባለው እሱም ባጋጣሚ ያገኘውን አርፎ መብላት ሲገባው እንደእርጎ ዝምብ ጥልቅ ማለት ይወዳል፡ ስለዚህም ችሎታም አቅሙም የሌለው በመሆኑ በዙሪያው ያሉት መምሰል የግድ ነው

  8. krasnadar says:

    @ben you are so exited to becamee like north koria to aske pemtion from gaverment to have a dinner with your negbour like our negbour eritrea. do u know ethiopia very well .how many university dose we have before .how was our inferstructure very poor .which party in ethiopia confronted with egyptians to do a big dam in ethiopia .dis we have even a dream to build a light and heavy train .how many big and small facturies have being beuild with in thise 20 years do u know that .do u know our median was like a jangle when you out at night it was not easy to return safe but today you can came and see the best thing is people mind is changing for realy they beecame realy har working becouse of the gaverment before you tolk and compare yourself with athers where was ethiopia 20 years a go and the people and their idea .let me tell you can you people leave your school or university and your family and your nice house and go to the cave sleep in ground with the stones where there is no food and no hope .just to change your country and your people .that is what people like meles did and they succeded so no body can compare with such kind of people .living in worm house family eating donats and writing behind computer is very easy .democracy is a culture it is not only election especialy when when most of our people are uneducatd and eprdf started it we have to make it better for genegeration to came .not complaining and liying and insulting

  9. mike says:

    Dear Awramba,

    You guys said what I had in mind about Ben. The guy is a complete cadre. His dramatic change from the independent mind that I used to like to such a low level propaganda machine is mind boggling to me.

    I used to email him about my admiration to him before he became who he is and I tried to e mail him my criticisms. He now posts nothing that’s critical of him.

    ‘Vocal toxic diaspora’ has become his vocabulary. He has no credibility what so ever except propagating the same info he gets from the mother of lies, Ethiopian gont.

    He lied on Meles …
    He lied on Alamudin- while Elias reported his death
    Ben accused vocal diaspora, East, and Jesus for spreading rumors in his ill attempt to discredit ypu guys and ESAT.
    He lied on this very news about power struggle, YET AGAIN

    Simply put he is a complete moron.

  10. Tekle says:

    Boo gize le kulu. Yetekedene yemayigelet yelemna! Yih yezeregna megreja saygelt yetegelete new. Gubae kelebat… EGZIABHER ETH. Yibark!

  11. Abba Tobia says:

    እኔ የሰለቸኝ ወያኔ ላይ የሚቀርበው ስሞታ ነው. ሞሶሎኒ አገር ሲወር ትክክለኛ ምላሹ “አርበኝነት” መሆን ሲገባው ለምን ሰው ገደለ, ለምን ሰው አፈናቀለ ብሎ የሚቃወም ሞሶሎኒ እራሱ እንደሆነ መቼ ይሆን የሚገባችው.

    ሕወአት ኢትዮጵያን በጉልበት እየገዛ ነው. ለዚህም ማስረጃው መከላከያ ሠራዊቱን መታዘብ ነው.

    ብሄር ገለመኔ ውሸት ነው. ትግሬ ትግሬነቱን ብቻ ነው የሚወደው. ትግሬ ብቻውን መኖር ስለማይችል, ወደ ባለቤት-አልባ ኢትዮጵያ ጎራ ብሎ ብሄር ገለመኔ እያለ እየፎገረ ትግሬነትን እያበላ እያጠጣ ነው.

  12. Hala says:

    Look at the picture … Both Meles (I’m glad you are dead!! ) and the other dude have their hands on Hailemariam’s thigh…. so Gay !

  13. zol says:

    Honesty..Meles started working since the last election in 97..before that he was sleeping,,ethiopia is still poor,many unemployment,diesese….etc…like obama said “its time for change”,forget about meles cz he is dead and gone..till now we dont enjoy full democracy,were one man leads a country for decads.,all we want is fair election..

  14. adi says:

    በመሰረቱ ወያኔ አላማዎች / የለሌሉት / የተነጠቀ ድርጅት ነው
    1. ባንዲራ ጨርቅ ነው….አሁን ደሞ የባንዲራ ቀን ይከበር / ለገሰ ዜናዊ
    2. መጀመሪያ ትግሬነኝ ቀጥሎ ኢትዮጵያዊ ልሆንም ላልሆንም እችላለሁ……ነው….አሁን ደሞ ኢትዮጵያዊነትን የመንደር ንፋስ አያናውጠውም / ለገሰ ዜናዊ
    3. ከተሞች የሃገሪቱ ዜጎች ውክልና ያለበቸው ናቸው….አሁን ደሞ በ97 የአዲስ አበባ ህዝብ ባይመርጠንም 85 ፐርሰንቱ ገበሬ መርጦናል
    4. አንቀፅ39 መንገጠልን ይደግፋል ….አሁን ደሞ ኡጋዴን ልገንጠል ማለትዋ ህገመንግስታዊ አይደለም
    ለማንኛውም አውሬው ሞቶአል እናንት ወገኔ ነው ብላችሁ በጣም እስክንዘርፍ አትውረድ ከስልጣን ብላችሁ ገላችሁልናል እግዚአብሄር ይስጣችሁ …ተጠቃሚ እናንተ እየሱሳችሁን ገዳይ እናንተ….ቧ….ቧ…ቧ….ቧይ ….ዝገርም

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