Yesterday and today: A timely poem from Addis Ababa (Wosenseged Gebrekidan)


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15 Responses

  1. ted says:

    Le us give Hailemariam time. Power is out of the Tigrian’s hand. Weather it is good for the rest of Ethiopians is to be seen.

    • Wedi Raya says:

      @Ted! Please don’t be racist! You could say “TPLF” instead of “Tigrians”. Even your nasty comment is approved by a Tigrean editor, Dawit Kebede. Shame on you Dawit!!!

  2. Sammy says:

    Wedi Raya, I agree with your first comment; however, why don’t we hear majority of Tigreans come clean and condomn this dictatorial regime. Most of them gives it their blind and unbalanced support. Also, I see that you’re a racist too. Why blaming Dawit when he respects freedom of speech!?

  3. Ted says:

    Wedi Raya: you nailed it! The above “ted” is clueless about his point. If he wants power out of Tigrians…then the Tigrians some day will come and ask for it. This is a vicious circle we are not coming out. This has to stop here! Like you said…power is out of TPLF and now is in the hands of others.

  4. Brook says:

    Wedi raya,

    Dawit Kebede Weyessa is half Oromo and half Tigrain (?).

  5. bendo says:

    I thought the oppostions are againes ethinics didpolitics.
    but they are talking day and night about ethinicity and tigre this tigre that…
    I am tired of same politics with out new idea saying Tigray is going to sink by goods stolen from addis bla bla sheet…
    is inn’t addis far far better off now that 21 years a go.
    if we believe in one ethiopia why we are worried too much about the etinicity of the leader.
    People like Tamagne who work day and night for derge with out worried for human right now they become the spoke person of human right. what a joke. they see every thing with there ethinicity.

  6. Hailengaw says:

    wedi Raya it is not about race if you are not willing to listen, we are not stop telling you the fact.
    this is the truth on the ground
    _ Tigians dominantly holds political power.
    _ Tigrians dominantly holds the economy
    _ Tigrians dominantly holdd the military.
    _ Tigrians dominantly holds the security .
    _ Tigrians dominantly control the justice,the media,the net works and so on.
    so what is a big deal to say the Togrians.

    • Wedi Raya says:

      Don’t be stupid!

      If you want to to know the truth on the ground,
      Here it is, if you are hodam pro-EPRDF, whether you are Oromo or Amara you can dominantly hold the economy
      Forget the justice system. That is the constituency of Silte and Adere, what else? Media? that is Bereket’s property.
      My brother! Hate is not a family value!!! I know whose strategy is this. This is SHAEBIYA backed Ginbot 7’s poor strategy. Stupids

    • Azeb says:

      Aren’t they Tigreans? Still Ethiopians? Jegna yejegna zer. I believe they deserve more than what you claimed above. Unfortunately, it is not true OK MR. Hailengaw. Keep dreaming though. It may come true for those poor TIGREANS sake.

    • Azeb says:

      let it be…let it be….let it be as long as tigreans are happy OK. I hope Hailengnaw/ you will understand. Jegna yejegna zer nachew eko tigreans. I am glad they are Ethiopians.

  7. esatu says:

    ESAT has resumed trial TV transmission to Ethiopia to reach the Ethiopian people. Good job ESAT. Keep up the good job. You are making progress. You are winning the air war with the TPLF. Now the momentum is with us. The TPLF is clearly losing it. We are making big strides in setting the agenda and controlling the message. One who controls the message wins the war. We will leave no stone unturned to reach our people. We have to strive not only to be the voice of the voiceless Ethiopian people but also to become their trusted source and number one choice for credible information. ESAT is earning the trust of the Ethiopian people at a very breathtaking speed. It is empowering and uniting our people. ESAT has become a source of hope for the Ethiopian people and a repository of nightmare for the TPLF and its surrogates. If there is one thing that keeps Bereket Simon and all the TPLF ringleaders awake at night, it is ESAT. If there is one thing that makes the late dictator Meles roll in his grave not far from his former office, it is ESAT. The TPLF and some of their hirelings have been making relentless efforts to provide us with free unsolicited advice to go to the jungle, just like what they did, if we want freedom. We are saying no, thanks no. We know what we need to do. The world has changed a lot. You may not need the tools of the past to get things done today. Why would you need to take up a hatchet for something you can get done with a scalpel? There is a chinese adage: do not take up a hatchet to remove a fly. ESAT is the way.

  8. The TPLF (EPRDF) for the last twenty one year’s lead the country on their way divide the nation but time is change awareness of the people over their political party tendency.
    Hailemeriam desalenu become the next pm. He has to learn from privies government disagreement with the nation on the right and freedom expiration.
    His whispered about coming from family fight for freedom and equality he should follow the steep of his father test on his appoint and experience.
    Stand to get dispense right from the dictator wrong signal to those become visible to fight for free the nation.

  9. Esat

    your name tells all, are you playing war video games or listening the sensational Amharic war song (Fukera and Kererto) may be you probably using that bloody leaf (chat ) who knows. you are clueless individual who tried to bite off more than he can chew. you have not made any headway, it is only in your head. i think may be you experiencing delusions of grandeur ( a belief that is not true ) . how come you deceive yourself when hundreds of people abandoning the so called liberation movement in Asmara and ask for pardon to the Ethiopia government.. the people who abandoned them they told us, loud and clear, the G7 leaders they are corrupt and useless, let alone to liberty others they are not liberated themselves. in regard to ESAT they are a bunch of hate monger who seriously lack Ethical, moral, and professional standards in journalism.

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