Personal Memorandum To the New Ethiopian Prime Minister


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13 Responses

  1. GIGI says:

    If this Dam projects are not well studied it can consume most of
    Ethiopias fertile lands and dry out all the waters as they drag it out
    to the deserts for what ever stupid reason given which I think is a crime against the nation. And their are enough Dams for the coming 200 years of Ethiopias power need for progress and

  2. GIGI says:

    And we really need to know how bad is Giby dam to Kenyas
    lake turkana and how bad it will affect the life of Ethiopians and Kenyans that lived along the way of the river. It might not be carefully studied. So we need to know for every reason of national concern and deal with the matter in best care and interest of both nations. And we need to be very careful with rest too.

  3. Solomon says:

    Mr. Getachew:

    For a starter this kind of discussion is constructive. One hopes that U are not just writing this because U simply happen to dislike the Government whatever good or bad it does. Having said that it is unclear why you need to mix up two unrelated topics: hydropower projects and vanishing lakes. Your analysis is shallow and focuses on the fashionable EIA mantra. The hydropower projects are beyond the capacities of Ethiopian engineers and are designed and being constructed by Italian firms SP and SALINI among the best in the World, though as you said with no competitive bids. The two Italian companies use sate-of-the-art technologies as proved in Gibe I and Gibe II spectacular projects. A simple glance at the project costs clearly shows that both projects (Gibe III & Reinsurance) area less than USD 1 Million per MW power. These are the cheapest projects under any standard (a cost of USD 2 Million per MW is generally acceptable). The funniest thing in your write up was that U said “The previous government barely get ABAY DAM off the ground.” Which previous government are you talking about? PM Meles was the greatest and most visionary leader but he is an individual. His untimely and tragic death should not be interpreted us total change of government. The government is still there intact and strong. Kenya and Ethiopia have agreed on Gibe III dam and have already started constructing a mega transmission line and for your surprise World Bank has approved close to a Billion dollar to support this and the road between the two countries. Expecting to get funds for the Renaissance dam (aka Meles Zenawi dam) with a fancy EIA study is just a fantasy dream. Ethiopia has got it right and the project is on the right track. In any case my advise for you is to visit EPPCO and get all the facts before you come up with a shallow and empty analysis like U did. Echoing the so called international environmentalists does more harm than help Ethiopia.

    • Kotebea says:

      Mr Solomon you sound like one of the EPRDF officials. This is typical of you guys, you don’t like comments on anything.The writer did not ask the PM to kill these dams. He does not oppose mega projects. Simply, the writer is politely asking the new PM, who is water engineer,to look at these expensive mega projects with “fresh eyes”. What is wrong with this?
      You said the hydropower dam design is beyond the capacity of Ethiopian Engineers. That may be true. Then, you continued saying the design and the construction of Abay Dam is performed by a single entity,Italian company. This is beyond rediculus. The widely used approach for construction projects consists of the appointment of a designer on one side, and the appointment of a contractor on the other side. If a single entity is doing design and construction, check and balance will go out of the window. I wish I write more on this, but don’t have the time. In general, you guys want us to be quitely see you when you distroy the country.

      It is true the environment issue looks out of place in the article. But, I think the wirite is using this article to identify the burning issues from his perspective and bring them to the attention of the PM. The dying of Lake Alemaya is a serious environmental issue. What is wrong bringin this to the PM’s attaention.
      EPRDFs, please try to convince yourself that you are human biengs. You can make mistakes. Learn how to say, “I am sorry, I made a mistake, I will correct my mistake”.

      • Solomon says:

        Look bro/sis, I said discussions on this kind of topics are constructive. This type of dialogue is where we Ethiopians should spend much of our time not in the usual gibberish that we often see on Ethiopian websites such as Awramba times, ethiomedia, etc. Silly example – talking breaking news nonsense about PM Haile’s wife…bla bla..(on this topic, I should refer U to another gibberish website Abugida –

        Coming back to our issue, U are misquoting me. I did not say the Great Renaissance Dam (GRD) is being designed by one firm. I said two Italian firms SP(Designer) and SALINI(Contractor) are superbly doing the job. The point I was trying to make is, even though there was no competitive bidding, these two firms are among the best in the World in Hydropower design & works. Simply have an open mind, visit Gibe II and U will see how marvelous civil engineering work these firms have done. As to the issue of corruption, unless there is clear evidence we can not just base our analysis on speculation, neither is competitive bidding 100% free of corruption.

        With regard to the issue of the vanishing lakes, all I said was why not have two different topics for Hydropower projects and the lakes. In any case the writer should support his analysis with concrete data on why and when Lake Haramaya diminished. Unless Awramaba time & ethiomedia tell us that lake Haramaya is in Kaliti prison.

        Finally, instead of labeling me as EPRDF official, bla bla..just focus on the issues and make your points like I am trying to make one or two.

    • jarso says:

      Ato Solomon; I am certain you are protecting EPRDF no matter what. Because of that you are just putting forward blind comments. I don’t want to get in to details because i don’t have the time. Just to site one example, to show that you do anything to protect EPRDF:
      “The funniest thing in your write up was that U said “The previous government barely get ABAY DAM off the ground.” ”

      Here is what is written in the article:
      “The previous LEADERSHIP barely get ABAY DAM off the ground.”

  4. No one says:

    You don’t need to know . Who are you? Ethiopians they are working 24/7 to eradicate poverty . You mr writer go find out by self. Instead of asking quality and quantity of education go teach mr writer surplus off Ethiopia resources instead if where is going go see by urself maximum benefit of the country you mr writer help them to develop that contract mr writer help your self and country not just writing giving time to write stupid staff write something for development

  5. Girma says:

    Fair article with a little bit of resentment towards the ruling party.

    My observation
    1. “Awarding contracts without bidding leading to corruption”. I don’t disagree it could lead to corruption. Egypt & Sudan have been lobbying donors not to fund any Ethiopian dam projects therefore the Ethiopian government awards contracts directly to those who have the initial capital to start. By the way there is no Ethiopia who has been forced to give his salary…I was in Addis for Enqutatash and I asked many of my friends about this allegation…some of them said they didn’t want to give but patriotism took over their hearts and some said they gave because they didn’t want to be looked as the black sheep while others giving.
    2. “Kenya is dissatisfied about Gibe III”. These is not true because they have already signed MoU with the Kenyan government to supply 400MW rising to 2000MW in the future. The voltage line is already under construction with the funding of African development Bank.
    Only an NGO is advocating for its stopping and you know NGOs make money when there are problems.

    3. “Tariff is unaffordable to most ethiopians”. Ethiopian electric tariff is one of the cheapest in the world.

    3. “Vanishing Lakes e.g Lake Alemaya” you have mentioned Lake Alemaya as a vanishing…I don’t disagree but you have not also mentioned EXPANDING LAKES e.g Lake Beseka
    Vanishing or Expanding lakes has to do with the environmental changes due to the global warming caused by pollution released to the atmosphere mainly by industrialized nations. The best you can do is advice and not criticize for this.

    In conclusion, allegations of environmental rules not followed properly and contracts awarded without bidding, I don’t disagree. At the same time it maybe costly to follow these western standard environmental studies/rules because you have to hire western consultant companies and looking for funds takes time…thus becoming very costly. I don’t have problems with Salini getting the awards without bidding because they have delivered their works (e.g Tana beles 460MW, Gibe I & II 180 &420MW, Gibe III 60% complete 1850MW). Same applies to the chinese who have completed Tekeze 300MW, Fincha Amerti Nesse.

    Let’s be fair in our writings and avoid falling to one side…accepting both sides of the coin is the sign of maturity and neutrality.

  6. Alex says:

    Mr Getachew do you know that only 30% of ethiopian people have access to energy? If you really have a mind you wouldn`t have dared to write you trash article ? Please leave us we need electricity. who cares about buying or not buying our energy? we will use it for our selves so that our poor girls will not go for collecting woods and animal wastes for fire instead they will go to school. I know that you are just mimicking environmentalists..go hell with them…what a usless guy are you..

  7. adi says:

    የአስተሳሰብ ችግር ሁላችንም በመጠኑ ሊኖረን ይችላል ሆኖም ልናተቃ ተሳነውን መጥፎ/የተሳሳተ ሃሳብ በደንብ አውቀን በመለየት መዋጋት እንጂ ጩቤ ለመዘዘብን ሃሳብ ጭቃ አድቦልቡለን መወርወር ..መ ..መወርወር እንደምንችል ከመግለፅያለፈ የሃሳብ መንሸራሸር በመፍጠር የምንጠብቀውን የጋራ ግብቡነት ሚፈጥርልን አይሆንም ተልካሻ መሳሪያ መተኮስ ወግ እንጂ ሰይጣናዊ ሃሳቦች የዋሃን ዘንድ ገብተው የክፋት ደቀመዝሙሮች እንዳይስፋፉ የማድረግ አቅም ያንሰዋል ..እባካችን ቁጭ ብለን እናስብና ሰይጣኑን እንግደል….ክፉ ሃሳቦችን..ጠጋየ ነኝ ከአዱ ገነት

  8. solomon says:

    Getachew Belayneh, You tried to choose a good Ethiopian name. You are one of the groups who fight to stop Ethiopians not to build Gibe 3, you and your group run around the world to stop the dam it didn’t work. Your group tried to stop any help from the World Bank and European bank didn’t work. At last the world bank get for your group good answer, and told you gibe 3 dam is going to help over 20,000,000 lives and stand to help Ethiopian and Kenya by giving over $600.000.000 the dam to finished and start to help millions of people. The World Bank exposed you anti-human work. The enemies of Ethiopian gibe 3 dam group start to show up like a friend wearing Ethiopian name to advice the new P.M Hailemariam Desalegn.
    Electric for Ethiopia is the way of feeding her people. Electric for Ethiopia is to produce finish goods to the world market. Electric for Ethiopia is the future transportation to stop or minimize fuel dependency. The dam for Ethiopia and her Neighbors is saving forest. Electric for Ethiopia and her Neighbors is saving lives of millions of mother and children from animal dung and wood poisoning when they cook food to their families. Gibe dam electric is going to facilitate real way transportation between Kenya, south Sudan and Ethiopia for trading and communication. Gibe 3 dam is going to help all the people to live together and help each other and is going to give light to south Ethiopian and the north Kenyan people. Gibe 3 dam is going to bring civilization to those south ETH & and north Ken. The dam to those people is school, hospital, transportation, housing and bright good future to their generation. Ten years from now or earlier there will be university graduates in Ethiopia and Kenya from the south. They will not going the museum of any human being.

    • Tefera says:

      Ato Solomon;
      I read the article and couldn’t find a single statement that shows the writer is against dam constructions. Why don’t you quote a sentence from the article that is against dam construction? It true, EPRDF inherently does not like comments and suggestions. It is EPRDF’s way or the highway. That what I think you are offended by this article. As far as I am concerned, this article is not a thesis on a particular subject. It is just a note addressed to the new PM, as shown in the title. This note lists water related issues including dams and lakes that need the PM attention. It is the responsibility of the PM whether or not the dam projects are based on solid technical and economical analyses and address the issues surrounding lakes.
      Your argument about offering the construction without bid is simply baloney. I don’t know if it is you or someone else said the annual salary contribution is on willingness basis. This is another baloney. I am an employee of AA University. No body asked me if I agree to contribute. The university officials just announced saying the university community willingly contributed their annual salary.
      In sum, come down to earth and be realistic.
      To my understanding the writer presented his case very politely and with due respect to the PM.

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