EPRDF reschedules its meeting for tomorrow to replace the late PM Meles Zenawi


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27 Responses

  1. Dawit kiros says:

    are you talking the rescheduling by a single day brought by international pressure?realy it is laughable.i can not understand how the diaspora are thinking about eprdf and the ethiopian people!do you realy know the eprdf?in my experience the eprdf never change its direction and stand by outside influence.gossipers talk much but eprdf goes only on the way for the peoples interest,

  2. dubale says:

    In the first place EPRDF never said for 16th. As usual u created that story yourself. Besides historically EPRDF’s meeting has been Fridays and Saturdays.

    • Meyu says:

      Ki. . . ki . . .kikkkkki . . . Kiw.
      Ato Dubale I would like to invite you to visite St. Emanuel hospital were ever you are. Actually not only for you, any body who faill in love of EPRDF.
      For me I’ve never seen in my life machine of lie like EPRDF.

  3. Betti says:

    @Dawit Kiros
    The ethiopian people know well what EPRDF is. EPRDF is a false coalition of 4 ethnic based parties for the pretense of representing the major ethnic groups in the country. In reality, everything is decided and implemented by the TPLF. You think Ethiopians do not know the puppet put by TPLF to terrorize their own people. Ethiopians know how the secretive and mercinary TPLF works. TPLF believes and imposes a tigre dominated Ethiopia. If power slips out of TPLF, then Tigray will declare independence. This is not something what I made it up, but it was the new TPLF chapman Abay said it to Tigry people recently. Today you are armed and controlled everything and probably have no danger of losing power, however all these is not stationary. The world is in a dyanmical process, we have seen USSR fall, sadam hussien, Gaddafi all known dictators fall. TPLF is no exception to these rule. It will one day go to its demise.
    To ask for freedom and equal treatment is not terrorism.

  4. Magu says:

    @Betti: Why the hell is EPRDF a false coalition? You think like that and you increase your suffering because of lie. EPRDF is a strong party regardless of how those of you in the diaspora want others to believe.

    • betti says:

      I am not a diaspora. Why you think everybody who questions EPRDF is a diaspora. Yes, EPRDF is a false coalition to show the world that ethiopian major ethnic groups (oromo and amhar) are represented in the government. If you telling me the Oromiya local government is free from TPLF, that is a BIG lie and eveybody knows it. Every level of government in oromyia and amhara are systematically controlled by TPLF. Yes, the leader is amhar or oromo, but there are always TPLF dogs watching and telling him what to do. The leader of the amhar party Bereket simon, addisu legese, tefera walwa are not even amhara. How can you have a party lead by non-amharas to reprsent the amhara people. Kuma demeksa and abs dula gemeda are not real oromos, how they represent Oromo people. I can go on like this, you know it, you think you are smart for creating such a system you even call non-tigres ‘Ahya’ or donkey, because you think you fooling us. The truth it is your control of the armed forces and that made you to do all you want.

      • Oromo says:

        So fare thanks to God diasporas are free of TPLF control, where as the rest of Ethiopian/Oromian are in concentration comp for more than two decades. Our people can not say a word except listening to the Tigreans saliently even though they are not approve political process. Silences is not acceptances. Unless you are fooling yourself like Gadaf famously said “ My people Love Me” slogan until the last minutes of his life. No one love you, and your police of supremacy that make up of less than three percent of the entire population in 21st century

    • addis says:

      Did you mean to tell us that EPRDF is the one who gave the order to massacre hundreds in the 1995 Ellection. Did you mean to tell us EPRDF is the one who sillenced dissent and filled the prison with thousands of innocent people. Did you mean to tell us that EPRDF is the voice of the people who gave the TPLFs the right to robe the government and fill the pocket of Tigres. I do not bellieve you for one minute. I think what you are trying to demean the EPRDF and intimidate them to do the bidding of the true enemy of Ethiopia the TPLF.

  5. KMichael says:

    It is very simple! “ehil kebesele behuala sayteneza tolo mebelat alebet” እህል ከበሰለ በኋላ ሳይጠነዛ ቶሎ መበላት አለበት!. The “voting commision” is told through “various” means, as applied in authoritarian systems, how to cast the “vote”! “kesenebete ayer yigebawina neger yibelashal”!ከሰነበተ አየር ይገባውና ነገር ይበላሻል!

  6. Abeba says:

    @ betti, you r enjoying z dream & Idiot propaganda of Terrorist Opposition abroad. Please go to http://www.opride.com & read what the real Oromos are saying about Dr. Berhanu Nega, Ephrem Madebo & Ginbot7.

    Here is the link
    Ginbot7 & Dr. Berhanu Nega’s hostility toward Oromo Cause:


    Please have a read & you will wake up from your Idiot dream.

    As you said if EPRDF is weak & false coalition, you have to blame your freedom fighters for not liberating you, you have to ask them why not the dream they promised come true, why is the problem of your freedom fighters unable to go forward only terrorizing with false propaganda.

    @ betty as you are living in ethiopia, having all strategy & propaganda from abroad, It is better to burn yourself with fire to be a Martyr.

    I said this because the situation & great people of ethiopia wanted Development, Peace, Democracy. Go & Go for Abay Dam not for Strike, not for arab like uprising.

    EPRDF = people of ethiopia + nations + nationalities

    Unity = Strength = people of ethiopia + nations + nationalities

    EPRDF = Unity = Strength !!!!

    If you don’t believe the strength/unity of EPRDF. Please make it practical, we don’t need propaganda, we’ll crash you.

    • betti says:

      First, if you want to argue my point please do it in an intellectual way, just show me my point is not true by supporting evidence. You do not have to go to the point to call me idiot.

      Second, I did not say anything about Dr. Berehnau and others. What I said is EPRDF is a false coaliation. I repeat It is a fake coalition!!. This has nothing to do with Ginbot 7 or any political group. It is my opinion, may be other peoples too. As for the name you gave me, “your freedom fighters”, I don’t have a freedom fighter, I am a freedom fighter by myself. Amharas and Oromos have fought along side the tigres to overthrow Derg It is not only the tigres who fought mengist. Amharas and oromos are asking for fair share of the political, economical and social activity of their country. If that makes me a terrorist I don’t care.
      You said you will crash me, that is really very silly of you. You will never find me, I will fight you with my mind not guns like you. “A pen is mightier than a sword”. And I will never give up and intimidated by your blunt lies and accusations. I will always fight for freedom, and equality in Ethiopia.

      • Meyu says:

        Bet ?! Weal done ! Weal done ! Don’t be disappointed by an “idiots” like Magu & Abeba. Who r barking like a dog.
        Keep your travel like the Camel.

      • Meyu says:

        Bet ?! Weal done ! Weal done ! Don’t be disappointed by an “idiots” like Magu & Abeba. Who are barking like a dog.
        Keep your travel like the Camel.

    • tedy says:

      Crash? Oho its your turn to be crashed friend. First the actor is removed, to be followed by stinky evil leaders around, then comes you guys. The Sword won’t put off untill after it chops!

  7. chalachew says:

    In the first place the organization is not based on equal footing that created the front.thats why we have been seeing the domination of TPLF.

  8. Oromo says:

    EPRDF is a made in Tigray from POWs in 1980s. They do not themselves forget there ethnic cosmetology.

  9. Oromo says:

    If EPRDF is composed of four parties that do not believes in democratic process within it self. Since they are not democratic in nature, every things is national security issue. At the result, they start hiding the dealt of there leader from the entire world for 45 days. NOW it should not take them anther month to name the successor their party leave alone about the nation. Tell me in the history of any nation without leader for so long except Ethiopia. None TPLF coalitions like (OPDO and ANDM) can not lead themselves due to its nature. First of all , they are prisoners of wars from Mengistu era. 2nd they do not have a support from their so called ethnic cosmetology. 3rd they do not have their own political program and vision or produce one after 21 years under captivity of TPLF . 4th The old guards are to old to leave their comfort zone after too long like Kamal Galchu.

    • betti says:

      @Oromo,Thank you for putting light on the truth about TPLF/EPDRF. These selfish people think we belive everything they tell us. They are everywhere to defend this rotten regime that terrorize its own people. The even try to scare people here on the internet. We shall never let them intimidate and distract us from the real issue of Ethiopia. “We need freedom!! freedom freedom freedom … “

      • winta says:

        i realy like the way u express your idea beti,it is really shame full to see a person like u is rulled by this idiot weyanes….

  10. Mebratu says:

    lies lies lies, and more lies, That’s EPRDF in a nutshell. First they lied saying the prime minister was coming back. Then They(Bereket Simon) said he’s doing well and recovering.Then out of no where he was dead..Well, luckly for those of us who follow other news besides propaganda TV aka ETV we had already known The prime minister was dead. Fast forward 3 weeks and EPRDF is back at the wishy washy game about the selection of the successor. This drama(gemena) makes one thing crystal clear. EPRDF failed to construct proper institutions for the past 21 years. Things are either run from the central committee or they are run by powerful individuals like the late PM. Other than that we have no credible democratic institutions. How else can you describe all this commotion in the party’s messaging??

  11. Commee1 says:

    Go on dear Ethiopians keep on talking EPRDF and TPLF gona rule for many years to come.they know you don’t have the balls and the gut to sacrifice anything for a change!!

  12. Abeje says:

    The meeting to appoint a successor was concluded by reaching an agreement into finding a solution and input from diaspora’s ambassadors like the Ethiopian National transitional Council and The Crown Council Of Ethiopia. TPLF and Non- TPLF EPRDF members agreed to overcome the division by not showing any disagreement on the suggestions that comes from the disporas diplomats.

  13. NAHOME2 says:

    መስከረም5 2005 (ኤፍቢሲ) የኢህአዴግ ምክር ቤት አርብና ቅዳሜ ባደረገው መደበኛ ሰብሰባው የግንባሩን ሊቀመንበርና ምክትል ሊቀመንበር መረጠ ። ምክር ቤቱ አቶ ሀይለማሪያም ደሳለኝን የግንባሩ ሊቀመንበር አድርጎ የመረጠ ሲሆን ፥ አቶ ደመቀ መኮንን ደግሞ በምክትል ሊቀመንበርነት መርጧል ።

  14. NAHOME2 says:

    መስከረም5 2005 የኢህአዴግ ምክር ቤት አርብና ቅዳሜ ባደረገው መደበኛ ሰብሰባው የግንባሩን ሊቀመንበርና ምክትል ሊቀመንበር መረጠ ። ምክር ቤቱ አቶ ሀይለማሪያም ደሳለኝን የግንባሩ ሊቀመንበር አድርጎ የመረጠ ሲሆን ፥ አቶ ደመቀ መኮንን ደግሞ በምክትል ሊቀመንበርነት መርጧል ።

  15. kebede says:

    Come-on Dawit Kebede, say something about the good decisions taken by EPRDF today. You got to admit you are surprised.


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