Can PM Hailemariam Desalegn Lead Change?


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3 Responses

  1. Abba Tobia says:

    A change in present day ethiopia is removing Ethnic Federation and replacing it by traditional provinces without article 39 of Benito Mussolini’s (Woyane) constitution. other than this, there is nothing to be called “change”.

  2. says:

    We know how much you hate the tigray people which are our brothers and sisters. It is shame.Let me tell you U don’t know the new ethiopia.Don’t excpect any. Minim atamtum. Long live eprdf. You have nothing here except your talking hate.

    • Fitsum says:

      HDM has no power, we all know! woyane is still controling the power so HDM is a survival like millions ethiopians:-) Rakiya I am tigre and I totally desagree with woyane way, ethnical division! I am a proud tigrean ethiopian who will never sale my country to shabia and woyane like you! Tigray and the rest of Ethiopia survived italians thanks to our brave ethiopian ancestry. You have to ask your conscious and help rather the whole ethiopians to be free! My great frand father was Tigre and he faught for Ethiopia, how can we not defend a one Ethiopia and kill the cancer of tplf??? bereket and shebat are both shabia wake up from your dream …

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