Ethiopia’s democratization could help stabilize Somalia


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9 Responses

  1. chala says:

    is is another way of trying to make us to get used to the ehtiopia map with out ogaden?

    Who the hell is puting saying the state of ogaden?

    There is no such thing it is all one ethiopia and will continue like that.
    The west heard that there is oil and they are preparing to make us like south sudan.
    in sudan darfur more people are dying but no oil means nothing for them.
    the same with ethiopia if you see the news coverage they give more to onlf than olf the reason is easy.
    Last time when only Chinese companies was given the chance to explore oil then only killed around 76 of them and with in an hour the representative of onlf was talking on bbc proudly what his group did.
    imagine if the people killed were british or american and some one in ethiopia or other country talking proudly killing them?
    however after that happen ethiopia gave the so many blocks to explore to west companies now and they seems ok about it and ignored everything.
    so posting this kind of map is only helping the west

    • mohmmad says:

      “so posting this kind of map is only helping the west”
      Chala,the west knows the reality,the region is for somali ogaden,like oromia is for oromo, tigray for tigre…..Please forget the wrong history of the last 100 years.I hope amhara elite will write the true history of ethiopia.
      King solomon, lion of juda,3000 years of history history belong to the amhara and tigre people,the people of the south and east have another history which must be taught to ethiopian children if we want to build together one peaceful and prosperos country.

  2. Joan Opiyo says:


    I just created a new petition and I hope you can sign — it’s called: Block War Escalation in Somalia!

    This issue is very important to me, and together we can do something about it!

    Read more about it and sign it here:

    Campaigns like this always start small, but they grow when people like us get involved — please take a second right now to help out by signing and passing it on.

    Thanks so much,

  3. Mike says:

    Why does Awramba times carry trashy articles like this? If it doesn’t promote Ethiopia’s interest, do not become a propaganda tool for our enemies. Don’t be foolish. I am not a gov supporter, but I am very careful not to hurt the long term interest of my country just to score a political point against woyanes. Have a good day. By the way, that is how somalia is destroyed.

  4. Selamwit D says:

    Where the hell did he get the name ‘somali state-ogaden’. Ayatollah mullah hassen hussien
    you just wrote a crap.hassan ur name says all.
    Awaramba becomes a play ground for anti ethiopia elements(not anti EPRDF elements).

  5. ETHIO says:

    I may not agree in some of the opinion but mostly I agreed specially democratize Ethiopia is important for east Africa because the real interest of Ethiopian people is peace with Eritrea, Sudan,Somalia and Egypt.The current rigem in Ethiopia is following individual tplf party members interest, Their interest his spreading hate against poor Amhara people, and stealing peoples property, I am 100% sure that If Ethiopia become democratic nation,most of east Africa problem will be solved such as Eritrea,somalia, Sudan and Egypt.

  6. Tatek says:

    But the problem is it takes killing the TPLF, burying them deep beneath the trash of history and convincing Ethiopians who have been long brainwashed by TPLF’s Revolutionary Democracy and far more to democratize Ethiopia. In its current form and under the new leadership of Premier Hailemariam, who is a political infant and very much a TPLF pawn, Ethiopia’s interest in Somalia is to make sure Somalia remains a weak and a failed nation so that the unpopular TPLF could keep ruling and looting Ethiopian resources. I don’t think Hailemariam and /or his TPLF bosses need to go back to school to find out that a fully functioning and strong Somalia means TPLF’s eternal death as it wouldn’t take for the ONLF and possibly OLF to defeat the serpent, TPLF within weeks and control the country. That’s what American officials were talking about when they repeatedly said Ethiopia’s incursion in Somalia has nothing to do with safeguarding American interest in the region, and moreover, this contradicts a very theory that Colonel Zenawi was busy trying to do all he could to make sure that peace and security prevails in Africa, mainly East Africa. It was clear that Zenawi only cared about his power at Arat kilo and nothing more.

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