Government to nationalize the assets of Ethiopian Great Run


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6 Responses

  1. brx says:

    Abeyot leguan tebelaleche malet yehe new. Hayle akatare behuala yakatarinetun waga agegne

    • abe says:

      This information is misleading. it is not based on the full story or fact. Please listen to Haile G. himself to find the truth. You will find it on last week’s Furtune Magazine. In short, as I read it and understood it, the Great Run asset in not nationalized. The organization was not registered either as a profit or non profit entity. This has to be sorted out and resolved. As far as Haile’ personal and all his other assets are concerned, none have been touched either by the Internal Revenue of Ethiopia or other Agencies

  2. Teddy says:

    First it was Andualem Arage’s car and Eskinder Nega’s parent’s house. Now it’s Haile G/Selassie & Co’s.
    What is next, Sebhat Nega’s 5 mansions?

  3. Abel says:

    I think he didn’t cry very well. His tears were not enough to help jim to keep his property. Oh! Haile. See what is happeing to you Men, Ethiopians are true people, God people but you are living for your abdomen nothingless.
    You wll pay the price.
    Do not trust woyane…

  4. aghere says:

    It is good for WOYANE MAFIA.This will be additional source of income.Bravo WOYANE.This way ABAY DAM will be completed within a short time.

    You are really smart go ahead and nationallize more enterprises and institutions.

  5. Anbesie says:

    Woyane wants definetely cancel the big run once and for all. It has become the outlet for the people to voice their suppressed anger. Now woyanes have fear for any type of mass organisation.
    The people will find anyway another outlet soon.!!!!

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