ONLF and the Ethiopian Government Terminate Their Peace Talks


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26 Responses

  1. chala says:

    I don’t understand..

    who is asking what?

    Is ONLF asking Article 39 out of the constitution and the ethiopia gov. says no?

    what happen siraj? say ok then.

    by the way Dawit why do you need to tag Eskinder nega name with this news? don’t make us think he is working with onlf.

  2. Ahmed says:

    To-CHALA ONLF doesn’t need eskinder naga and article 39. What they need is a freedom. Don’t forget that ONLF is libration front unlike your yapping-like-opposition. Goodkuck

  3. girma says:

    next ONlf going to say we don’t accept kenyan mediation team because we don’t accept kenyan constitution. The Ethiopian team is representing a government and not individuals therefore it’s groundless to reject the constitution…you shouldn’t had accepted the 1st round of talks in this case.

  4. says:

    Awramba Times…aka Isayas Times…One of four Asmara govt funded Online “news” blogs.

  5. kebe says:

    What u guys talking about.z tplf always ask any oppostion to axcept z tplf onlf is a libration front so how come onlf accept z constitution for negotiation.and then weyane wants to play a game like he plays with mederk or other was a game to buy time when meles zenwai they think they ar settled so they dont need any negotiation to any one….thats why z new pm says in z is a joke.guys we should learn from our past mistake and fight this illgall gov by force to remove from power.

  6. Hewan says:

    First of all Ethiopia doesn’t have a legitmate government. The current rats are self elected they are their to loot and build tigray for the future unification with eritrean.

    Unfortunatly the ONLF with mass migrant from somalia during famine and draught those in the border became mixed somali and Ethiopian Ogaden people. Today those who are influenced by the somalis are reinforcing the Ogadeny’s to push for independence and telling them we have more incommon in language and religon and culture with somalis than Ethiopians. With not understanding to claim the real issue for democracy within their country like any other Ethiopian they demand to secede. The little man syndrome tigres who haven’t learn from their past experience they’re trying to force through oppressive method which is not helping Ethiopian cause little they understood or care.

    Well tigress hit & run the little the know is it’ll affect them too unless they plan to move the tigray landscape and plant it in they surrogate mother China.

    Forcing won’t help but democracy might….

    • Faras says:

      To Hewan
      It is not as simple as you said.No other somali clan can settle in the ogaden territory.Each somali clan has its own border which is knwon and respected by the others. we share water and grass according to nomad law,not territory.So the fighting people are the real sons of the the country.Others somali will not die for you ,but they can help you.
      The people like to live in peace and free from colonial rule.

  7. Tamitu says:

    I got really mad to read an article that Ethiopia has tried some kind of negotiation with ONLF in Kenya. First of all these people are not from prober Ethiopia. They come from Somalia as pastoralist following the end of rainy season. Second they are more affiliate to Somalia than Ethiopia. Third they are not the group that needs recognition as our diverse ethnic group who properly reside with in Ethiopia territory with out any kind of affiliation to their neighbor. Therefore, they must leave our territory without precondition if not the solution is that the government of Ethiopia and all those opposition party must unit for these common enemy of Ethiopia to give lasting solution. This is achieve by organizing specially trained force dawn from all ethic group with quotas whose main task is solely to track and derive them away what ever time it may take.

    • ali says:

      We have heard such songs for longtime,Oromo came from the sky,ogaden came from the moon,sidamo came from the stars,the contry belong to habesha.Ok so come down with your special forces,we are waiting.Tamitu we are fighting for more than 100 years,our grand fathers fought menelik and haile selassie,our parents fought hselasse and menguistu,we are contnuing as long as we dont reach our independance.Colonial rule will be deafeted.

  8. gurmad says:

    is ethiopia ruled by constitution? the answer is no.why they insisting on that? and how can some one(ONLF) accept a constitution to which they have never been given chance to contribute and which is created to harass them

  9. Elias says:

    @Awramba times editor!

    Why do you call to the Ethiopian Embassy in US, but they did good job, coz you are not doing like as journalist rather Gunbot 7 puppet, if you were neutral and reflecting every news regardless of criticizing or supporting to the Eth government, as to me, let alone the Government if you have the chance to know your position from every Ethiopian point of view, you may hung your self. No reader but to enjoy what they say Enda Esayas!! That is it!

    • Yenu says:

      Elias, I now understand TPLF is supported by idiots like you, who talk too much but say nothing. If you don’t have anything to say, shut your filthy mouth up!

  10. Walaytaboy says:

    Ogaden men and ONLF are right because they are not ethiopian citizen (it was yesterday in 1948 when Britain handed Ogaden to Ethiopia) and they want their own state, not ethiopian state and its constitution. so let them have Sovereign state like Eritrea.

  11. belay says:

    Let them stay in the jungle and Asmara until we become middleclass nation.

  12. henok says:

    They will not survive if the mad isaias is gone for good.

  13. hello sir

    the only solution to bring peace and unity in our country is national reconciliation please don’t be cheated by the wouyane regime

  14. Halgan says:

    I never thought that there is poeple like tamitu who does not know anything about history and when Abassinia come to Ogaden and looted and killed Ogaden people with help of the christian Europa.
    As long as you support injustice you will not get peace. No justice no peace is universal pharase I hope you remember that any time you took a pen to write some thing or say some thing.

  15. Shariif says:

    No one believes Ethiopianism including accidental prime minister. Telling ONLF to accept the constitution is like accepting their marginalization. Ethiopian contitution is the one that failed to protect thousand of Ogaden that were RAPED, KILLED, MAIMED. Ethiopian constitution is the one that make literacy rate 28%. Ethiopian constitution is the one that made the poorest on every sphere of live. Ogaden doesn’t need your constitution NOR your attitude, it needs freedom. No one will allow to be a terrorist in his own country, to be aforiegn in his own country.

  16. med says:

    To Tamitu
    As Oromos and other occupied nations we did not take part in writing constition of the colonial empire,it;s up to to the colonilizer to un conditional withdrow from Oromia and other states occupied by Ethiopian empire.

  17. tamitu says:

    Mr Shariif, so long as the Oromo, Amhara, Tigre (G3) allow you to stay in Ethiopia and graze your cattle no problem. you will be kicked out if you do some kind of terrorism. or read the article above under Tamitu.

  18. tamitu says:

    to Mr Halgan,
    I think you do not know history rather as i commented above people in the ogaden region come to Ethiopia from proper Somlai to graze their cattle. period. As to the story we have the richest history than any land on earth. To tell you few we can trace our rule from ancient Egypt to this day in latter period during the time of Queen Sheba this part of region/Ogaden was hunting ground and tradational herbal medicen collection site. during the time of Emperor Minilk the where he ordered the Italian and the GB to say away from Ethiopian territory . as you well know the sit of government is in Amhara ,Tigray ,or Oromia. so please read the article written above line by line before you comment something untrustworthy.

    • OGboy says:

      tamitu what sort of idiot are you? your point doesnt make sense, are you claiming the country you came to 50yrs ago illegaly? belongs to?
      ddnt you even read ethiopian history it tells everything the name was abyssina it was some ugly ethiopian highlands onli the rest is invaded by menilik who is burning in the hell now. ethipian is not real state it is bullshit, it belongs to ahmara and tigrei onli the rest of us we got robbed. but what im sure we gonna get back our land soon or later and all you raw eaters will be running all the way to gonder and bahardar that is where you belong to so why is spread your aids?. what a dream that ogadenia belongs to you? why dont you go there now we will see who it belongs to?

  19. bostra says:

    TPLF, EPLF, ONLF, OPLD, PPLF, OLF, GHLF, FPLF, …….They are all the same. They see cessesion as a solution to every thing and It seems there are as many ethnic liberation fronts in Ethiopia as there are ethnic groups. ask eritreans if they are happy. 2/3rd of the people live as refugees all over the world.

    the trouble with this is that even if each ethnic liberation front forms one country composed of their tribal groupings like EPLF, this will only lead to more blood shed and mayhaym. Look at eritrea; it is constantly on alert to pick up a fight with its neighbours. all the people are trained to fight wars. it is a war economy they live under. most have left the country.

  20. tamitu says:

    Mr Halgan you saying you know history and farther went saying that the Abyssinian came to Ogaden and looted people helped by European christian bla bla. who do yopu think helped us when the christian Italy under the fascist dictator mossoloni Bombed us and poisons gas were sprayed on us. Do not take us wrong. sooner or later the people of Ethiopia will crush onlf. trust me.

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