The Locum Tenens (caretaker) of Ethiopian Orthodox Church discuses with exiled patriarch, Abune Merkorewos


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7 Responses

  1. chala says:

    It would be peace for ethiopia the gov. in ethiopia and the opposition in diaspora left the religion to the religion people.

    Politices is for your body in earth while religion is for your soul in the next life.

    I wish to see one church and people only go to church to hear and praise only God words.

    May God be with them and open there heart and do the right thing.

    • The Truth says:

      The only good comment I have seen from a Weyane cadre colled Chala!!
      It is realy very good. Still you have to time adjust yourself to our commen sense ethiopian behavor.

  2. Asemu says:

    If to remain in exile is what he wanted in the first place, why was he then undermining the authority of late patriarch!! Mikegna or Ze…..?
    By the way, when was the last time he made public appearance?

  3. peterson says:

    Hi, Guys

    Let the action speak. Let the ‘synod’ in addis ababa, bring the living patriarch to his rightful place and position. God has passed judement. We should not temper with it. We need action from the caretaker not talks and dicieving. If the patriarich takes his rightful position in the EOTC, then it would be the begining of all mercies towards Ethiopia. I support the idea if it comes true!!!!

  4. Genet says:

    Hey what the fuck info is that, there is no more Abune Merkorewos, he status is canged to Shaleka Merkorewos appointed as Ambasador of G 7 to Eritrea, that is it!!!

  5. abtsma says:

    It is a great news for all Ethiopians. They are in the right path and let’s all support them and preach peace and unity. And, i think this reconciliation and forgivness start with us.

    God bless us all.

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