Ethiopia advanced to Africa Cup of Nations after 30 years


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25 Responses

  1. chala says:

    Good luck

    hope we will play good and win with more than two goal difference and we can see ethiopian football in Africa cup.

    last game was a draw for ethiopia 3 and sudan 3 and with a cameron referee 2.

    come on ethiopia.

  2. ayana says:

    Icant wait guys ……………

  3. Eshet says:

    Good luck my team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. AleQa Bru says:


    I thought the last match between Ethiopia and Sudan was a 5-3 win for Sudan ?

    Good luck, team Ethiopia !

    • chala says:

      It was until 87 minute and the comeron referee gave two unfair penality as a gift to sudan and the result changed 5-3.

  5. Kidanu says:

    Since the government had shot them in 2005 for the election rally they are utilizing any other reason to form gatherings.This is another proof that Ethiopians are deprived of carnivals , parades and other forms of social gatherings.As we have seen it from the muslims protest to the drama like parade for Meles Zenawi’s death it is obvious Ethiopians utilize any chances they get to make a reason to gather in numbers.

    • damte says:

      arognat… what the hell are you talking about?

    • chala says:


      you better focus on the football and at least once try to enjoy when some thing good happen to Ethiopia.

      What a sick mind is that when ever you see people stand together giving a a name.

      you might be shabia or those ppl who never been in ethiopia the last 20 or 30 years and who don’t have no clue how the young who born after they left thinking.

      Atleast for today let forget politics and enjoy the job of our golden boys .

  6. andy says:

    I wish good luck for our team and happines for the fans.

  7. Name (required) says:

    just my friend Afework told me Ethiopia 2 Sudan 0 5 more minute to go

  8. andy says:

    Ethiopia @ Sudan 0 five more minute to go. My friend Afework told me now

  9. Andy says:

    Ethiopia 2 Sudan 0 five more minute to go. My friend Afework told me now

  10. andy says:

    Thanks God We won! We are on African CUP

  11. Endy says:

    “Maskel Square in the centre of Addis Ababa was recently the setting for the sombre state funeral of recently deceased President Meles. Tonight it will reverberate to the most joyous party in years! Congratulations to the Waliyas!”
    I got this from bbc. Thanks God for making happy my beloved people.

  12. chala says:

    congra all.
    we made it and qualified to African cup of nations..

  13. Walelgne says:

    It was very amazing and fantastic, viva Ethiopia.But what make me surprise is that Bereket Simon ware at Addis Abeba Stadium to watch football. Is there someone to tell me why is that??

    • mekonnen Biedu says:

      The reason Berket Simon was attending the match is a matter of protocol. Because he is the highest ranking ethiopian Government/EPRDF official next to the prime minister and vice premier fo Ethiopia. In think this is known to everyone unless you want to tell that Beret Simon has a blood of Eritrean origin. So What! we should accept historical and cultural facts that about 50% percent of the Ethiopian population has a blood relation of Eritrean origin. But, his/Bereket’s nationality is Ethiopian not Eritrean.

  14. Zeda says:

    Congrats to all Ethiopians football-lovers and most of all to the national Team!!!

    I really am happy and i am sure this is only the beginning !!! We will definitely go forward and managed to flourish in world-African-Football as well us econnomically and socially.

    God bless Ethiopia !!!!

  15. Dave says:

    curious to watch ESAT report. People are paid bla bla….

  16. Dave says:

    @walegne: TO support the team. It’s a historical game. don’t try to play the cheap politics.

  17. Tatek says:

    Can’t express how I feel now. It is history made by the Ethiopian boys. They played as a team and they are rewarded for that. Go Ethiopia go!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Nathan says:

    Yergib Amora Yergib Shiew shiew…

    We are one and working to ward the renascence of the new Ethiopia!

    Ethiopia is rising above!

    Come on! Every body… make sure this continues to happen in every aspect, every were, and by any body!

  19. getachew Tefferra says:

    It is so exciting to see the ethiopian natinal tema participating in the nations cup.It will encurrage the youth to turn to sport, when i see the crowd in that old stadium it remind me the old days that we have to be early to get our seat in such games.
    Please get rid of politics and personal hate from sport blog.

  20. Hannibal says:

    Thank you Awramba Times for using the name “The Black Lions,” to describe our team. I hate…hate…hate…the name “Walyas,” which does not show our place in Africa, which does not show the spirit of dominance and aggressiveness in competition that our team is currently displaying, and which no one knows out of Ethiopia. The name of a wild goat should not be the name of our team.

  21. woster says:

    It was a delight to hear ”Ethiopia our Fortress” being sung by our country folk.
    Woyane have banned this song from being sung in stadiums, public places and anywhere else.
    God bless our people
    God bless Ethiopia

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