David Shinn Lauds Selection of Ethiopia’s New Ruling Party Leader


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13 Responses

  1. Jo says:

    Why don’t you focus on the most serious news about Ethiopia?

    • abebech says:

      I agree with you, I am upset with ethiomedia posted” IMF Urges Ethiopia to Slow Nile Dam Project to Protect Economy”, and Addis Dimts Radio discussing with professor Getachew about the Nile dam. Every Egyptian doesn’t want Ethiopia to bullet Nile dam. I don’t understand why we Diasporas don’t have burning feeling about Nile dam like Egyptian? Are those media getting paid by Egyptian to distract the constriction? I want those media to answer this question. What ever problem you have, with ruling party, you should separate from Nile Dam. I urge all Diasporas to contribute money to finish Nile dame. Those who don’t agree with my idea the least you can do please don’t participate with Egyptian and Sudanese plan. The Nile dam is 80,000,000 Ethiopians dreams.

  2. Bahre Negash says:

    I think there would not be a drastic change in policy. There would be some changes here and there which might deepen and broaden as the new PM gets more control of the party. But for now given the fact that he is new, I doubt if there would be any significant change.

  3. aghee says:

    David Shinn,former USA Amssador to Ethiopia,

    Ambassador David Shinn said the late Prime Minister Melese Zenawi was grooming Hailemariam Desalegni to succeed him.Are you sure,Mr David Shinn that Melese was really has the intention when he picked Hailemariam Desalegn to replace him?Hailemariam Desalegni is not of the same area of Melese and he was not tagay.There are large number of tagays who think they deserve this position.Did Melese really informed you that he is grooming Hailemariam to succeed him?Melese was secretive and lived in mysterious world.Did he invite you to his world and his secret mind?I doubt it for we have seen him changing his colour and language the way it fits him and serve his mission.

    Mr David Shinn, you underestimated the analysis of the Ethiopians in the diaspora who said the replacement will be from the Tigres.What do you know about the make up and content of the new leadership? Do you have any knowledge of the mechanism of the new leadership?Hailemarian has clearly said during the interview of CCTV that his leadership style is COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP.Mr David Shinn do you understand what it means?Are you able to read the mind-set of the WOYANE brain?Do you know the language and the culture of these people?We Ethiopians even couldn’t understand them though we have lived with them and shared the same religion and culture for centuries.You seem you are their mentor or you are devising their mechanism.I am you are not doing that and willing to be part of it either.

    Ambassador David Shinn, you are saying that you don’t see policy change.Why not?Is there something that will hinder not to have policy change?Then if Hailemariam wants to do a change the change will be a factor for him to shoot himself.If policy change is not going to happen then Hailemariam Desalegni is going to be errand boy. He is there only to help them save their faces and help them to get the aid from the western donars.He is going to be a barganing tool for the goal of WOYANE.

    For me Hailemariam Desalegni is the unexpected child that is brought by Melese Zenawi to the mother that is WOYANE.

  4. Abraham Amanios says:

    It is the Eritrean factor stupid!
    Haile Sellasie did not resolve the Eritrean question and paid a price for it big- the throne.
    Mengistu did not, and paid the price.
    Meles did not fully resolve and directly or indirectly affects his health.
    EPRDF- under Hailemariam, what do want to do about Eritrea and 70, 000 Eritreans who were displaced and dispossesed of their life-long savings in Ethiopia. Now is the the right time for action and action- towards peace and justice. There is no peace without justice. Let the Eritrean border conflict be resolved amicablly and let the peoples of the two sister Countries, that have a lot in common-historically, culturally and so on,live in peace and harmony with trust and open borders.

    • Teassema leamma says:

      Thousands of Ethiopians been killed by Shabia,deported and their property taken with out their will.Eritria is a hostile country and doing its best for the distruction of the Ethiopia.We made so change by having new PM where as Eritria is still ruled by dictator.Unless their is some change it is hard to have peace with Junta Esayas.Let Shabia fall and peace shine in Horn of africa

    • Magu says:

      More than 150,000 Ethiopians were deported with all their properties taken by your mafia governement, and you are complaining about the deportation of Eritreans who were found spying for Isayas? How many Ethiopians did you kill when the Ethiopian soldiers controlled badme, tesenei, barenti, and many other places? We wouldn’t tolerate Eritreans any more. Though I loved Meles in many ways, I have been opposing him in his soft policy towards Eritreans. Eritreans are arrogant people, and they should be handled accordingly. Period!

  5. lemu says:

    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopia’s new prime minister is to be sworn into office on Friday.

    Hailemariam Desalegn is the hand-picked successor of former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who died Aug. 20 after ruling Ethiopia for more than two decades. Hailemariam is a former deputy prime minister and foreign affairs minister under Meles.

    Hailemariam’s ascension to prime minister has been delayed for at least a month after an emergency meeting of parliament was canceled last month.

    Shimeles Kemal, communications state minister, said Tuesday that Hailemariam will take the oath Friday morning.

    The extraordinary parliament session follows a meeting by the leadership of the ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front, which on Saturday named Hailemariam its leader. The party controls 545 of the country’s 547 parliament seats, ensuring Hailemariam will be approved Friday.

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    http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/afr … story.html

  6. FinFINE says:

    I think Awrambatimes is beating ESAT in its content and being dynamic. At least, everytime I visit Awrambatimes, i read new thing. I hope ESAT will improve in bringing new thing into the air

  7. wole says:

    The terroriat TPLF thugs do not know what they are doing. They say one thing today and reverse themselves the next day. Only last Saturday the pathological liar Bereket Simon said that there was no reason to rush the swearing in of HD and that it would be done when the rubber-stamp parliament resumes its regular session in early October. In two days time every thing changed and they are reversing their earlier decision and calling the sham parliament into session on 9/21/2012. They do not know what they are doing. If they cannot get this simple stuff right two three times, how can they get the other complex things right? This is ridiculous and stupid to say the least. Bereket keeps lying and lying and lying. Just to mention a few: Bereket first denied and lied the sickness of Meles and the nature of his sickness, then he lied about his recovery and resumption of office, then he lied about his death, then he lied about the swearing in of HD as acting PM on 8/23/2012. Bereket continued his pathological lying and he lied about the so called EPRDF council whch he initially said would be Sept 16, 2012 and then reversed it and said Sept 14-15, 2012. He refused to disclose the third candidate and lied about the vote counting for the so called nominees. Now again they are changing the swearing in of HD from early october to 9/21/2012. Bereket is known as the most discredited propaganda chief and a liar-in-chief of the terrorist TPLF group. BTW, it is understood that the latest change of plan is due to international pressure. These pompous liars boast of working at their own pace but the reality is the TPLF terrorist group is budging under the international pressure as demonstrated once again by this reversal of decision.

  8. kiflom says:

    I do completely agree with ms. Abebech please u diasporas do ,firstly,good things 4 your country.u simply blame leaders .I hope u know that there is any leader in the world,esp. in africa,who is rul ling a country being 100% correct. Do not just compare the gov’t directly with the western ones.Just come and invest make jobs 4 young ethiopians. come closer and share us ur experiances ,which are directly useful 4 us. The eritreans,ofcourse they are our relatives, do not generally good attitude to our country,esp. those who really do trust ‘the most mistaken guy ESSAYAS AFWERK. Finaly those who were simply expecting ‘TIGRIAN’ successor should be ashamed of their perception and then admit this democratic transition for the peace and bright future of ourcountry.

  9. Abraham Amanios says:

    Dear Teassemma, in your words, “We made so change by having new PM where as Eritria is still ruled by dictator”.
    Dear T.Eritrean issue is to be addressed by Eritreans only. If we have political problems we, Eritreans, will address it based on their priorities. Until we get rid-off people who have the same mentality about Eritrea as you, we will need a leader with an iron hand like our leader.

  10. Gonnfa belew says:

    Let woyane play to symbolize the fictitious transferring power and as to me I do not have any problem if hailemariam was boyed and lead but the fact of the matter is the crowning looks like the fire in the ash and some day soon we all see what is in the mind of woyanes’ behind the currtain they keep cheating robbing and misleading Ethiopians and the world(birds of the same feather)

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