Ethiopia frees Eritrean war prisoners


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4 Responses

  1. holleta says:

    Tigre people liberation front should release all Ethiopian political prisoners and journalists.

  2. chala says:

    I hate war i hate war i hate war and i hate war

    as always the poor is paying the price. I never so the top leaders who order the war dying or one of there family paying the price.

    Not Isayas or Melas family died in the war. always the poor child even the derg top officials are free now after handred thousand of poor people died in that war.

    for the ego of few people thousands die just like that. I wish those who make a drum day and night for war will stand infront when its happen.

  3. Tekleadigrat says:

    This shows you how we Axumite people magnanimous are. But among the rest of you have been your true ruthless acts against us Tigrayans. Just look at what some of you are trying to do to our Deified First Lady lately.
    I and we all know what you people’s problem is with Our Ever-Lasting First Lady Azeb. You folks just don’t like us Tigrayans. What don’t you say it outright? Just remember and don’t you ever forget this. If you don’t need us then you may force us to find and go our way. How in the world you advocate to throw a grieving wife out of a residence she lived for the last 21 years? She sacrificed her adult life and lived a vicarious life for your liberation and improved well-being. And you see that as a crime against you. Some of you folks are just heartless beasts. This is not our custom and tradition. By such egregious behavior you are pushing us out of the house we built and believe me you are going to miss our presence. Our relationship with our Afar brothers and sisters is striking it perfect cord. Once the railroad to Tadjourah is complete then you will see me and others conducting business there and we don’t have to see your ugly faces in Addis any more. Like I said before, you will miss us real bad, we who are your vital binding element, the glue that has been hold you together. So don’t push it!!!!!

  1. October 11, 2012

    […] Ethiopia frees Eritrean war prisoners ( […]

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