Ethiopian court ordered the freezing of Andualem Arage and Eskinder Nega’s property


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12 Responses

  1. bendo says:

    I think i prefer him to stay in prison for two reasons.
    1. no one should allowed to write people to riot in town and leave peacfuly that is not happened even in uk. 2 young men sent to prison for writing like that in there face book last time.
    2. he creates job for some people in dc to collect money and also making american economy move by selling a lot of candle.

    • gude eko new says:

      Dear Bendo,

      If you are lacking an intellect to comprehend certain issues, it is just a brotherly advise, you ought to know that it is not obligatory to comment!

    • hagos says:

      Ya u sound like u are so retarded by saing theis stuff.. truly u must be on drug or something for you not standing for freedom of our life in the future.. Bendo first get yourslef a dictationary find out what a meaning of freedom and undertand. instead of America selling candles i think you are the worst enemy of ethiopia selling out lands, making the country more poverty and more shermutaa in the country i dont think your sister you want her to be shermutaa or your wifrey ight…at least the Journalist are fighting for the right and freedom if they didint care they would left the country to America…..I guess they stand for ethiopia and rather die for thier country…..unlike you no heart for the people of ethiopia.

  2. Bedaso says:

    ‘The most recent charges against him include involvement in “terrorism”–a grave charge that prosecutors backed with a YouTube video of a public meeting where he had discussed the implications of the Arab Spring in Ethiopia.’

    For any foreigner who doesn’t understand amharic, explain it to them what Eskinder was saying in that youtube video. After watching this video, if you still think that he hasn’t done anything wrong then you are so biased.

    It would have been irresponsible for the government not to arrest him. The guy got what he deserved. The fact that he is a journalist is irrelevant to the crime he committed. What he did was illegal by any measure. He was indeed inciting violence and trying to unsit the gov’t.

    I suggest the diaspora to start begging the gov’t than claiming human rights abuse or freedom of speech.

    • helly says:

      It is funny how discussing implication of the Arab Spring amouts to terrorism. Are u out of your mind? If that is terrorism, what are you going to call bombing civilians off? or what are you going to call starving and raping somalis in kelil five? Freedom of expression is put in the constitution of the Federal repablic and u think that is for getaget.

  3. Malkam says:

    I think Eskinder will be released, I have no doubt on this but to stay such long time for just writing articles is sad sad sad.
    We all pass sooner or later and to let him stay in prison such long time is unacceptable.

    I am more than happier like Henock Yeshitila by the death of the cruel dictator.
    This is the way and life so why we should be such a savage and cruel one to another?

  4. Tatek says:

    Who is more a terrorist than the TPLF mafia group in power? The TPLF is one of the few regimes that is still sleeping with the notorious terrorist who slept with world # 1 terror leader Osama Bin Laden- Omar El Bashir of Sudan. This man ( Eskinder) was just doing his job and telling the world that Zenawi and his TPLF clique were using state machinery to terrorize the very public that is feeding them, and that’s not terrorism. Nor was encouraging people to throw the illegitimate TPLF in a dust bin terrorism. Terrorist # 1 is TPLF and not Eskinder Nega, death with TPLF, lONG lIVE ESKINDER NEGA, LONG LIVE ETHIOPIA.

    • DemMelash says:

      TPLF will continue to prosper as you continue to die. The roots of evil will continue to be dismantled as the Ethiopia’s Opressed Nations and Nationalities prosper on the Ruins of all reactionary forces.
      You remain barking outside Ethiopia and loose everything you earned by stealing during Hailesellasie and Dergue Eras. Eventually you will surrender for that is all … your history after all.

  5. Belete says:

    Eskinder tried his best to overthrow the government by violence. He must rot in prison until he accepts Jesus. Andaulaem argie the same. They are G7. Desalegn the editor of Fthi has to be added into Kalti cell of Eskinder. Deslalegn( Fith) was compaigning of face book during the ilslamicist protest. Desalegn was urging police stations to be set on fire, government offices to be set on fire. Desalegn (Fith) editor face nick name NitroEthiopia is masked in his facebook profile like Alshebab carrying AK-47 and round of bullets. I suggest Ethiopian government to throw Desalegn to rot in prison. The law must be applied 100%. There must never be if or but on violation of the law.

  6. Bushe Dito says:

    Go on Freezing & Freezing !!!!!!!

    The properties of Idiots, Criminals, Some Feudal/Derg regime residuals who are fighting against people of Ethiopia, Traitors who tarnish image of the country, lobbying, Advising, Shouting on US & Other western country Presidents, Senators, Ambassadors, Officials to stop supporting ethiopia with any kind of Aid & loan.

    Ethiopia born enemies who wanted uprising,conflict, massacre, disrespect b/n & within people of ethiopia, nations & nationalities, for the purpose of regaining power which they used to kill, troche discriminate, disrespect their own citizen, nations & nationalities.

    Freezing properties of Criminals, Traitors, Terrorists is the right way.

    Idiot Awakening !

    • gude eko new says:


      The likes of Eskinder languished in prison for all of us; especially, for those of you who have been pack horses laden with TPLF’s propaganda for the past 21 years. As a result you become a mechanically operated robot, who can not separate the wheat from chaff! So, no wonder your attempt of belittle such gallant Ethiopians with your amateurish comment.

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