Shimeles Kemal:Hailemariam will take the oath Friday morning


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9 Responses

  1. A. says:

    I don’t know how much true it was at the time, but when he left his south region presidency and joined the federal government as Meles’ advisor, the reason they gave was that he had very high blood pressure that prevented him from executing his duties under demanding situations. Like I said whether it was true or not, I don’t know.

  2. wole says:

    The terrorist TPLF thugs do not know what they are doing. They do not know any shame. They say one thing today and reverse themselves the next day. This pattern of behavior demonstrates that the terrorist TPLF camp is in disarray. Unsure of what they are doing or what needs to be done, they are groping and fumbling. Only last Saturday the pathological liar Bereket Simon (BS), the mouthpiece of the terrorist TPLF thugs, said that there was no reason to rush the swearing in of HD and that it would be done when the rubber-stamp parliament resumes its regular session in early October. In two days time every thing changed and they are reversing their earlier decision and calling the sham parliament into session on 9/21/2012. If they cannot get this simple stuff of swearing in right two three times, how can they get the other complex things right? This is ridiculous and stupid to say the least.

    It is one thing to control a territory by force but governing the territory is totally a different ball game. Al Shebab, Taliban and the others in the league of the terrorist TPLF group control territories by gun and terrorize the peoples that live in the territories they control. They force the people to do whatever they want them to do. The mass hysteria the Ethiopian people have been forced to go through following the death of the terrorist-in-chief Meles is the case in point here and illustrates what terrorist groups can do to the people they control and hold hostage. The Ethiopian people are caught in the climate of fear and therefore obey and do the whims of the TPLF terrorists just to survive and see the light of the next day.

    Lying is the modes operandi of the terrorist groups and is viewed as one of the main tools, besides the gun, to maintain their grip on the territories and the peoples that live in the territories. The propaganda chief of the TPLF terrorist group, Berek (BS), keeps lying and lying and lying. Just to mention a few from the most recent episodes: BS first denied and lied about the sickness of Meles and the nature of his sickness, then he lied about his recovery and resumption of office, then he lied about his death, then he lied about the swearing in of HD as acting PM on 8/23/2012. BS (I mean Bereket Simon) continued his pathological lying and he lied about the so called EPRDF council meeting whch he initially said would be on Sept 16, 2012 and then reversed it and said it would be from Sept 14-15, 2012. He refused to disclose the third candidate in the sham contest hiding it from the Ethiopian people. He lied about transparency of the process and he lied about the vote counting for the so called nominees. BS is known as the most discredited propaganda chief and a liar-in-chief of the terrorist TPLF group.

    Now again terrorist TPLF is changing the swearing in of HD from early October to 9/21/2012. BTW, it is understood that the latest change of plan is due to international pressure. These pompous liars boast of working at their own pace but the reality is the TPLF terrorist group is budging under the international pressure as demonstrated once again by this reversal of decision.

    • Magu says:

      TPLF is terrorist because it terrorized your dergue father in the battle field. TPLF will keep terrorising some dergue remnants like you until your last minute breath on this earth. Leboch?

    • Bedaso says:

      If you have nothing important to say, atleast make it short. GOD!

  3. Tatek says:

    I am afraid a lot of us like Elias have lost a point here. We need to be clear to reality here that Hailemariam is not going to be given the same imperial powers enjoyed by Colonel Zenawi. He is going to be, if any, TPLF /EPRDF stooge that needs his party’s lung to breathe. I am not expecting any siginificant policy change from what dictator Zenawi was doing, and we have seen HD saying that over and over even after he accepted the party’s nomination. He will be a lame duck PM who has to listen to his TPLF masters and I am not expecting any miracle to happen as long as TPLF is not thrown in a dust bin. The only solution is fighting the TPLF with whatever it takes and democratizing Ethiopia.

  4. xoom says:

    “We fought for Eritrean independence from the colonial rule of Ethiopia. Even now, if Eritrea is attacked, EPRDF would jump into Eritrea, join the Eritrean people and engage the enemy.” – Sebhat Nega on Radio Woyane (May 28, 2007)

  5. aghere says:

    “Only God can Help Muslims From Ourselves”

    This is an article from The Toronto Sun news,Wednesday september 19,2012.This is written by Mr Tarek Fatah.

    I have taken part of the article for it is useful and fits to the Ethiopian political atmosphere.I am not talking about Muslims.The hot political temperature in the Muslim world because of the film titled “INNOCENCE Of MUsLIMS”.

    “When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to calm Muslims Thursday by denouncing the video,she was unwittingly playing along with the ruse the radicals set up.The United States would have been better-off focusing on the only outrage that was of legitimate interest to the American government: lack of respect_shown by a complaisant Egyptian government and other Islamists_for U.S. diplomatic missions.” If it were possible(and I know it’s not),I hope for divine intervention putting my Muslim ummah in a medically induced coma so that the source of this spasmodic convulsion that makes us behave as the world’s most irrational people can be exicised from our souls.For only God can help us Muslims from ourselves.”wrote Mr Tarek Fatah.

    “I hope for divine intervention putting my Muslim ummah in a medically induced coma so that the source of this spasmodic convulsion that makes us behave as the world’s most irrational people can be exicised from our souls.”This is my prayer too for my Tigrian brothers and sisters that God put medically induced coma so that the source of this spasmodic covulsion that makes them behave as the world’s most irrational people exicised from their souls.I borrowed Mr Tarek’s words for they best describe the Woyane intellectuals and cadres.

    I can’t understand the WOYANES and their supporters.God only knows what is going inside their mind or soul if they have one.I pray for them to be relieved from this evil that leads them to spasmodic convulsion.I think we need to sympathize with this abnormal behaviour that possessed them.Even USA,their partner,is not having the expertise to set them free and live a normal life.

    When you cut the head of a chicken and release it immediately it will behave as if it has life.It tries even to run and make certain drama to show it is alive but the reality is it is without the head and there will not be life and rationality.THe dead body can’t deal with the normal situation.The head of WOYANE is cut and the body alone is not going to survive.It will die.It has to take the last breath and go where its head is buried.

    The WOYANES have demonstrated who they are when they took two months to organise the funeral festival all over the country.They have shown that they are “the world’s most irrational people” by make the people of Ethiopia weep for two weeks and put the economic activities at a stand still.

    Let God release them from this demon that makes them irrational and dumb.

  6. Tokichaw says:

    Let us give a benefit of the dought for our new prime minster Hailemariam. God has given him an opportunity to make history by bringing people together and lead the country to the right direction. Time is now for forgiveness and reconciliation. Let god give him the courage and strength to undo the damage that has been done to our country for the past 21 years. Some might think he is just as bad as the previous PM. Please do not pre judge the unknown leader and restrain from attacking him. Time will tell what kind of a leader he will be. Until then, let’s all hold ou guns and be optimistic.

  7. T.Goshu says:

    I wonder how the mere replacement of the late Ato Meles Zenawi by another person who has no the courage and confident to say that he has been elected to lead the Front (EORDF) and the country . It is ridiculous to hear some of fellow Ethiopians that the mere coming of the two men(Ato Haliemariam and ato Demeke) is an encouraging move by the ruling circle. Folks, the political cultrue seeing things from the change of individuals or groups of not from the perspective of a system as a whole is in this 21st century is extremely troubling. That is why the Reporter of Amare Aregawi (today’s congradulate us that EPRDF has made great history by allowing the two men to take the throne which beonged to TPLF for the last several years. To my understanding, this is a very huge insult to the very intelligence of the Ethiopian people.

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