First Lady Roman Tesfaye profiled


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26 Responses

  1. FINFINE says:


  2. Dagnachewu says:

    Her parents are Eritreans. This must be considered when evaluating the rise and credentials of this Haliesatan stuff.

  3. Balcha says:

    Any ways, they don’t have power. Puppets.

    • Bex says:


      Untie your blind fold for the sake of sanity. How long is it going to take for you and your friends to come out of darkness?

  4. Jos says:

    Sorry but what is your message about the first lady Mr. Writer or you just want to show us what she looks like. sorry but she is a normal Ethiopian Woman and that is what we would all expect of an Ethiopian woman. I assume u didn’t have any message for us

  5. DCSILVER says:

    Great, welcome First Lady Roman! I wish both of you the very best. I really don’t care about the religion part; it never helps in my opinion.
    I imagine Ethiopia; wealthy, economically healthy in every region.

  6. tutu says:

    Religion is not the problem of Ethiopian peoples. p/s stop talking about religions! it’s not about religion. it’s about human right, freedom, true leader

  7. yihune_bilenal says:

    Religion is not bread and can not be a source of developement so we should separate speaking about their religion. It is good for them but nothing for the majority of ethiopias because most of the Ethiopians do not share their religion. more than 50% orthodox and 35% Islam which accounts for more than 85% only for the two main religion so how many of ethiopians support them because of their religion? I think very few, little but we all support them for their good leader ship and also because they are from minoriy ethinics so let it be, I support them for this reason

  8. Alex says:

    Ere men teshalachu diaspora’s loosers

    Welcome our first lady and PM Hailmarime I can c ur wonderfull. Copy cut of Melese Zenawi…

  9. Junda says:

    Dude, what is your point? what is your message. exile has came be to be futile for you like a fish out of a pond. so meaningless article. religion is a non issue even you make fereo-egizer as one of your ideological framework. it does not work.

  10. Jundi says:

    Dawit, you are no diifferent from the people who chased you away. Why do you remove my replies? you censor ideas? abesha is the same idiots whether you live in ethiopia or in america

  11. Hopeful says:

    Reading the Bible thousands of times and knowing every Bible verse and claiming as a New Born Christian is meaningless– if one doesn’t have good-conscience, love, compassion, justice for all! Have these people ever stood up against tyrant Meles and his criminal buddies when they sold Ethiopia’s land, when Ethiopia left without seaport? Where were these people when Ethiopians in thousands thrown in prisons and massacred in thousands, gunned down in the broad daylight, evicted from their properties and thrown in the cold in Gambela and Gondar…What does believing in God means if we do not speak up in behalf of muzzled Ethiopians, stand up against Man-made starvation, Cruelty, Tyranny, oppression, Human Rights abuse, Torture and Murder…? Simply meaningless nonsense!

    • Bex says:


      Where were you when all these ‘bad things’ happen to your people? Just answer that question before you point fingers.

  12. Legesse says:

    In Your Article, all the informations are not new. As Jos said above, what would you like to say to us? I mean,she is educated and her husband too. That is all. But, they are going to fulfill the interset of TPLF or Woyane.
    Many of the eritrean origins have been deported. But she is there and doing her job.May be she and her husband they are suitable for the woyane regime. Believe me we are going to hate this lady. Their daily activities are well planned from Woyane….

  13. Son of Jesus says:

    God bless you the first lady Roman Tesfaye and PM Hailemariam Desalegn, i pray for you and your children, peace and prosperity to you all with the bless of God.
    I hope you will find the true peace and progress of your country with Eritrea, to finnalize the troubles of both countries, that is the only solution how a person with the fear of God can find it out by means of dialogue finding the final solution to a man kind, especially to those poor Ethiopians, whom there only hope is a man with God’s bless and that is “PM Hailemariam Desalegn and the ever only first lady Roman Tesfaye.” A lady with so many knowledge ever to be the first lady, hopefuly she will advice the PM.

  14. A. says:

    We will call Roman The First Lady only after she has officially moved to the palace. For the moment, Azeb Gola refuses to vacate the palace and claims that she is still first lady. This would probably be the first ever first-lady coup detat in the world, and someone please pass it over to the Guiness book of records.

  15. Tesfahun says:

    Hi volks,
    what all this writings emphasizing religion and mouthiness. Does this really matter? What if, though I don’t think to be real, the so called protestant and southerner tries to consolidate power and act as the X-PM Meles to build his power on the basis of “SOUTH”?
    What if he act as a puppet?
    I believe the majority doesn’t care when this or that leader comes from north or south. What counts is the interest of the Ethiopian people. First of all the rule of law. When every citizen is equal before the law and most importantly the establishment of a system where every one has a fair and just share of the countries wealth.

  16. Elias says:

    Please we ethiopian have no problem on a religone of our leader we need from them is.peace,democracy,development,freedom of speech and expression,freedom of organization,free press including private TV and radios,human right,the release of people who are in jail due to their political activities and due to they are a journalist and the release of those who are in jailed due to their belief like Islamic leaders,we need our right to demonstration,equal right to use public medias by opposition political parties…etc these and others are our ethiopian problem.

  17. dessie says:

    TPLF’s so called new PM, HMD couldn’t read a prepared speech in English at the UN general assembly. This is one of the thousands of proofs that show that Meles surrounded himself with incompetent, good for nothing people. HMD came to the top not by vitrue of his merits but rather because of his demerits. Meles’ selection is by demerits, namey, it is a negative selection. The ones who have the most demerits, therefore, the least threats, got the top posts under Meles. Those who were competent and self respecting, had been viewed as threats to Meles and were shown red cards. In the TPLF regime, all the top positions are populated with incompetent cadres (‘graduates’) from civil service school (aka TPLF’s Gimboat 83 cadre school a la Dergue’s Yekatit 66 school). The cadres are so incompetent that they cannot qualify to secure admission to any regular college inside or outside the country but are awarded with first and second degrees after a short stay at the cadre school. This is followed by literally buying fake advanced degrees including Ph.D. through a scam dubbed as ‘correspondence education.’ If you are a loyal TPLF cadre, you can be awarded with multiple masters and/or Ph.D. degrees in anything you choose without visiting a college campus ever, without sitting in a college class for a lecture ever, without writing a thesis or defending one ever. This is one of the world’s biggest scams at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st cent and needs investigation. Meles once said you may be an illiterate but still be appointed a minister. In the perverted TPLF microworld things are done in reverse order contrary to the normal practice throughout the world. In TPLF, you get appointed to high public office first and then go to school to get your first ever degree and not the other way round. You become a gereral first and then go to military school for your first ever military training. That is literally how things have been working and continue to work in the perverted Meles/TPLF world. All TPLF officials (99.9%) with the exception of a handful of them have gone or are going through this reverse order process. They have never been to any college campus in their lives but have multiple graduate degrees including Ph.D.

  18. Nazret says:

    I agree with most responders that religion of our leaders shouldn’t matter. But I am also glad to see the influence of Orthodox church and consevative Amhara’s started to fade in Ethiopian politics. Next, I want to see the influence of Tigreans and Eritreans to fade away too. People and/or political organizations should come to leadeship in their own merits regardless of their leaders ethnicity and religion. I would like to warn all progressive Ethiopians that if we don’t get away from ethnicity and religion and advocate inclusive politics, we are just traped in the woyane web which won’t do any good for the Ethiopian people.
    Therefore, progressive Ethiopians, again please don’t be trapped in ethnic based woyane politics and preach for inclusive politics as a human being in the 21st century.
    Let us hammer on “Medrek” leaders to start offensive politics and galvanize the people in and out side Ethiopia around them. Ask the Medrek leaders – why do they fear the woyane’s? Not go to prision? Isn’t Andualem in prision? Merera Gudina and Seye Abraha should be next to go to prison if they are really political leaders. Tell them to stop bulleying and be real opposition political leaders. If they become one we will support them in any way we can. To do this we need free media – support “Fonote Netsanet” and ESAT. Who knows, if we corner the woyanes in a coordinated strategy, an Ethiopian “Mikael Gorvachove” may come out of the woyanes themselves.
    Please, please…., people don’t waste your time in matters regarding ethnicity, religion, ENTC, EPRP, shengo, … and so on. Support “Medrek”, specially UDJ in Ethiopia and G7 in diaspora. That is a coordinated progressive political strategy and follow it.
    Thank you; don’t forget to support ESAT

    • Tesfaye Debesay says:

      The Ethiopian students movement of the 60th and 70th were being infested by people like …The difference is they were ding what they were doing from good intention. I’m quite sure yours the opposite-sinister motive. You have all resources and means to learn about your country. But they were not …
      How are you going to discard the role of religion in the country’s politics? The litracy rate of the country is extremely low.
      Specially the role of religion (mainly EOTC followers and Followers of Islam hav) was significant in the fight against colonizers.

  19. Ethio Sami says:

    They need to go. Her husband is a copy of Meles Zenawi. different name but same policy.This is NOT a change at all.

  20. Hanna says:

    ለክቡር ጠቅላይ ሚኒስቴር ኃይለማሪያም ደሳለኝ
    September 1, 2016
    ይህን ደብዳቤ የምጽፍሎት ሰው ያሬድ ጥላሁን እባላለሁ። የወንጌል አገልጋይ ነኝ። ከጌታ ምሕረትን ተቀብዬ ላለፉት 27 ዓመታት ዘር፣ ጎሣ፣ ቀለም፣ ጾታ፣ እምነትና የፖለቲካ አመለካከት ሳልለይ ለትንሽ ለትልቁ የጌታችንን የኢየሱስ ክርስቶስን ወንጌል ስሰብክ የኖርኩ ነኝ። ዛሬ ይህንን ደብዳቤ የምጽፍሎት በልብ ጭንቀትና በብዙ ዕንባ ነው። ከሰሞኑ በእርሶ አንደበት የተነገረውንና የኢትዮጵያ የመከላከያ ኃይል በዜጎች ላይ የኃይል እርምጃ እንዲወስድ የሚፈቅደውን ንግግር አድምጫለሁ። ከተቀመጡበት ወንበር ግዝፈትና በዙሪያዎ ከከበቦት ውጥረት አንጻር የገቡበትን አስጨናቂ ሁኔታ ለመረዳት እሞክራለሁ። የሚወስኑትም ውሳኔ በግል የእርሶ ብቻ እንዳልሆነና አንዳንድ ጉዳዮች ከዐቅሞት በላይ ሊሆኑ እንደሚችሉ እገምታለሁ።
    ሆኖም በአንደበትዎ የተነገረውና በታሪክ መዝገብ ተቀርጾ የሚኖረው ይህ ውሳኔዎ በእግዚአብሔር፣ በሰውና በኅሊናዎ ዘንድ ከፍተኛ ተጠያቂነት እንደሚያመጣብዎ ሳስብ ከልብ አዝናለሁ። እርሶ በእግዚአብሔር ምህረት የተፈጠሩ፣ በምሕረቱ ያደጉና አሁን ለደረሱበት ከፍተኛ የኃላፊነት ሥፍራ የበቁ መሆንዎን በሚገባ ያውቃሉ። ይህን ለእርስዎ የተሰጥዎትን የመኖር መብት ለሌሎች ይነፍጋሉ ብዬ አላስብም። ሆኖም አሁን በእርሶ መሪነት በገዛ አንደበትዎ የተሰጠው ይህ ውሳኔ በሚሊዮን የሚቆጠሩ ምትክ የማይኖራቸው ኢትዮጵያውያን ሕይወት ላይ ሞት የሚያጠላ ነው።
    ሕዝብ ጥያቄ አለኝ ብሎ አደባባይ ሲወጣ፣ አጥጋቢ ምላሽ አላገኘሁም፣ እንዳልናገር ታፍኛለሁ ብሎ እምቢተኝነት ሲያሳይ የተለያዩ ፖለቲካዊ መፍትሄዎችን በማፈላለግ ሕዝብን ማረጋጋት የመንግሥት ባሕሪ ነው። ይህ ዛሬ ድምጹን ለማሰማት በየሥፍራው እንደ አሸን የፈላው ሕዝብ ላለፉት 25 ዓመታት ለኢሕአዴግ አመራር ጸጥ ለጥ ብሎ የተገዛ፣ የቀድሞው ጠቅላይ ሚኒስቴር መለስ ዜናዊ ባረፉ ጊዜ ዕንባውን የረጨ፣ ደረቱን የደቃ ሕዝብ ነው። የፍትሕ ዕጦትና የመድልዎ ብሶት አንገሽግሾት የሚሰማኝ መንግሥት አለ በሚል አደባባይ ቢወጣ እንደ እባብ ተቀጥቅጧል፣ ተዋክቧል፣ ታስሯል፣ ተሰዷል፣ ተገድሏል። ለዚህ እውነታ ማስረጃ ማቅረብ የሚገባኝ አይመስለኝም፤ እርሶም አጥርተው እንደሚያውቁት አልጠራጠርም።
    “በቁስል ላይ ዕፀጽ” እንዲሉ አሁን በኢሕአዴግ ጉባዔ የተወሰነውና በእርስዎ ትዕዛዝ የተንቀሳቀሰው ኃይል ጉዳዩን ወደ ከፋ ደረጃ እንደሚያሸጋግረውና በብሔሮች መካከል የማይሽር ጠባሳ እንደሚያሳድር እርሶዎንም በእግዚአብሔርና በሰው፣ በታሪክና በሕሊናዎ ተወቃሽ እንደሚያደርግዎ በብዙ ትህትና መግለጽ እወዳለሁ።
    አሁንም ጊዜው ሳይመሽ ፖለቲካዊ መፍትሔዎች ላይ እንዲተኮር፣ የኃይል እርምጃው እንዲቆም፣ ተዓማኒ እርምጃዎች እንዲወሰዱና ሌሎችንም ያሳተፈ አገራዊ መግባባት ላይ እንዲደረስ አቅምዎ እሰከሚፈቅድ የበኩሎትን አስተዋጽኦ እንዲያደርጉ፤ ይህንንም ማድረግ ካልቻሉ ከሚፈሰው የንጹሐን ደም እጅዎን እንዲያነጹ ሰውን በመልኩና በምሳሌው በፈጠረ በሕያው እግዚአብሔር ስም እማጸኖታለሁ።
    የጌታ ጸጋ ከእርስዎ ጋር ይሁን! እግዚአብሔር ኢትዮጵያን ይባርክ!

  21. tarekegn temesgen says:

    Ig/rinin tselye antem texeyaki nehi behager guday lay lehizibim lemerim !

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