Ethiopia: An Early Warning for a Famine in 2013


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14 Responses

  1. BE says:

    The root cause for Ethiopia’s famine vulnerability is low agricultural productivity, and the main reason for this is that farmers don’t own their own land. If land was privatized 20 years ago, we wouldn’t have these problems.

    Unfortunately, it looks like we need a catastrophic famine in order to make both the government and our mass of socialist ‘intellectuals’ change their mind.

    We have avoided a major drought since 2002. The next one will be soon, and because the population has grown so much and farms are still not producing much, we will have easily over 25 million on food aid. Let’s hope this changes the minds of our ‘dengay ras’ policymakers.

  2. chala says:

    This guy is in love with the word famine and Melas.

    I think he might wrote more times in his life the word melas and famine…

    As he is good in his in english but he seems empty in idea..

    With out contributing any idea or solution for in his entire life to ethiopia except talk this guy is work all his life to USA.

    Always the end result of extremist diasporas whether he is a professor or a taxi driver is the same.

    Wishing bad to happen to ethiopians and then when they starve and millions die they will riot and change the gov. and then we can go back to rule. a chicken mind thinking.

    in every candle night demonstration they ask usa dont give food to ethiopia and make the people starve or asking other ethiopians dont contribute to Abay dam or dont eat enjera bla blab bla…

    there end result is no peace in ethiopia is more money to collect for them.. more peace and progress in ethiopia is less people turn up in there many collecting meeting

    so they have to work for leaving.

    a zero sum game that stayed 21 yrs

    • chala says:

      by the way i forgot one thing

      your hero Abebe gelaw sayd we don’t need food as much as me and my friends on the halm of the gov.

      While melas was trying to secure foor for 80 million ethiopians day and night your With his big borch comes up after he had his kintfo with beer and snick to the meeting room and shout we don’t need food as he can stay 8 hours with out food.

      he will lick a** if you put him one day with out food.

      so ethiopia with out those hodam not arround will be better off as it is started the road in right direction.

      the funny thing ppl used to say hodam is ferry and it is true the hero of the diaspora sayd he is fighting for change if there is no risk on him.

      Abebe the hero told us if there is risk i wont do nothing as i haven’t say any thing while i mate melas in Africa. but if is safe and if you can make money out of it i will be jegina.

      So wishing ones famine to happen or the gov. to fight each other or the extrimist muslim to make mess in ethiopia or any thing bad in what ever way to happen to ethiopia will not make you a fighter for democracy.

      • getaw says:

        Hi chala, i think it is time to see the news on Ethiopian review. I hope you may know about this one; is EPRDF-D real?

        this is what I am talking about. You guys need freedom. at least to use your own heads.

        By the way they made my day with this exceptional statement “Convinced that EPRDF members and Ethiopians have the right and vested interest to democracy, equality and freedom of/in their Country”. my friends say ‘where were they?’, but I say ‘It is never too late for good deed’

        at least please agree with the last statement. It is not too late for you too.

        • chala says:


          nice to see you around again….

          It seems for the first time you seems to agree with my comment above. you seems to come to your senses and trying to differentiate talk and work.

          Elias Kifle who is the owner of Ethiopian review who chooses Isayas Afowrki man of the year for ethiopia trying to teach you Democracy for you is a bit funny.

          I though you are a bit better than that.

          by the way this Almariam is the co-owner of ethiopian review. who insulted all African leaders in his writing in the last five years and never ever mentioned his boss issayass even once.

          can you smell something here.

          • getaw says:

            Ohooo… poor chala, they didn’t tell you anything about eprdf-d? Its okay, you will be fine.

            any way if you are happy about the split of eprdf you are coming up.
            By the way Professor Al teaches in CSU. He is right about African leaders and their puppies. You know they always come to AU meeting and sleep….we poor Africans pay for that. Hopefully we will see some light, through the emerging democracy in Ghana.

          • chala says:

            If that happend i am the first one to celebrate.

            but it is a false news created by your boss Elias kifle as a counter attack for the new group splinted from G7 and called G7d.

            so instead of creating new idea he just copied that and make people like you happy and trying to convince you not to stop the money you giving.

            about Almariam he might be a teacher in University in USA but one thing is true thou he been far away from the reality in ethiopia more than 28 years.

            so everything will tell you is with second hand information he gets from etv, esat tube or what ever else who write about ethiopia.

            so i believe the one farmer from back home who live the reality than instead of believing some one who work for who ever paying him from far far away.

            By the way you didn’t say anything about his not saying anything about isayas. or are you like G7 leaders who don’t want upset isayas as he is your only hope that takes you to Addis palace.

          • getaw says:

            I have also my own suspicion on the accuracy of the information. “my boss” made a mistake or somebody misinformed ‘De Birhan’.

            I liking your comments these days. But please comment as a civilized person. don’t insult them (the writers). That is not the way we can go forward.

            I do understand your frustration…. but you can keep the voice down.

            About isayas, I hate him because he hate Ethiopia and Ethiopians. But for the people who believe in fighting woyane in the jungle, there is no place to start from. Think about it. Somalia….NO. Kenya…no. Sudan….not at all. Djibouti…definitely no. Isayas himself knows that armed forces in Eritrea don’t like him. He will crush them if he get a chance to get along with tplf.

    • Dawit says:

      why don’t you respond to his argument instead of talking about extremist diaspora. chicken mind thinking? how about an ignorant mind like yours not thinking

  3. Jopjop says:

    Oh my GOD!!!

    What kind of dark soul does this guy have? He seems he’s so frustrated that the country is doing very well without needing a shred of his advice or without letting him near to power…I hope some God sent damnation will help us to get rid of this horrible man, who is the poster boy for what an evil spirit is….

  4. kebede says:

    If there is somebody in thise forum who can tell me what thise demagog has done in 1970th and 1980th, I would have been happy and thankful,but for me he seems to have a bloody hand, my suspection is not from nothing, it is rather from what he is writing now and then, I mean i have never read a single word about Butcher, canibal, Monster, Mass murderor Mengestu and his cadres, whom most of them are living to day in Europe and USA without being asked for their crime against Humanity in his all garbage.we should follow the example of our brave brothers and sisters from Seattel to expose thise blood thirsty cannibals.

  5. HACKNEYMAN says:

    I think the international donors should tell Woyane very strongly that a safety net mean a safety net not a Hammock. It cannot be going like this for 21 years.

  6. chala says:

    @ hackneyman

    do you know what safteynet means first of all?

    It is like your dejasa or benefit you claiming while you are not working. just to put it on word you understand a lot as you are a burden for the world.

    I don’t know any country in the world who will not affected by drought if there is no rain for years. i read in the sun newspaper last time b/c there wasn’t 3 month of rain in uk and drought happen.
    even in the usa all farmers are not using irregation last year when rain fell to show up there were a big drought.

    So to come to the point in this kind of situation you need to have a kind of sefteynet that you can make people to work something else and pay them for there work.

    I know you claiming benafit with out working so it is though for you to understand what work means.

    Sitting and complaining is easy doing something to change the drought cycle is though.

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