Eritrean Air force Captains flee to Saudi Arabia


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29 Responses

  1. chala says:


    Eskindir nega was telling us before that Eritrea airforce is far better than ethiopia and they have far more number of fighting airplane than ethiopia.
    he might got the information from Andargachew email from Asmara.
    My worry is not for isayass for those on G7 who are in asmera begging isayass to take them to addis palace.

    how are they thinking he is begging for small badma for the last 12 years for international community and ethiopia to give him back b/c he can’t do nothing about it except watching from far away.

    • He says:

      I’m not a fun of Isayas, but get your story straight. Who has badme now ?

    • addis007 says:

      Chala what are you doing hear? you should be in your hospital bed. pls take rest and take your medicine. you are sick

    • washeraw says:


      You forgot to say “therefore, Melles was right in locking him up”. Pathetic.

      What is the relation between this story and Eskinder?

      Isayias is the worst dictator we have seen in our country (I mean, including the previous province of Eritrea). But, now he seems to be gripped by panick because his protector is no more on the scene. We will see what will happen in the coming months. The defection of those pilots will give him more headache.

    • Chube chebete says:

      Chala ewnetim medhanitihin yeresah Weyane !! Hahaha
      Yesafkew yeweyane cadre mastawesha mehonun alamah yinageral.
      Always Against the “enemies” of Weyane :
      1. shaibia/erithria
      2. ginbot 7
      3. frrepress/Eskindir Nega

    • getaw says:

      you guys know Isayass better than anybody. The thing is close friends who stole together fight when they share what they stole.

    • muleta says:

      can some one remind me why we care about these gutless clown eritreans..?

  2. mesfin says: is the least trusted website. it was this website which said isaias was dead. it is a website funded by woyane gangs.
    shame on awrambatimes

  3. teddhan says:

    these were Ethiopian air force planes Tigre PEOPLE liberation front gave to shabia when the shabia took over eritrea , in a good will friendly gesture.

  4. solomon says:

    It is surprising that neither ESAT nor Elias Kifle did say a single word about this news while they salivated by the “defection” of an ordinary driver, deputy director,…. This is,in fact, an indication of their love to their God father Isayias.

  5. DELU says:

    Eritreans are running from their country in mass from all directions. Some even go to the country they don’t want a part of. Ethiopia. At the same time delusional Diaspora Eritreans are telling us everything is well and good in Eritrea. Enough! You are noting but the Africa North Korea. Given chance even Issays Afewerk will run away from that coursed country called Eritrea. They brag so much with empty pried. Now the top military has been runaway.

    • muleta says:

      mishig qofru blew yetelakut yeshabia..youngsters..they dug a hole that stretches to addis abeba on the south and they dug hole that reaches to yemen on the north filfeloch nachew.. now every day they feel through that hole by there anyway we stop these qimalamoch..addis metew liwach liwach ..lemalet..

  6. terry says:

    Nothing to worry about,there will be no war unless peace,for those who hope the worst due 2 these defector pilots,have no idea of Eritrea and its people.

  7. Mahebarawi Fethi says:


    “Mes Men Kem Tekeyed Negereni Imo Men Mukanka Genegerka Kem Zebehal” Qouting As A News from Assena, you degraded yourself as useless and worthless liar category of News Source. Assena (Amanuel Iyasu)in the last five years have dessiminated unfounded and fabricated news just to mention the 1. The Assassination Attempted by someone who gave the detail of his identity (self created)to President Isaias Afewerqi in Gahtelay 2. The Death Of President of Isaias Afewerqi in 2012 3. The fabricated news dessiminated of the Asylm Request of Wedi Tukabo in Sweden etc All the fabricated lies.

    Therefore, as the saying “Birds of the same feather flock together” you are as well a liar a mouthpiece of Weyane or Radio Wegahta

  8. Amanuel Tesfamariam says:

    …worry about your own poor people and country 14 millions is starving in your basket case useless land of famine. shame on you awra amba times for posting this langley trash from hassina (hassawi) liars!

  9. getaw says:

    I can see the similarity between the two cousins (weyane & shabiya). Even though shabya is older, they are going to die together. These two are no good to Ethiopia. The reason is they hate the name Ethiopina and anybody who believe in Ethiopian-ism.

    woyane learned everything from shabya. The point is, their knowledge is not working anymore. Being smartypants doesn’t work anymore. If they wanna survive they need to get into 21st century. they have to chose Unity over division. peace over gun. openness over conspiracy.

    Lucky us (Ethiopians) this two cancers (weyane and shabya) will be gone forever.

    • Jay says:

      Ante ahya Stop dreaming like your old forefthers. Eritrea is only for Eritreans. No way and place for Donkeys.

      • nosttratus says:


        Insulting others as donkeys , monkies shows that you have no respect for yourself. Italians were kicking your forefathers in the back and driving them out of asmara. Ethiopia liberated your people and you got your self worth, now you are insulting us. that is what you know because the slavery and degradation your forefathers suffered under italy is passed into your blood and it will never leave you.

  10. JamesBond says:

    QQQQQQQQ This is fake news. So many fake news including, ISAYAS death. The funny thing, when ever the woyane spreads rumor, it goes back to them for real. Woyanes was celebrating prematurely, Badme awarded to them, and the next day cry like a bitch, and then they celebrate ISAYAS fabricated death, a couple of month later MELESE was dead, and woyane sympathizer went brisk. The woyanes are real entertainers.

  11. chala says:

    I have a question here.

    Are all eritrian visit this website or all G7 supporter become a puppet for shabia?

  12. M.T. says:

    Hello Awramba Times,
    it is a shame to report what the website of liers ( is repoting without verifying the truth. Shame on you awramba; I will never visit your website.
    Awet Nhafash

  13. semere says:

    To all of you Talking shit about Eritrea:
    First and formost Those Assab “DREAMERS” including Agame dogs stay with Djbouti and pay a Billion Dollas plus a year for port use. This is a mind bogling to you day dreamers and US adminstration. Wel, we don’t give an F… if some wants to flee the country, be it an airforce oe a navy. Eritrea does have the capacity of Traning airforce or navy officers. So what, we never had an AIRFORCE while whipping your ass. Atleast we do not hire merecenarys. ASSENA..DURUE..IS DEAD…What you gona do about it..Like MELES CHENAWI is ..gone for the Agame Opposition..I fell you Assena no funding money or taking pictures with your Uncle Meles..Awramba Times ..” YALBELACHUNU ATEKEKU”…

    • Axumite says:


      Round two deportation is coming. Tell your eritreans/shabian people to get out of Ethiopia soon. The biggest accomplishment of MELES was Deporting you. Are you still working for the same people your grandmother spent her whole life? I am sure working for Italians isn’t that bad except losing your dignity and self-confidence. You asked for it, YOU GOT IT! Now, you are begging to come back to us. We don’t need you! As far as the port, it is just a matter of time. We’ll get it back. No rush. Please tell your AGAME/TIGREAN president Isayas. Ethiopia is just beautiful and peaceful without you guys. Sorry for not adding and using inappropriate language. I, me , we Ethiopian people, use bad words sparingly. Our parents taught us manners. Learn to avoid using bad words alright!

  14. Goodwill says:

    I do not know you people what you have in your head forget your your negativeness and work together to create rich and powerful nation all of you please grow peace for all abesh god bless all of you

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