Jailed Journalist Eskinder Nega Speaks Out


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9 Responses

  1. hailu says:

    I shame to be ethiopian. every time i see the picture of Nega. i shame of our barbaric goverment. i shame of my self becouse i sit and wait for change do nothing. even i don’t know what shall i do . only be against this goverment is not enough. pls let us share idea to struggle against this goverment.

  2. mumu says:

    Terrorist Eskider Nega’s urination story while caught by federal police.

    • mumu,huuh Eskinder Nega is haro not like your master Zenawi’s who left his redio bihind and scape the mision during the 17 years war(boqbuaqa).One thing mumu Eskinder is in jail for you just to set free your dul mind bro. He wont you to be human think,speak and do what ever you wann do like human being.That’s why he is in jail mumu please grow up.

  3. chala says:

    I like Eskinder and I admire his carriage to speak what he believes by leaving with his people.

    However to write people to rise up and make mess up it the town and expecting to be paid for that is funny.

    he knows what he doing is illegal every where in the world. even in the UK two young guys sent for four year in prison for writing asking people to come out to demonstrate last year. you can google it this it is true.

    so i say he is hero to say what he believes and the gov. also right to protect the peaceful people from riot and death.

  4. abraham says:

    @mumu responde-you stupied!!

  5. Alemu says:

    Awrambatimes, this is not new article. Don’t make it look like he has a freedom to write at this time.

  6. Elias says:


    Awramba why you bring this old story, may be from Abebe??

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