IMF Urges Ethiopia to Slow Nile Dam Project to Protect Economy


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6 Responses

  1. Peace says:

    IMF is speaking in the name of Egypt. Don’t trust it.

  2. mulugeta says:

    IMF is this realy IMF?

  3. nana says:

    Well, the wish not to develop Ethiopia is clear and bold finally. Otherwise there will be some kind of arrest in Ethiopia. Well it is clear that the down fall of Ethiopia has always been by Egypt and West and these two are in cahoots. Sad.

    Recently also Germany sold bumarine war ships to egypt or is selling. Israel was alarmed. However is there anyone speaking on behalf of Ethiopia regarding why we are not lobbying Germany to stop this sell? Perhpas Egypt is going to torpedo the dam for sure. It is time people wake up and organize by ourselves to protect Ethiopia. Apparently there are so many forces outside and inside against Ethiopia.

  4. Meseret says:

    IMF is telling us the recent development of Egyptians & its president Mohamed Mursi who traveled to visit IMF to get loan & also ask IMF to say something by putting some dirty analysis like report “domestic resource will be in shortage, so please stop big projects like nile dam construction”, this idea is also accepted by few traitors & opposition groups abroad in order to divert the peoples support of EPRDF which wants to remain in power by implementing the Growth and Transformation Plan(GTP).

    If EPRDF shows delay or rescheduling of the GTP which includes construction of Dam on Abay river, that is the time at which people of ethiopia will get ride of EPRDF & Ethiopia will face all the worst things. This kind of situation in ethiopia will benefit the Egyptians.

    The so called opposition units, traitors have to support the idea of IMF in order to separate the people from supporting EPRDF & turn people against the ruling party by Idiot propaganda like Inflation is sky rocketing, no democracy, no freedom of speech, ethnic bias, no economic development, ……………

    If they get the opportunity to mobilize the mass, get ride off the ruling party EPRDF & come to power, the so called opposition units & traitors will serve only the interests of Egyptians.

    At first place all those opposition factions do not understand each other which it makes difficult to unit & rule ethiopia as one, the people of ethiopia, nations & nationalities together.

    OLF, ONLF, TPLF, Amhara, Nations & Nationalities will get control of their area if the worst thing come to ethiopia.

    Below only can show us how the future of Ethiopia will go to the worst.

    Ginbot7 & Dr. Berhanu Nega’s hostility toward Oromo Cause:

    Therefore, IMF’s advice together with Ginbot7’s, EPRF’s, ONLF’s, OLF’s motives either to get ride of EPRDF, either to Unit or take their own area will not benefit Ethiopia.

    That is why the people of ethiopia, nations & nationalities preferred EPRDF together with its defects. They are forcing EPRDF to correct its defects, work hard together with their support for the better of ethiopia & its people.

    That is it !

    • Anonymous says:


      What you talking about? You must be a memeber of woyane or their supporter. Don’t catergorize those who speak against the dam are the enemy of EPRDF. Whether you like it or not, the IMF said the truth. The country’s economy is weak and to make things worst the estimated construction cost of $4.8 billion dollars excluding the cost of power transmission lines, corresponds to more than 15% of Ethiopia’s Gross Domestic Product of $31 billion dollars in 2009. The living cost in Ethiopia is getting worst every year. Instead of doing this immediately, it would be better to build it gradually. Even now the country doesn’t have enough electric power distribution for her own people and yet woyane is selling to Djibouti and other neighboring countries. When the dam is completed in 2018 as it was said, the people still will live in the darkness while a few woyanes will get more richer. Regarding your prediction about the future of Ethiopia without woyane, the opposition parties do understand the importance of unity. They learned a big lesson i.e. divided we fail, united we stand.

  5. Weyane(eprdef) use it to plotics

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