Awassa and the new Prime Minister (Wosenseged Gebrekidan, Addis Ababa)


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9 Responses

  1. Nafkot says:

    To Wosenseged:The article has no substantiated subsistence in it. Just trash of speculation and low standard judgement from low journalist profiles. The articles aim is to teach suspicion among Sidam and Welayita. These people have been living together for thousand years. The person from North couldonot teach the people in the south how can live. leave them there. Don’t immerse your unwashed hand in the southern affairs.

  2. A. says:

    Maybe they didnt tell him, but there is also another reason why Awasaians don’t seem excited about PM HMD. Thanks to the divisive ethnic politics, there is a serious hatred between Sidamas and wolaytas, and in fact when HMD was the region’s president sitting in Awassa, the Sidamas demanded to be ‘kilil’ on their own, partly due to the region president was from wolaita and they didn’t want to be led by wolaita from their own city. At some point the tension escalated to a street demonstration and the tplf forces crushed it by killing over 100 Awasaians, and the Sidamas didn’t forget that.

    • Tizibit says:

      Hey dear Mr.Nafkot,
      This seems not right and appropriate to insult the whole people from north undermine their role for the development of people like you in your region.
      Please come out narrowness and be civilized!!

  3. Ek says:

    Yeah this naive journalist said biased and nonsense artice, the Neftegnoch wants to distablize the cantry, this seems their eyes turn from Tigray toward South, but now every Ethiopians are aware of this extreme hatred on ethinics, Amhara want to be always in Powers, now you have a proportional share of power as every ethiopian but never and would neverever as previous one ethinic and one religion!! Lastly, Wosenseged Gebrekidan, is the most evil, so fuck up ur pen than writing such trash message.

  4. Melaku Teferra says:

    Please do not be narrow minded!

  5. Gobez says:

    When this mountain monkey tigray is killing Sidamas and others in their own land and robbing and selling their land. Why don’t they shoot and kill this stupid tigres they are killing you and your children how long are you going to tolerate in this condition. If you don’t take the step they will just keep taking more and more you have to challenge them and when they kill yours respond in a language they speak, kill their own and kick them out from your area and take control of your own region that is what federalism is. This idiots think they will protect their own but they will take yours and abuse you to this is time to stand up for your dignity and right.

    The Guji and Sidam I know was a warrior

  6. Nafkot says:

    Hi Tizibit: I love all ethiopian people and the country from all angles. But Wosenged would rather teaches us to be suspicious. We should suppress those unwanted comments for the unity of Ethiopia.I believe on ones right of suggesting or forward his own idea freely. I prefer the suggested idea should teach us unity among the people. We should focus on big issues like free speech, access to free media, multiparty system.Then the problem between nations and nationalities could be solved. Why we run on the road on which TPLF facilitates for us to create room of suspition among the people.While we doing this we can give more time for TPLF to stay on power.

  7. wondinet says:

    This is kind of teret teret which is 100% similar to ESAT news. what a trash and garbage article it is? “clean jacket with empty pocket”.

  8. abbajobir says:

    Hi wosen !you acted as a journalist but you know yourself .you didn’t serve your people and country except talking in doro-manekiya .as all of us knew unfortunately weyane fired all professional journalist from their beloved country this situation make journalist like you with out any professional background .you are one of the result of weyane wrong policy.if you were a professional journalist you weren’t wrote this kind of article which will make quarrel between those people .by the way I hate the person who write for his daily bread ,alcohol and chate.

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