Family reunion party of Teddy Afro and Amleset Muche (Mels)


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60 Responses

  1. Shambi says:

    the body language tells she is influencing him:)

  2. simyelesh says:

    Teddy, fitih mola mola malet jemirual, yemewefer milikit newuna TenQeQ bel nebse

    congra for the marriage things

  3. Tulu says:

    You remark tells that your brain is not influencing you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Name (required) says:

    Too short for her.

  5. nahome says:

    i love it all the thing look good

  6. ferenji says:

    i agree with sham. She is too scary. She look as if she intimidate him rather than showing intimacy. I remember poors on the streets of addiss ababa. Sile igzitine mariam sile baleweld etc

  7. A says:

    She is taller

  8. chala says:

    He is the smartest singer in ethiopia.

    he knows where, when and how to say things.

    I wish him a blessed wedding.

  9. nu nu says:

    แˆดแ‰ต แ‹จแˆ‹แŠจแ‹ แˆžแ‰ต แŠ แ‹ญแˆแˆซแˆ แ‹จแˆณแˆแˆถแŠ•แŠ• แŒˆแˆŠแˆ‹ แ‰ณแˆชแŠญ แ‰ตแ‹ แŠ แˆˆแŠ

  10. Just Conserned says:

    Boy,this feels nice at a glance but i hate the way she looks down at him and, with her hands pressing down on his shoulders, she looks too good to him and and much more graceful.
    What has happened to this guy? he seems he just emerged out of a dustbin and he is utterly silent ever since he got to know this controlling chick. He is a different person, i listened to his interview where he talked nonsense.Just to appease or not to offend her he is censoring his speeches not to antagonize Woyane. Where has all his wisdom gone?.The young eloquent and bright dude has traded off his freedom of speech for a good looking lady. Should that be the price a lover should pay? Since when did he loose his fame to her?
    One thing which i don’t get it, just because they can, our celebrities tend to dump their lifetime companions and embrace beauty Sharks only to get ripped off their wealth latter. Take a contrast between Haile and Kenenisa. Haile reached out to his old time sole mate while Kenenisa outsourced his, the latter lost but regardless of its glitches the former emerged gracefully. I am afraid Teddy wouldn’t face the same.
    Don’t take me wrong, this is all out of my good intentions. The guy had suffered the brutality of Woyane’s prison and God forbid i am yet concerned of this party this time around.

  11. Ye Addis lij says:

    Wey Tedi: At last, he ended up marrying a Tigre or as many said an Eritrean. Shame! Boycott his shows.

  12. D money says:

    I don’t rely care about what race he is marrying. I don’t think her race doesn’t influence teddy. He is the smarter person I have known ever.I’m wishing him great life with his wife, having kids and so on.

  13. Selam says:

    Just reading all the above comments i cant help it but to wonder how we in Diaspora have become such a lowlife haters. Just becuase we are unhappy in our life we always rush for negative statment on others

    What happend to a typical Ethiopoian Tradition and say “MELKAM GABECHA”
    Teddy Melkam Gabecha

    • peterson says:


      Ask your boss, Seyom Mesfin, Berhane Gebrekiristos,Sebhat Nega,Abay Tsehaye,Samor and other Tribalists who changed our mind. They make us think how Tigres are bad people. Becasue they created Tigre for us. We did not now, who is Tigre, What is Tigre before. Now we know, what Tigre is, mean and how they do things to harm their owm mother,brother, sister, etc. It is reality, Tribalism eats or burns itself, in the end. Now, we learn how to call you in your real name- Tigre-bandas. We used to be blainded by ‘all of us are Ethiopians’ type of thinking. Now, Tigres cannot be Ethiopians, how they behaved and acted for the last 40 years.Period. Thanks all is against one tribe Tigre-mafia group!!!

    • Lina says:

      Oh Thanks Selam…i was thinking the same..I am so embaressed by most of the diaspora’s behaviuor. I think we became embaressement for many! I am happy for him.

  14. Melakam says:

    What a shame for a person who don’t know how to comment. The only thing you suppose to do is just wish him a good life or stay sillent you shame less pricks and loosers. You’ll never get his tallent and grace. If you like it or not he is proudly Ethiopian. You can’t predict some bodies personal life and relationship. Shut up and cry for your dead baken woyane’s boss. Teddy can marry any women as long as he blieves on Eritrean, Egyptian or a doughter of saudi bussiness man Al Moudin. Who the hell are you to Judge.

  15. dahlak says:

    zefenlat agegnat full stop
    she is ethipian he is ethiopian.
    as i do blive eritrea blongs to ethiopia
    no matter what.we are one country one nation my be not for you thats my belive.
    breath deep and take it easy!!!

  16. ayana shume says:

    omg she s ………….. hmmm
    yalew mamaru, tedy zimbileh gimet yichin konjo

  17. meron says:

    it is really good photo you have

  18. SHAMSU says:


  19. Sara says:

    She is nice Eritrean. I like the cloth. Marrying Eritrean will help in the future. thanks Tdy Afro

  20. Hirut says:

    This boy is a looser. He will come out of this marriage empty handed.

  21. peterson says:

    Hi, Dear Singer,

    What is wrong: people expect their freedom from ‘Azmariwoch’. The mistake is ours. We expect a ‘bee’ from the ‘larva of a fly’. Like we expect freedom from ‘Tamagn Beyene’, ‘Abebe Belew,Shambel Belay, Niway Debebe(before), Solomon Tekalign( before), from self styled journalists like from ESAT. They only need money and they use all tantalizing issues and subjects to empty our pockets. Wake up!!!

    We also expect our freedom false politicians,like the ones who operated in Ethiopia n the name of peaceful stuggle: I mean Medrek,Andnet,EDP, CUD, Ginbot 7, ENTC,etc. So, they make money at the expense of the real struggle and the suffering of Ethiopian people. Look Teddy, Tamagn,etc all eaters-vulchers act as if they are celberities. This short boy used the name of Ethiopian Great statesman Emperor Hailesellasse to make himself rich and give to one ‘Tigre lady’ his possessions as gift. She is telling us it is material world. She also brandish her gold chains during the time of Ethiopia’s worest misery. The Ethiopian people are starved by Tigrai-mafia ruling clique. So, this tiny materialist in the name of ‘Teddy’, did not realise, the Tigres are using him to make Ethiopia devoid of spirt. They want Ethiopian to compete to buy gold, and forget the misery of their fellow citizens. I use to defend this Ethiopian nationlism’ spoild child (Teddy) now he throw himself on a ‘mud’/Amleset/. They become like American Negros who buy gold, shiny cars, build mansions, and
    endlessly strive for material consumption produced by toxic globalists/capitalists/. Those who are good consumers of fincy-stuffs like gold are the ones who are inferiors that try to complement their limits by material stuff. The’Tigres’of old times were spiritual, but the’Tigres’of our times are typical NIGRO-Celebrities, who corrupt themselves and their country/freedom/.They sell everything for money, thier talk is money. They pulluted the environment, sold our land, made our women slaves for Arabs, they killed the god fearing people of Ethiopia. The new generatin has to fight by forgetting the false prophets.

    What do we expect from false heros, be it singers or false politicians of your time. The solution is all people of above 50age now, should live opposition politics for new generation. Weknow how to handle the bandas and we save our country. Teddy you are naked spiritually because your are being used by this women to confuse the young generation: to leave the spiritual, national issues and become materialists like American/negros/popstars. Look Bilgate, or the guy who created face-book. He is just passionate for his job, he is not materialist. But Blacks just run to buy gold, on the first selling of their album. White will not get decorated with material looke Saimon of American Idol/ he just wear T-shirt despite billionar he is/(Ethiopians:like Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, etc.) we are proud of ourselves we don’t want gold to lift our image. We are not godl-wearing inferiors!!!!!OK!!!
    Stop, Stop, Stop…influencing our kids.
    Dawit, can you post the real issues, about Upraising, Ethiopi’s Muslim Revolution’. I like that because, Islam is better than Tribalism brought by Tigre-Mafia groups(TPLF).

    • peterson says:

      Is this Ethiopian Weding or Eritrean. I see no Ethiopian flag, or colour Teddy used to enrich himself. Don’t trust Azmari…..even Tamagn Beyene. They cannot be Tigers while they look like cat!! Ethiopia don’t be disappointed your lions are on the hunt now!!!! Forgett traitors. Where is Ethiopian Colour!!! Where is ‘jah’??????????

      • peterson says:

        Sorry, for what I said if she is Eritrean!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought she is—–!!!

        • aydo says:

          kkkkkkkkkk you are funy,,,,,,,,,,yes she is eritrean dude,teddy make it clear A long time ago, you know dahlak,gual asmara,Amleset

      • ali says:

        I think you forgot about Flag Proclamation. So, who cares for he blue centered flag.. unless we are allowed to use the pure RYG. He is! u wanna him end up in jail again for using…pure flag

      • Dave says:

        Dear Peterson, oh my brother, you have a lot of anger in you. You better get some help before it eats you alive. If you think he is not important (which I agree with you on that, why do you care so much about who he marries or what tribe she is from? Are you that bitter in your own life that you can’t stand to see other people happy?

  22. Abera says:


  23. jose says:

    This marrage has nothing to do with being Tiigre Ethiopian but uuuuu Ertrea At te moment I can honestly marry any Ethiopian girs from anywhere inside Ethiopia, even Tiray but I will never marry Ertrean girl because they always think Ertrean low life – colonized spoiled nation. They, the family of Ertreans always Ertrea and family than Ethiopian spose. Plz, Ethiopians marry any Etiopians in any trip in our country but not Ertreans until we get safe sea port permantly becase in badmy war, so many ethio.ertrean marrage failed. So, this tedy wife, I dont know weather she is Tigrey or Ertrea but from her body language, she look fake.

    God bless Ethiopia

  24. andualem says:

    this chick looked fake fake
    I hope this fool get smart up

  25. Dany says:

    Melkam Gabicha!Love wins everything!Please guys including editor , do not enter into personal lives !Leave him alone.He preached Love ,He showed us in practice.Let us all of us learn from him!

  26. Gshe Yasazenal says:

    I am very disappointed with the so called body language analyst and haters. Who the heck are you to criticize the wedding of individual. One can marry any one from any where as long as they are happy. Please people if you don’t have any good things to say let it be. Our problem is we are always ready to bring down good things.

  27. Gonnfa says:

    hi let’s not be piss mist, this is his personal affair and wedding is a precious thing can be done once in life, we all wish him good luck!!
    Hate politics never been a winning tool, love and passion can deft any dictator or racist,
    Tedi be cool and learn from Mohamud Ahemid Buddy

  28. dore says:

    All that Gold!!

    He must have spent a fortune on her!
    Why did they have to groom and dress her up in Tigre costume and ? I thought she was getting married into an Amhara household. Not excellent first impression, if you ask me. What would all the Amhara relatives think of this tribal extravaganza.

    May be we should establish a cast system in Amhara community, so that we can dump people like Teddy in the lowest of that system.

    Teddy, you have shamed us.

    • dawit says:

      What has happened to us Ethiopians?
      Is this all we can think of? Trying to identify someone by his ethnicity and say hate words.
      No wonder we are being ruled by this Barbarians.
      Leave alone Tigrians; I believe we are one even with the Eritreans.
      It is the politicians who brainwashed the mass and created this situation.
      I was born and grew in Addis.
      Just for your curiosity, my father is from a tigrian father and an amhara mother.
      My mother is an Oromo.
      I am married to a Gurage.
      What are you going to say about my children?
      We Ethiopians are like this. We are mixed; we are colourful and we are one.
      I grew up with eritrean friends.
      we had Eritrean neighbours. we were together in times of happiness and in times of sorrow.
      I never noticed any difference in our culture as Ethiopians, even though there were differences according to the region we came from.
      How I miss those days!
      There are always the evil ones in any society, be it from the north, south, east or west.
      Let’s ignore these evil minded individuals like the late Meles ( smart evil), and his blind followers.
      Ethiopia is one!
      Eritreans are our brothers.
      God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea!

  29. Ojulu Lero says:

    They say LOVE is blind. No I don’t think so, I think the LOVERS are blind…….

  30. salu says:

    Man, do not insult diaspora. because we are diaspora we can say what we feel inside freely. those living in ethiopia can not say anything as they totaly submited to weyane. You did not see how they were crying when that ugly Meles died. Man, our people became opportunistic and this idiot teddy afro went and married of all the people a tigre or eritrean the most coward and dangerous people in the world. teddy i feel sorry for you. From now on i place you with neway debebe on the same level. Diros azmari bilo neger.

  31. Zagwe Dynasty says:

    Awrabma times is becoming like a rumours magazine (ye mender were). Who cares about individual’s personal life? Why do you care whether Teddy is married or divorced? Does it affect our life?

    I thought Awramba times had intelligent editors. To my dismay, Awramba times is showing a different quality. It is becoming just a tabloid. Ebakachehu ye mender were akumu.

  32. mesfin says:

    Congra teddy both of you looks great egziabher kenantegar tryin.

  33. mesfin says:

    Congra teddy both of you looks great egziabher kenantegar yehun

  34. Tesfu says:

    I fully agree with everything you say. I think it would be a fitting name if we call him Teddy Banda.

  35. Selma Lehulachin says:

    I thought Awramba times editors are “empowerment to the voiceless”, as they always claim to be as one. Unfotunately they become a tabloid fanning gossip and propagetting divisive ideas to the people who needs it the least. Please stay the course and act what your profession entails from you.
    By the way, ” if you have no good things to say, do not say anything.”

    Teddy/Amleset Melkam Gabicha YIhunlachuh!!!

  36. Gobez says:

    It’s a shame, what do you expect the guy is emotional he have no deep thoughts, if he have known us Ethiopian well he would not have gone and marry some low life garbage eritrean. As for me my family and friends will not buy or listen and attend any of his concert. We will advice anyone we know and encourage to really look back in history and say those who was weak among us or the the weakest links bring danger on us. We shade our blood and sweat to protect our country someone who’s taking advantage of our people on their emotion by using in his song the Ethiopian heros name look what he does. I hope people in Addis will stan against him and show they are not going to be taken for a ride. Kick him out with his grabage collector wife.

    I hope Ethiopian youth will isolate him and he lose his fake popularism. I hate to see eritrean in my soil this idiots what are they doing their. I hope he die like meles….I hate this guy

    • Lina says:

      wow Gobez…why isolate him? he has the right to marry anyone he loves. what is wrong with you guys? everything has to be politicised? now what ? oher height, her etnicity, her beuty, what is wrong with all our men? we love Teddy… if you dont like him dont go to his concert. He still have his ethiopians behind him. dont worry..

  37. Berhan says:

    Some of us got a long twisted and long road to go, based on some of the hateful comments about this matrimony bettwen the two lover birds. What love has to do with ethinic backgrounds? He is proud of his heritage and showed his cultural wedding dress and likewise, she is proud of her heritage and showed up with her hair do. I do not see any problem at all and life goes on!
    Please, stay out of their life and bedroom and enjoy their work professionally and with utmost respect.

  38. Lina says:

    wow everything politicised…leave them alone people. what if she is Tigray or Eritria? where did common sense go? what is wrong with us ethiopians? why dont we mind our biusiness? On my sister wedding there was no flag…so that means we’re not ethiopian? c0ommon is too short talking nonsense…

  39. Hanan says:

    i Just love to see them together so beautiful i love them both .. i wish u happy really happy life to so many kids ..

  40. Debebe says:

    The Eritrean’s are becoming the leaders of the world. I think they are the chosen people.

  41. Geletu says:

    If she marries a white person or somebody from the universe is there anybody who scratch the hair and give a negative opinion? I’m sorry for those who are against the marriage of African with African. He is the one who has the right to chose his life long friend. Is there anybody, including fammily person, who is ready to help this Teddy in time of failure?

  42. Emmy says:

    Congratulation! I wish good marriage. Really Teddy Afro is the real singer & we should proud of him. But i don’t like his political situation because he hates EPRDF rather than commenting.

  43. kelbieka says:

    fack all

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